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  1. Woops messed up on title, can a moderator change it to Poison vs The Gladiatorz - 90 min pkri ? Thanks and sorry.
  2. Poison vs The Gladiatorz Video: KDR: KDR site is still down, but I think it's safe to say we outperformed a lot against Gladz. We got a 1 day prep with Gladz, at a very late time for us. We expected Gladz to outpull us heavily as we know they have a great PST unit. Rules of the fight: 6:30pm est start time all styles dg on corr off 90 min cap pkri Poison Starting: 66 opts The Gladiatorz starting: 66 opts On even numbers, we were going kill for kill until eventually both clans had low opts, so we kept the fight east and continued to transition around east rock till we had the advantage and never looked back. We took control in the rest of the fight. At the end, Gladz scattered and retreated to spiders with 5:1 returners of gladz to Poison's at the canoe. Poison Ending: 60 opts The Gladiatorz ending: 54 opts Always seems like the ending opts are close when we fight you, thanks for another clean and enjoyable fight. Pictures of the fight:
  3. Poison vs Crimson Raiders Blacknights logging out: Video of CR fight: KDR: KDR site is still messed up but I think it's safe to say we know we had positive KDR that whole fight. Our warlord Acoma set up a fight with one of CR's officials 2-3 days ago or so. Rules of the fight: 6:00pm est start time all styles dg on corr on 1 hour cap pkri spiders to east tree 3 sniper cap Poison Starting: 66 opts (Peaked at 30 on ts mid way into the fight) Crimson Raiders starting: 66 opts We started off as even numbers but we had this great tank by Bink Nasty that managed to let us rip through CR's main pile and force them to regroup. Mid way through BK sniper (Dally Parker/sk8 4 mag) came to snipe us - hope it was worth it! At the end we took our endings. Poison Ending: We tried to get our ending pic but CR rushed us (which is understandable because they thought we were sniping them, RATSRATSRATS unit I believe from Downfall killed your FI Leader) But we took an ending afterwards and had 81 opts ending. Crimson Raiders ending: 30 opts Thanks for the fight CR, hope we can do this again sometime soon. Pictures of the fight: [spoiler="Some language] Worst sniper in the game img526.imageshack.us/img526/7616/120730185419.png [image blocked; please upload it at an approved host.]
  4. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1ssvfGXGs8 KDR: Don't have it since KDR site is messed up but it was a DAMN FEAST. :thumbsup: So we were originally going to fight The Kings, knowing they'd outnumber us by DOUBLE in PvP. [15:50] <K_T_V> hmm [15:50] <K_T_V> about [15:50] <K_T_V> 45 min cap? [15:50] <Venomous> why 45 min? [15:52] <K_T_V> cuz im bored [15:53] <Venomous> ?... When we got to the war world, KTV from TK said they were being hit by CD before our war even started ? I asked for a world hop but KTV would refuse to (instead we logged into a Netherlands world that involved all 4 of these clans). [17:41] <Venomous> just hop. [17:42] <Venomous> if your not gonna war us we're just gonna go pk [17:42] <Venomous> tell me now. [17:42] <Venomous> kt [17:42] <Venomous> K_T_V [17:43] <K_T_V> kk go pk Critical Damage was fighting The Kings as we were still canoeing up and gathering at mossies. We noticed that CD was being hit by TWO clans, so we walked up and realized it was Blacknights. We aided Critical Damage seeing as we needed some sort of action for today for our awesome PK Trip. Poison Starting: 63 opts Critical Damage starting: 60 opts~ (?) Blacknights starting: 66 opts~ (?) The Kings starting: 120 opts We rushed in the cluster and aided CD in this 2vs1 situation to make it a 2vs2. We hunted Blacknights and dominated through their pile, as they had no blasters left. We chased them down to greaters, to new gate, to watermaze, to gap. The Kings came in to save BK while they were regrouping, due to TK's major opts, we had to regroup and regain our styles as we were out of styles completely from dominating to 0 supplies. We regained our opts and styles, and we peaked up to 30 on ts with a 75+ opt main pile. We continued to transition through BK and TK whenever we saw them. We walked around gap and around the world looking for both clans. At the end of the day we stood victorious. TK and BK logged out: [18:55] <K_T_V> thanks for fight bro [18:55] <K_T_V> was fun - K_T_V is [email protected] * ... K_T_V on #blacknights @#king #vr #Poison @#Divine_Queen @#The_Kings K_T_V using *.SwiftIRC.net SwiftIRC network K_T_V has identified for this nick K_T_V has been idle 1min 25secs, signed