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  1. Sent you a lengthy PM, good luck deciding.
  2. Poison was hungry for a war, so we decided to look for a short prep. I pm'd Hess and he accepted, we agreed on cwa 2 rounds (and a 3rd round on short notice during the fight). Round 1: Melee/binds/range 30 min cwri Starting: It was even numbers through out the fight, the kill count was close for the first half but we took control at the last half. Ending: Round 2: Matched melee/binds/range Starting: 19vs19 We rushed in and our first pile ran out of bounds, so we restarted: Ending: Round 3: Matched All Styles Starting: 20vs20 Ending: Shout outs: - Hess (My bestest buddy in the whole wide world) - Poison - keep it up! - Gladz for the short prep + fun Pics of the fight:
  3. Vid: KDR: A few days ago we got a fight set up with Hell Army for a hour cap with dg and cor on. HA decided to stall a good 15 minutes before we started and dd'd at spiders. Pretty much we controlled the fight from the start, HA was regrouping out of bounds but we continued to pile them till either they logged out or till the cap. Poison Starting: 87 Opts Hell Army 75~ opts (?) [18:24] <Ze_> plz state that we started with 25 and ended with 23 L - Ze_ is [email protected] Full Ending: 102 opts HA logged. Thanks for the fight HA. [18:19] <Venomous> your done right? [18:20] <monstrozoide> yes Venomous thanks for the fight, and sorry for our numbers :S [18:20] <monstrozoide> bad luck on us :S [18:20] <monstrozoide> !voice [18:20] * BanHammer sets mode: +v monstrozoide [18:33] * +monstrozoide ([email protected]) Pictures of the fight:
  4. Our warlord Naxo got a fight set up with Perception yesterday. We agreed to a cwri + matched originally, unfortunately Perception pulled low so we changed it to 2 rounds. Round 1: Starting: 17vs17 (Poison dropped from 28) Ending: 9-0 for Poison Round 2: Starting: 19vs19 (Poison dropped from 29) Ending: 15-0 for Perception Round 3: Starting: 19vs19 (Poison dropped from 29) Ending: 4-0 for Poison Thanks for the fights.
  5. Video: KDR: Our trial PK Leader Justin817 set up a fight vs KOD for a gmt pkri. We agreed on all styles 1 hour pkri. Poison Starting: 90 opts KOD Starting: 60~ opts (?) Poison Ending: 90 opts KOD Ending: 60 opts Poison Full Ending: 102 opts Thanks for the fight KOD, hopefully you'll have your expected higher starting you were looking for the next time we fight. Great job to our trial callers, tanks, snipers and bind unit today. Keep up the activity and performances Poison. Pictures of the fight:
  6. Originally, we were meant to fight Wilderland in a hour cap pvp pkri. However I was told right before we massed by a WL official that they wanted CWA instead because of a bad sign up. Round 1: Matched Round 2: 30 min cwri Round 3: Matched Round 1 Starting: 22vs22 WL managed to get a 2 man lead early on as we had some unlucky tanks. We managed to turn the tables and take the victory. Round 1 Ending: Round 2: Starting This was going to be a bit tougher, WL gained people during first round and we were outnumbered at the start as we gained an extra few mid way through. We took a small lead but numbers caught up to us eventually. With a few bad calling and some unlucky tanks, WL took the win. Round 2 Ending: Round 3 Starting: Was even till we got rid of WL's magers. Round 3 Ending: Thanks for the fights Wilderland, good job Poison. Pictures of the fight:
  7. Vid: KDR (CR Claims they got crashed by pures - 5 K/D in the difference): A few days ago Justin817 contacted Costa from CR and set up a pkri for saturday. We agreed for all styles no dg 1 hour cap. Starting for Poison: 81 opts Starting for CR (stalled 10~ minutes): 69~ opts (?) We had the advantange from the start of the fight, we sent our snipers right away and pressured them. Lots of CR members ran out of bounds to GDZ and let CR regroup at spiders longer. We let them taste karma and did the same with a few of our members heading out of bounds. After a while they still continued and wouldn't put some sense into them, so we stayed back in bounds regardless and kept chasing regroups. Poison Ending: 78 opts (Full ending 93 opts/31 on ts) CR ending: Thanks for the fight, hopefully we (both of our clans) can follow bounds next time. Pictures:
  8. Video: I approached Teneyckt from Gladz for a short prep, we both agreed on pvp with a hour cap. Poison Starting: 69 opts~ Gladz Starting: 60 opts~ Our transitions and listening was great today, we were focused enough to keep hitting their main pile without little to no rest. We had our tankers continue to tank around our main pile to eliminate Gladz' KO power. Thank you for the fight and short prep Gladz. Poison Ending: 75 opts Gladz Ending: 60 opts Pictures:
  9. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzqUvp0yGIQ&feature=youtu.be Our warlord Naxo 37 got a war set up vs MMA a few days ago. Round 1: All styles matched dg Poison Starting: 27 dropped to 20 MMA Starting: 20 Ending: Round 2: 30 min cwri dg turrets all styles Starting: Ending: Thanks for the fight MMA and great activity Poison, keep it up. Random pictures:
  10. Video: Our warlord Naxo 37 set up a fight vs Gladz for this week. We were looking forward to beating them despite our best efforts and loss the last time we fought them about a month and a half ago while outnumbered. We knew Gladz would still outnumber us and we kept our minds at the right place today, with great awareness. Round 1: All styles cwri 30 min dg Poison Starting: 20 (Peaked to 21) Gladz Starting: 23 (Peaked to 26) Poison Ending Kills: 74 kills Gladz Ending Kills: 54 kills Round 2: Melee/binds/range matched DG Starting: Ending: Thank you for the clean and enjoyable fight, I hope we can try some pvp in the future with a more even pull. Thank you for the fight. Shout outs: - Happy Birthday Sportix! Pics:
  11. Vid: KRD: We decided to go out hoping for some action today in PvP in a 2 hour prep. We ran into Infamous Kings, KTV decided to pm me for a planned fight 30 min run in with east trees to spider bounds. Poison Starting: 45 opts IK Starting: 45 opts~ [17:43] <Venomous> lloc ? [17:43] <Mad-King> west tree [17:43] <Mad-King> rush huryr We started as soon as we hopped to world 61 to meed them again. We rushed IK at west tree and the fight continued. With our immense DG unit and out great style switching, we had the advantage at the very start as we had every one of our members tank beside us killing them 2:1 - almost 3:1. At one point our styles were lacking, sent a few people over to snipe and our opts were decreasing as IK was gaining. IK styles were getting better, but after we did 1 full regroup with a lot of run energy and better opts, we set back to transitioning around IK piles. By the end of the cap, we noticed one of IK members was dragging us to mossies (Out of bounds), both clans got fall ins fast and spammed times up. Poison Ending opts: 51 opts IK Ending opts: 39 opts Full Ending: 54 opts Thanks for the fight and action, was fun. Shoutouts: - All Poison for attending, not 1 person left TS. - RIP to my rapier, don't worry my friends: - Thanks for the short scrap IK Random pics:
  12. | Welcome to Poison's official clan recruitment topic. We are a f2p warring/pking clan with a mix of events occassionally, to keep things interesting and laid back. When it comes down to warring, all our members put in all their effort to this clan and do their best every single war. Our events are usually requested by our own members. Keep in mind, this clan was created while the clan world was at it's lowest peak in relation with the small clans in the clan world. Some people are already aware of who our members are and where they have come from, most of us have broke off from Kissing the shadows and Darkness Awaits, Poison was created before Darkness Awaits closed. After Darkness Awaits closed, alot of members decided to move on to Poison, as this shows how strong our community is, we have stuck together for almost 3+ years. Our requirements are currently the following: 105+ f2p combat Must have access to IRC Must have access to Teamspeak 3 (Some exceptions will be allowed) 10+ rune sets Poison does