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  1. I miss when naval slacks looked cool. When Jagex tried to fix them(after HD I think) they just made them look even worse. I also miss the aggressive random events, I enjoyed fighting them.
  2. Been waiting for something like this. Sounds pretty cool.
  3. I dislike when girls have drawn-on eyebrows. They tend to look a bit ^ too ^ ridiculous. Piercings - especially oversized earrings and gauging; never understood the appeal but I guess it's a matter of taste. And general stuff that's been said, obesity, orange tan, etc.
  4. From Leo to Cancer... I think I'd rather stay as Leo since I have some Leo-themed giftshop junk. Oh well, it's probably not life-changing.
  5. Nomad. Such a shame he didn't want to be my friend. :cry:
  6. I tried out leech using ammy and it capped at 10%. :sad: Hope Jagex make it work properly.
  7. I'm just annoyed that KB lied about AoZ working for curses.
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