on Sun Jul 29 17:10:57 K_T_V End of /WHOIS list. [18:56] <Venomous> Camryona [18:56] <Venomous> did you guys end [18:58] * FistOflight ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited) [18:59] <Camryona> hey [18:59] <Camryona> yes Poison Ending: 66 opts Critical Damage Ending: ? Not sure where they went after bk and tk logged The Kings ending: Logged out Blacknights ending: Logged out Special mention to s0 (?) that aided TK's main pile as a snipe unit, but not going to say it was a 3vs2, they barely effected us. LS was also crashing the fight but I have no pics of that. Thanks to all clans that were involved in this unplanned cluster 2vs2, it was fun and nice to see the wilderness active today. Hope to see some more action soon! Keep it up Poison! :thumbsup: BK Leader: [18:59] <@Vanzant> we be at ur next fight Just thought I'd also post this was not a crash trip, this was a unplanned cluster involving 2 clans pking and 2 clans cancelling their fights for a pk trip. If you intend on crashing us, our doors are open. :thumbsup: Arvva's epic tank in pictures: My boys tanking both clans: Clearing BK main pile and chasing stragglers in and out of watermaze: Pictures of the fight:
  5. Replied to you here: http://forum.tip.it/topic/313321-poison-vs-the-gladiatorz-pkri/#entry5286147 Hope you try us out :)
  6. Yes, here is our clan forums: http://poison.rs-clans.com/ You will need to register a forum account and then post here if you are not validated shortly. The next step will be to making an introduction and trial application topic. If you need help just PM me. Here is our recruitment topic: http://forum.tip.it/topic/308789-poison-105-f2p-warring-clan-offers-p2p-events-teamspeak-3-irc-10-more-rune-sets/
  7. Poison vs Crimson Raiders Video: KDR: After our cluster fight last Saturday, I was approached by CR for a fight Rules of the fight: 6:00pm est start time all styles dg on corr on 1 hour cap pkri 3 sniper cap spiders to east tree Poison Starting: 78 opts Crimson Raiders Starting: 63 opts We dominated from the start. We had great styles, binds, tanks and transitioned right through CR's pile. Halfway through the fight our binds and styles started to slack and CR started to bring it back but we quickly recovered and took the lead near the end. Poison Ending: 81 opts Crimson Raiders Ending: 63 opts Thanks for the fight CR, look forward to more. Good job all Poison members who started and finished strong. :thumbsup:
  8. Click for pump up speech from BK member Tarik War video: Black Poison vs The Alliance - 90 minute cap - all styles - dg on - corr on - 7 sniper cap - spiders to gdz - higher pull attacks KDR Pic: For a good month and a half, it was originally Poison and 'the' looking for a 2vs2, a BK rank was also looking for a 2vs2 partner, so we went with BK and 'the' got into the alliance with Gladz. Last week, we finally got this 2vs2 set up, and we went head on. Poison+BK Starting: 144~ opts Gladz+THE Starting: 126~ opts We started off sloppy, with bad organization. Along with that, we didn't have enough magers at the start. We ended up getting our late comers to mage and our fall in leaders to mage. Our snipers also did a great job keeping the and gladz main pile dragged and busy. After the 30 minute mark, we managed to clear the and gladz snipers and finally get together with proper styles and organization after a good regroup. We had The Alliance regroup aswell but they fought back well to even it up again. With only 1-2 snipers on us, we started to maintain ourselves and control our transitions much better. At the end, only the clan with the most opts won. Poison + BK Ending: 153~ opts Gladz+THE Ending: 126~ opts Thanks for the fight and thanks for all the clans that helped each other out to organize this 2vs2. Was fun and very enjoyable, also thanks to the ACs that showed up: Genesis, Divine Forces, Wilderland, etc. Much appreciated. Pictures of the fight:
  9. If you are unsure what this is about, it's about saving the wilderness. The original topic can be found here: http://forums.zybez....073-you-decide/ Please post this on your clan's forums and tell all the biggest video-makers and influential players OR Please ignore it if you disagree with what I have been posting for the last 6 months. Yes, I'm sorry about spamming the place up, but I won't give up despite the discouragement. I respectfully disagree with you about the future of the clan world, and it seems that nobody else wants to take action. If you don't like me,perhaps I have deserved that, but please refrain from flaming me. I will not flame you. ^This^
