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  1. Does anyone have a surefire way to do this puzzle? Personally I think it sucks. And no this is not the puzzle where you throw fish to move the ferret onto a pressure pad to open the door. I'm talking about the godawful puzzle with all the holes in the corners where you are somehow expected to catch a ferret.
  2. What was your previous RuneScape name that you are listed under on the highscores?: Voltaic Core What is your current RuneScape display name?: Voltaic What Tip.it highscore list(s) are you currently added to?: Members
  3. Awesome. I was planning on using Armadyl Chest+Skirt instead of Void anyways, thanks =)
  4. I haven't ever used chins but I have money to burn so I figured, "why not get 99 range". Only problem is I have no idea how much xp I would get on average...anyone know?
  5. I actually find it hilarious to spam the bullroarer at the GE. There are so many noobs there and to be honest, seeing all of their reactions is priceless. I've noticed that a vast majority of players either play with sound off or ignore it altogether. I'm also making it a requirement for every one of my friends attending my 99 slayer party to have a bullroarer and to spam it non-stop.
  6. ^See title^ The clan chat that I have been a part of for the past year (or maybe 2, I can't remember) has basically deteriorated into a trollfest. I was hoping to find a clan chat that wasn't full of suck 24/7 and I figured Tip.it's clan chat might be worth joining and chatting with people in.
  7. Random drops are random. So random in fact, that humans cannot comprehend such a degree of randomness.
  8. Apparently there were people trying to buy spectrals earlier today but there are still people trying to dump them. Not quite sure what exactly is going on. Dragon Pickaxes...sold it for max instantly a few seconds ago.
  9. I don't mean to hi-jack the thread, and hopefully I'm just clarifying for the OP, but does anyone else use a Zammy Spear at Beasts? I plan on getting 90 Slayer sometime soon, and I'd like to know if this is for real. Stab owns them, or is it really any better? Stab is about equal to Slash. When you talk to Duradel about giving you tips on how to slay dark beasts, he'll say they have a resistance to Crush. Which means, take your pick of stab or slash weapons. Only reason I use Z Spear is because it takes up 1 invo space instead of 2. You could use a S Sword just as well (no reason to keep it after 99 strength)
  10. I use a Z Spear instead of Whip + shield. Reason: After every SGS spec I only have to re-equip one item, not two. Equipping two items gets old after awhile, plus the Stab attack is pretty good I've found. Still bring Fally Shield 3 for free prayer. Now with the quest Within the Light, you don't need Mourner's outfit anymore! :smile: Bring a teleport crystal (after talking to Eluned about getting a new teleport spot) to teleport in near dark beasts. So yeah, Slayer Helmet, Proselyte Chest/Legs, Dragon Boots, Fury, Zerker, Z Spear, best RFD gloves you can use, trimmed skillcape...think that covers armor. Inventory: I always have the top row with coins, slayer ring, karamja gloves (to tele out) and SGS. If you have 85 mining bring a rune pickaxe. I usually make 2 trips if the task is 170+. With maxed melees, a 4-dose super attack/strength combo should last you around 100 kills (assuming you don't piety). Bring like 4 prayer pots, 8 if you wanna knock the whole task out in one go. Food in remaining inventory spaces is totally optional, it won't last long. Don't leave prayer on 100% of the time, make the dark beasts chop your HP down to save a few prayer points, then SGS spec your HP and prayer back up. After awhile, repeat. Never let your spec bar stay at 100%, use your SGS! I hope you get lucky, happy slaying (I've had 5 dark bows in my past 5 tasks there)
  11. Yup, occasionally. I got a 29.7M armadyl hilt split yesterday on our 2nd kill.
  12. I'd just like to throw out some information about Spectral. Three days ago I couldn't get one for max (like 106.7M or so). Two days ago I bought one in the GE for 103M, today I am seeing offers on the RSOF, people offering 110M cash to buy. Sup with that?
  13. Ack, my name gets added to the P2P list after my name gets changed :wall: Anyways, if it isn't a hassle, my new (permanent) RS name is Voltaic Core. Miner52289 is a name of the past so if whoever is in charge of the Runehead list could discard Miner52289 and add Voltaic Core instead it would be much appreciated :^_^:
  14. ^Everything said above. Basically, stars don't fall at Isafdar or Arandar mines anymore (but the map on the Tip.It guide shows those spots)
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