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  1. Cool thanks. :thumbup: Was it resolved because of my help ? Yes it was :D Without your help i probably would have given up and sent my webcam back tomorrow lol Thank you very much, you've spared me a lot of hastle.
  2. Thanks for your help, problem has been resolved :
  3. The other day i bought a webcam called 'Microsoft LifeCam VX-700' for my laptop as my laptop didnt come with a built in one stupidly, when it should have. But anyway, it doesnt have a disc installation, it's a simple plug into a USB port and it will install itself on that way. It worked for a few days. But i accidentally plugged it into a different USB port once when i had other things connected to my laptop, and now it wont work because my laptop think the webcam is already in use by the other USB port, and on thing like IM, it comes up blank, and will constantly say i have a webcam when it isnt even plugged in. Is there any way to solve this without wiping my laptop ? Like taking the webcam back and swapping it for a new one ?
  4. Re-complete me ( full album remix ) - frankmusik 37 mins of amazing music :thumbsup:
  5. I love Calvin Harris tbh. Haven't heard the song you're listening to though. Maybe I'll listen to that next. My favourite song by him is 'Colours'. Used that for my first RSMV, Worked perfectly. It's his new single : Type it in on Youtube or something :D
  6. Calvin Harris - Ready For The Weekend So addictive \
  7. Long distances only really work if you're old enough to have access to regular and easy transport to go see them. Personally, at your age, even if you did, i still wouldn't advise it to be honest. It's not a nice feeling if you're going out with someone and you keep thinking how far away from them you are, and they cant be there for you spontaneously if you really NEED them in certain situations.
  8. Frankmusik - When You're Around New album = AMAZING
  9. It scared me a little bit..only the ending really I just wanted to kill the guy, think he was called mike, who was just the most annoying idiot in the world >.< lol
  10. The Blair Witch Project Zodiac The Grudge Watched all of these in a row with my best friend and our other friend..we watched the grudge at night and then we had to walk our friend home in the dark...i love being scared by films \ scared me stupid...and i love it : Horror/thriller films are probably my favourite genre
  11. you start to appreciate all the little things that person says or does theres a lot to it it's hard to explain
  12. i already have transfered purchases, but i havent got songs that people had sent me on my old computer and that i got off a cd that i dont have anymore ect.
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