  10. Poison vs Metal Massive Attack Video: A rank from MMA set up a fight with our High Council Aceatall. They agreed on a matched + cwri. Rules of the fight: 5:00pm est start time all styles dg on corr off Matched + CWRI Round 1 Poison Starting: 26 dropped to 18 Metal Massive Attack starting: 18 MMA only managed to kill one, as we transitioned through MMA's pile. Poison Ending: 17 Metal Massive Attack ending: 0 Round 2 Poison Starting: 25 Metal Massive Attack starting: 22 Our styles were great, we took the lead right away and never looked back. Poison Ending kills: 96 Metal Massive Attack ending kils: 31 Thanks for the fight MMA, thanks for staying despite what the score was showing on round 2. Pictures of the fight:
  11. Poison vs Chaos Legion Video: Chaos Legion approached our warlord for a war and we accepted it seeing as we have had new members that needed the practice. Rules of the fight: 5:30pm est start time all styles dg on corr off CWRI + matched Round 1 Poison Starting: 23 (Peaked at 25) Chaos Legion starting: 23 (Peaked at 26) We had a DC at the start giving Chaos legion the upperhand at the start, so we rushed them and went a bit onto their side of the map. We took the lead and never looked back. Poison Ending Kills: 80 Chaos Legion Ending Kills: 40 Round 2 Poison Starting: 24 (Dropped to 22) Chaos Legion starting: 22 We had better styles and tanks, I had 4n internet again and dc'd at the end of the fight. Poison Ending: 15 Chaos Legion Ending: 0 Thanks for the fight and keep up the activity Poison. Pictures of the fight:
  12. Poison vs The Call of Legends A TCL rank approached us for some practice rounds and we accepted. Rules of the fight: 6:00pm est start time all styles dg on corr off 3 rounds matched Round 1 Poison Starting: 22 dropped to 15 TCL starting: 15 Was even and till we got a KO at the 10vs10 mark, TCL left slowly. Poison Ending: 6 TCL ending: 0 Round 2 Poison Starting: 22 dropped to 17 TCL starting: 17 I had 4n net and dc'd, we let our newer members get a chance to warring this round especially. TCL rushed us (Even though we were meant to attack first), and we were not ready with our pots/styles set. TCL got 2 kills on the start and 3 transition ko's early on. We left early without wasting time and started round 3. Poison Ending: 0 TCL ending: 15 Round 3 Poison Starting: 22 dropped to 18 TCL starting: 18 We ko'd 2 of TCL early on but TCL got a few lucky ko's in the start as well to tie it up again. Eventually we ko'd some more hybrids and TCL started mass sniping, but eventually left. Poison Ending: 11 TCL ending: 0 Thanks for the fight TCL, good effort from both clans Shout out: - Keep it up Poison - TCL for the scrap - Our mighty Ex-Exodus Leader - Dakota; Once she started leading in round 1, TCL left cc! Pictures of the fight:
  13. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PszTWRPUZmE Robin11hood from Dragonwood Blacknights approached me for a fun castle wars event best 2 out of 3 rounds, we agreed to no rules and friends were allowed. Since this was non mand for boths we both pulled relatively low. We only invited one friend (I think BK invited 2-3 WG members). Sardamin Blue Poison Starting: 42 opts Zamarok Red BK Starting: 42 opts Some people came in late so it made the team uneven for both rounds, we had to take 2 bk members for both rounds. Round 1: Round 2: Thanks for the fun and also thanks for the p2p full out afterwards.
  14. Poison vs Team Trinity Video: We got a fight set up with TT for 2 rounds in cwa. Rules of the fight: 6:00pm est start time all styles dg on corr off Matched+cwri Round 1: Matched Poison Starting: 20 Team Trinity starting: 24 dropped to 20 After some disappointing losses this week, we were pretty pumped to change things around. With great styles and tanks, we took the win right away. Poison Ending: 17 Team Trinity ending: 0 Round 2: 30 min cwri Poison Starting: 20 Team Trinity starting: 23 It was even for the first few kills but we managed to tank and transition better through TT's pile. Poison Ending kills: 62 Team Trinity ending kills: 32 Pictures of the fight:
  15. Personally not a frequent p2p dmer, just posting an insight video of p2p dming in combat beta. Melee DM + Melee/range DM:
  16. Poison vs Perception Video: Our PK Leader got a fight set up with good ol' Icekid7's team Perception. Rules of the fight: 6:00pm est start time all styles matched + cwri dg on corr off Round 1: Poison Starting: 30 dropped to 23 (2 poison shared members warred for Perception) Perception starting: 22 We had a few new FA's that we gained so we gave them some practice in this round and the following round. Perception got a 1 man lead at the start but we managed to recover with James' tank that pulled it back for us with his rambo tactics. From there on, we kept the lead and Perception left. Poison Ending: 18 Perception ending: 0 Round 2: Poison Starting: 27 (2 Poison shared members warred for Perception) Perception starting: 24 Perception did good for the first 5-7 minutes keeping it kill for kill while being outnumbered by a few. We managed to extend the lead. Poison Ending: 73 Perception ending: 52 Pictures of the fight:
  17. Poison vs The Call of Legends Video: Our PK Leader Jesse set up a short prep vs TCL. Rules of the fight: 6:00pm est start time all styles dg on corr off 2 matched + 30 min cwri Round 1: Poison Starting: 25 TCL starting: 25 We had a sloppy start, piled 2 of tcl's better tanks and forced us to switch numerous times, we almost recovered but had 2 dc's and a few ko's that put us back down. Poison Ending: 0 TCL ending: 19 Round 2: Poison Starting: 27 dropped to 24 TCL starting: 24 With a more focused attitude this round, we ended up only losing 3 people with great tanks and styles. Poison Ending: 21 TCL ending: 0 Round 3: Poison Starting: 25 TCL starting: 22 After our first 3 piles, we took the lead and kept it the whole fight. TCL had a lot of people straggling behind tank baiting so we took advantage of it. Towards the last 10-12 minutes remaining TCL was dropping on numbers. Poison Ending: 21 TCL ending: 0 Thanks for the fight TCL, and great job today Poison. :thumbsup: Pictures of the fight:
  18. Video: KDR: Kevin from MB approached me for a pkri saying they'd pull 30, knowing we'd be outnumbered I accepted anyway. I hesitated at first as I was asking our members online in Teamspeak, most of them said no because they figured MB would cancel like the past 3 wars we had with them. Despite that, I accepted anyway since we needed pvp action and I gave MB one last chance to prove they won't do anything to waste our time. Unfortunately it didn't go too well for them. Rules: - 1 hour cap (Broken by MB) - 2 sniper cap (Broken by MB) - Spiders to east tree (Broken by MB) - dungeon on - corrupt off - higher pull attacks - team to clear crashers Poison Starting: 66 opts MB Starting: 60 opts From the start till the end, we had control of the whole fight. MB kept looking for excuses to get any advantange they could try getting: [17:47] <Kevinn87> Venomous [17:47] <Kevinn87> snipe off? [17:47] <Venomous> its 2 sniper cap [17:47] <Venomous> [17:24] <Kevinn87> MB -v- POISON | 5:30 PM Est Start, Sunday | PKRI 1 Hour Capped | Spiders To East Tree | All Styles + DG ON | Corr OFF | 2 Snipers Capped | Highest Pull Attack | Team To Clear Crashers | Post ON | World TBD | [17:47] <Venomous> [17:24] <Kevinn87> Accepted? [17:47] <Venomous> [17:25] <Venomous> yup gl sunday [17:47] <Venomous> [17:25] <Kevinn87> See You Sunday ΒΆ;)~~ [17:48] <Kevinn87> off snipers [17:48] <Kevinn87> plase [17:48] <Kevinn87> or we go mass snipe [17:48] <Venomous> we agreed to 2 sniper cap They decided to send 5+ snipers to keep us busy as they were regrouping at mossies and walked back up: We clashed again with the 5+ snipers on PLUS random crashers (by this time Collision and Divine Forces were here to AC - thanks). Kevin from MB pm'd our Council - Furioust, saying MB has ended. However, now MB members individually kept returning to snipe us in a snipe fest, eventually the war was taken into GDZ, so we kept our tactic up to keep them running. Eventually they took a fall in spamming "Times up" even though they claimed to end. So we rushed them and clashed again. Eventually MB logged, some MB members stayed to snipe DF1 vs Col Poison Ending: 63 opts MB Ending: Cleared #Poison if you offer clean fights and pull around the same/are good in either CWA or PVP. Pictures:
  19. Video: Poison vs THE Clan Our Pk Leader Jesse set up a five day prep with THE. Rules: Matched + CWRI | All Styles Dg On/Corr Off NO SNIPING (classic/turrets) Round 1: Poison Starting: 21 (dropping to 20) THE Clan Starting: 20 Are styles were AWESOME and our Tanks were Great. Keep up the good work Poison. Poison Ending: 17 THE Clan Ending: 1 Round 2: Poison Starting: 17 (Peaked to 20) THE Clan Starting: 20 Great job to all the callers. Venomous/Jesse/Myself/Bran. Tanks were BEASTS and styles were Perfect. Keep up the good work. Poison Ending: 56 THE Clan Ending: 35 We decided to have a 3rd round blast/range (no Melee). We had great styles but THE had a few great tanks, they took the lead and won the round. THANKS FOR THE FIGHT THE.
  20. Sent you a lengthy PM, good luck deciding!
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