not have a future applicant list, but anyone that is interested in joining that is currently under the requirements, feel free to introduce yourself on our IRC/forums for clan friend till than. Through SwiftIRC server, our IRC channel is: #Poison Your clan was always the better one compared to NBK, I really regret joining NBK because we never got the chance to step into the wilderness. You guys have the best, loyal, active and dedicated members in a mid sized clan that I've ever seen. Poison's Youtube Channel The final cluster of Runescape 2 Poison destroys NotoriousPoison vs 'the' Poison Turns 1 Year Old2 Years of Poison Poison's 3rd Year Leader Venomous76 High council Aceatall Council Dakky Rscatillidie Warlord Dr Destiny Bran Cereal Mentor - - Signatures:
  13. Today we were pretty hungry for a war. With our first lucky search, we got Legendz to accept a fight vs us. Last time we fought them (1 month ago or so), it was 15vs35+ or so~, this time we were pretty determined and hoped it was close numbers. Round 1: All style dg cwri 30 min Poison Starting: 25 (Peaked up to 28) LGZ Starting: 21 (Peaked up to 24) Poison Ending Kills: 73 LGZ Ending Kills: 40 They agreed for a round 2 matched, with melee/binds/range. Round 2: Melee/binds/range dg on Starting: 15vs15 (Thanks all Poison members that dropped) Ending: 11-0 Thanks for the fights LGZ. Great pull today Poison, keep the activity strong :thumbsup:
  14. Earlier in the week an official from NBK and I set up a pkri for today, however with a ton of people going absent from our side we decided to do a huge inactive sweep in Poison. We also decided to change our fight into 2 rounds in cwa because a 15vs15~ would of been really boring to return to. As well as not knowing what we'd be pulling against NBK. Round 1: All styles 30 min cwri dg Starting for Poison: 15 (Peaked to 17) Starting for NBK: 16 (Peaked to 17) The fight started kill for kill, we gradually extended our lead from a tie, to a 3 man lead, to a 5 man lead, and eventually towards the end a 10 or less kill lead. Our intense transitions and KO power led us to a better performance + the tanking improved mid way. Ending: Round 2: Melee/binds/range dg matched Starting: 15vs15 (Nbk dropped from 16-17) NBK piled Hugos1993 first as we ko'd our first 3 piles, he basically won it for us as NBK's KO power reduced, they eventually tried mass switching but that didn't work out too well, thanks for leaving the friends chat to end the fight NBK and thanks for the fight. Ending: 11-0 If any clans would like to set up a fight or join Poison, drop in #Poison on swiftirc.net :thumbsup: Pictures:
  15. Earlier in the week there was a ton of confusion, VDC ranks set up a fight with our warlord and it happened to be cancelled by one of VDC's ranks (at least that's what we presumed in the week). On the day of, a rank from VDC came in and told us there was 10 mins left till we start. So we said stink it and massed up as fast as we could for 10 minutes. Round 1: 30 min cwri all styles dg Starting for Poison: 18 (peaked up to 21) Starting for VDC: 33 (peaked up to 33) From the start of the fight, we transitioned all over their pile till they decided to leave the cc. Ending: Round 2: Matched melee/binds/range Starting: Our first two tanks basically won it for us. Ending: Thanks for the fight VDC. Random pics:
  16. Robin from Exalt asked me for a fight, we accepted 2 rounds. Round 1: 30 min cwri all styles dg Starting: We didn't have much online today, so we fought with what we had and hoped we'd gain a few more people along the way. Our styles were good enough to ko most of Exalt to go kill for kill, untill we piled a ton of stragglers in the open that were getting ko'd often. Ending: Round 2: All styles matched dg Starting: We ko'd our first 2 piles and kept a 1-2 man lead the whole fight untill Exalt decided to leave the cc. Ending: Thanks for the fights Exalt, good job Poison. Shout out to my best friend Mr Jack for getting 1 banged the 2nd round. :thumbsup: Pictures of the fight:
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