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  1. An official from TPC approached me for a gmt fight, we gladly accepted for an all styles dg cwri fight. Poison Starting: 23 (Peaked up to 25) TPC Starting: 30 (Peaked up to 30) The first half of the fight was basically kill for kill or TPC gaining a small lead, with TPC having the advantage of more numbers. TPC ended off the last half by giving up a lot of free kills from stragglers and easy transitions. Our tanking also did well enough for a kill or more. Poison Ending Kills: 147 TPC Ending Kills: 135 Thanks for the fight TPC, and good job Poison. :thumbsup: Random pictures:
  2. A week ago I set up a fight with Exodus for a 90 min pkri with dg and corr on for all styles. Poison Starting: 78 opts~ (Minus 2 randomers in our pile Exodus Starting: 54-57 opts~ First off, props to Exodus for doing a good job with the disadvantages they had. We sent snipers off the bat after our first few piles. Exodus sent a ton of bait tanks towards us that let Exodus maintain their opts fairly well, enough to fight back on and off. At the same time, both clans were busy clearing crashers from members of Exalt and Ancient Fury. The first hour we performed better in my opinion, however we started losing a few people and losing some important styles to our ko power. The last half hour was a bit quiet, clearing crashers and hitting Exodus Snipers + Random stragglers as they regrouped at east tree. Towards the end of the cap Dakota pm'd me and said: [18:30] <dak0ta> were done [18:30] <Venomous> alright gf, sorry but we tried our best with clearing crashers [18:30] <dak0ta> not because u but not help with snipers, just too many as i said [18:31] <dak0ta> i know [18:31] <dak0ta> ty for the fight - dak0ta is [email protected] * dak0ta dak0ta on +#valiant @#Exodus @#dcsacag dak0ta using *.SwiftIRC.net SwiftIRC network dak0ta has identified for this nick dak0ta has been idle 2mins, signed on Sun Aug 14 12:07:51 dak0ta End of /WHOIS list. - Poison Ending: 72 opts (Minus the randomer in our pile) Exodus Ending: Logged out I'd like to thank Exodus for the fight, hopefully we can do a rematch without all these crashers. A few rules were broken, like bounds. Lastly, thanks for the AC Gladz/PH/ETC. Pictures of the fight + us clearing crashers, incase you say we didn't clear any, we only piled your members back if they continued to snipe us while we were trying to help clear randomers.
  3. Round 1: For Jagex Cup full out Poison Starting: 24 Divine Forces Starting: 46 Knowing we wouldn't be able to do much for the Jagex cup fight, we just brought a massive range unit and killed as many as possible. Poison Ending: 0 Divine Forces Ending: 42 Round 2: Matched all styles with dg on Poison Starting: 26 dropped to 21 Divine Forces Starting: 21 Our first pile was a 1 shot as our tank did very well for a kill and a half. Our 2nd kill tanked a few more kills, and lastly our third tank did the rest. Our KO power transitioned all over DF hybrids. Poison Ending: 18 Divine Forces Ending: 0 Pictures: I'd like to thank Divine forces for giving us a matched after our Jagex cup fight. And great job Poison, keep it up. And Happy Birthday DF. :thumbsup:
  4. Our newly promoted Warlord (Chris), set up a war with Knights of Order. All styles dg off fight 2 rounds. Round 1: 30 min cwri Poison Starting: (Peaked up to 29) KO Starting: 20 (Peaked up to 22~ ?) We were satisfied with our pull and performance, our leading kept on extending and never looked back. Ending: Round 2: Matched Starting Since it was a matched, we wanted the most immense KO power we could get, unfortunately KO picked off our binders early so our piles were getting dragged at times. However KO's numbers and styles dropped enough to not come back. Ending: 12-0 Thanks for the fights KO and keep up the activity Poison. :thumbsup: Pictures:
  5. First off, apologies to Envy for cancelling the 2nd round off you guys as all of our members wanted to avoid these mini fights. However thanks for round 1, we left cc as soon as it hit 3vs3: As we were fighting envy, I set up a fight vs Gladz as they were looking for a replacement fight, I'd also like to apologize for starting 10 minutes late because of the Envy fight that we didn't expect to last that long. Starting: Our transitions and tanks basically won it for us, with some great ko power and a amazing dg unit today we ko'd almost every pile. Ending: Random Pictures:
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8C0EMGFVm8&feature&hd=1 A couple Poison members decided to go out PKing in f2p non-mandatory. Peronsally me and another member were in the middle of a TKO war so we came late, however I heard we ran into a small group of Forsaken members. Not sure what the results were, however later on we ac'd around different worlds and found team Generation X rushing our small team, we set up a short prep fight with them and both of us remassed at spiders/mossies within 5 minutes or so. Poison Starting: 45~ opts GX Starting: 45~ opts With us having better levels, tanks and styles. We killed GX in a 2:1 ratio for most of it, we sent out 2 snipers off the bat to pressure their hybrids and they did very well at that. GX ended off regrouping a ton of times and finally hit us again, at that point I was told by Time2endU that Exer was crashing GX. As that happened, The Polish Clan/Forces Of Poland crashed our side with about 45~ opts rushing us just east of spiders. Poison Starting: 54~ opts TPC/FOP Starting: 45~ opts GX hopped as we were transitions all over TPC/FOP attempting to pile us. We ended TPC/FOP in a matter of seconds. Time2endU from GX pm'd our officials saying they ended because of their main clans having wars now. Poison Ending: 54 opts TPC/FOP Ending: Cleared Thanks for the action all. Pictures:
  7. One of AW's rank set up a fight with Soccer Lane. We agreed on 2 rounds: a matched Melee/binds/range + 30 min cwri all styles. With DG on and no sniping allowed. Round 1: Melee/binds/range matched Poison Starting: 20 AW Starting: 22 dropped to 20 We easily picked off AW's hybrids off the bat and had some immense KO power today. Ending: Round 2: All styles cwri 30 mins Starting: This round was a bit tougher, with us gaining for round 2 to even numbers, the majority of the fight was even until we had some solid transitions by Soccer Lane that managed to KO in a "transition city" mode around their pile. Ending: Thank you for the enjoyable fight AW, you guys are a tough and fun opponent. :thumbsup: Pictures:
  8. With a lot of people going absent due to summer vacation, our past 2-3 weeks have been rough in terms of pulls. Exer approached me about a GMT friendly pkri. Our sign ups was pretty mediocre, so our low pull was expected. However, Exer had a bad pull as well. Poison Starting: 63 opts~ Exer Starting: 48-51 opts~ We sent snipers after our first tank (me) acknowledged they had a low KO power. Most of us were told to tank around our pile so we can end them off early, and it worked 30-35 minutes in. [15:39] <Smoked365> k, walking from warzone to mossies [16:03] <Venomous> did you end ? [16:03] <Smoked365> We're caling it off, really bad luck with our pull, no1 was home thios weekend [16:08] <Venomous> alright thanks for the fight Smoked365 is [email protected] * Smoked365 Smoked365 on +#onzichtbaar %#exercitum Smoked365 using *.SwiftIRC.net SwiftIRC network Smoked365 has identified for this nick Smoked365 has been idle 1sec, signed on Fri Jul 15 17:15:52 Smoked365 End of /WHOIS list. Thanks for the fight Exer, hopefully we can fight again on higher and even numbers. Poison Ending: Random pictures:
  9. One of RF's ranks approached me for a pkri. We accepted an all styles fight. With all the practice fights we had vs TRWF, Wilderland, etc - It prepped us up for RF and we grew confidence in our warring performance. I want to thank RF for a fun fight and good effort from both sides, props to Poison for pulling this closer to gmt timezone. Starting for Poison: 90 opts RF Starting: 66~ opts We took control of the fight instantly as our first tank dragged them for a few kills. We then sent our 3 snipers off the bat to control their binders/blasters. We cleared any stragglers and looked for every opportunity they attempted to regroup. There was a lot of outside inteference, but it was mainly to our AC. I want to thank our planned and original AC: Pure Hatred for a great ac group, we rarely had any snipers on us. :thumbsup: Poison Immediate Ending: [96 opts] RF Immediate Ending: [51 opts] Poison Full Ending: [111 opts] Shout outs: - My clan for bsing me while we were walking down - http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/808/poisonvsrfpkri6.png - Forsaken and Solace for hitting our planned ac :/ - PH for the ac - will be rapayed, just pm me or a rank = The crazy spaz members that got kicked :wub: Pictures of the fight:
  10. Exalt asked us for a week prep and we agreed on a clan wars run in turrets arena with dungeon on. All this week we were pretty pumped due to our last fight with them in a pkri where we were outnumbered. Today it was the other way around in a cwri. Starting: 24 (27 people 2-3 minutes in) Before I go on, I'd like to mention our clan today had only 1 rank that could call. So props to our back up callers for gaining much experience from this and props to Exalt for giving us another fight, especially an intense fight like this one. Exalt was death dotted directly against their wall of their portal. So we walked across the map towards center, waited a few minutes and then walked towards their territory and clashed in. Exalt decided to pile me first, from then on it was kill for kill. Exalt did their best to keep it in middle/their portal. They took a 2~ man lead and held on to it. Eventually they widened it and carried on. The world starting getting laggy and we had a bunch of members dcing, as well as Exalt members. However after we regained our momentum and told a few of our members not to return because of dcing, we cut the 15~ man lead Exalt had into a 5~ man lead. 10 minutes left into the fight, Exalt decided to bail all the way south to their portal, we killed off enough stragglers to tie it up. It was down to 5 minutes tied up in kills. We rushed them south again with both clans having full run, Exalt had the upper hand as they dropped their piles faster. However after a string of ko's from our side, we tied it up and our last pile was ko'd, which gave us the lead. Props to Cody tanking it up towards the end. And great job Poison for not giving up. :thumbsup: Ending: Thank you again for the intense fight Exalt, you guys have already proved most of your members are pure quality as a new clan, keep it up. Random Pictures:
  11. Sometime this week Neal from KO approached me for a fight. We agreed on a CWRI fight all styles turrets. With Even numbers, we knew this was going to be a challenge, however one of their members pumped us up very well with a flame/bait. Special shout out to my best friend A Doyle 2. :thumbsup: Starting: Ending: For the first 10~ minutes we went kill for kill, however we got the idea of KO's decent tanks/blasters, so we continued piling them and cleared KO's snipers constantly for the rest of the fight. Mid way through the fight KO cut the lead from 20 to a 10 man lead for us due to having bad piles, however we picked up on organization and let it widen to a 40 man lead and held on to that lead. Thanks for the enjoyable fight KO, loved our amazing styles and tanks today. :thumbsup: Random pictures:
  12. It's rare for us to fight gmt clans this early especially during a school day, so we didn't know what to expect out of the clans we ran into and how our pull was going to be. Our epic Polish unit told us about TPC being out pking. We massed up in 15 mins with our amazing styles + dg and corrupt unit and got up to spiders to clash with them. Poison Starting: 60 opts~ TPC Starting: 90 opts~ Ending: Thank you TPC for the fight and KOD for acing for us, and also giving us a fight afterwards: Poison Starting: 60 opts~ KOD Starting: 75 opts~ Ending: Thank you for the action :thumbsup: Random pictures:
  13. vs Poison Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=poison VDC Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=ltofficial Once upon a time Poison was having an epic Poison Fashion Show! A VDC official approached us for a fight for today. We knew we were low on callers, so we used this as practice towards our new members with all styles as well as our back up callers. When we met on the war world, a few of VDC members were spamming 'dead clan', so thank you for hyping our members up as we wanted to perform harder because of that. Thanks for the fight and practice for our new members/back up callers, VDC. :thumbsup: Poison Starting: 26 VDC Starting: 32 (After the timer went down) Poison Ending Kills: 76 VDC Ending Kills: 54 Random pictures:
  14. vs Poison Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=Poison TMC Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=tmclan I approached Taliban for a 3 hour prep, we agreed to a melee/binds/range 1 hour. Poison Starting: 81 opts TMC Starting: 96 opts~ At the beginning of the fight we had a rough start as we started off disorganized with our first pile going wrong. However we picked it up by killing a few stragglers walking by to even it up again. Eventually we decreased and dismantled TMC's main pile untill they had to regroup, they sent snipers to us (eventually broke the sniper cap) so we sent out 3 snipers to their regroup spots. By the time we cleared the majority of the snipers TMC sent, it was a evened up main pile again. However with some hero tanks, we managed to lower their opts again in a 3:1 kill ratio from a lot of our tanks. Thanks for the short prep TMC, looking forward to more fights in the future. Great job today Poison. Thank you Solace for the AC. :thumbsup: Poison Immediate Ending: 75 opts TMC Immediate Ending: 51 opts (Don't count the randoms) Full ending for Poison: Pics of clan searches: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/3751/110415162718.png http://img685.imageshack.us/img685/9335/110415163001.png http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/2135/110415163020.png http://img638.imageshack.us/img638/7933/110415163031.png http://img861.imageshack.us/img861/7562/110415163046.png http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/797/110415163056.png http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/4949/110415163106.png http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/3069/110415163114.png http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/3075/110415163128.png http://img714.imageshack.us/img714/3922/110415163141.png http://img810.imageshack.us/img810/8156/110415163153.png Random pictures of the fight:
  15. vs Poison Memberlist: http://rly.cc/ml/poison WG Memberlist: http://rly.cc/ml/wildguard A WG official pm'd me and asked for a 1 hour cap pkri. A few days in, I got pm'd asking it to be changed to a matched or a 30 minute run in due to some internal problems in WG for this day. We agreed to a 30 minute pkri and said good luck. Firstly, apologies to Randy but we honestly expected a 20~ pull when I accepted this, however the pulls were still similar. Thanks again for another clean fight, WG. Great job Poison, keep up the activity. :thumbsup: Poison Starting: 90 opts WG Starting: 75~ opts The fight started off as we rushed in and WG piled me, I managed to tank about 5 kills or so. From then on we instantly took advantage and tried our best to eliminate WG's hybrids out of the equation. Props to WG for putting up a fight while being outnumbered by a few and offering us a fun and clean fight. Tell Rachel she owns! :blush: Poison Ending: 87 opts WG ending: 48 opts Full Ending: Random Pictures:
  16. Not sure if this was posted already or not. Do you think this would be a good idea? How good/bad do you think the quality would be? In my opinion, this would help a lot of RSB clans improve in organization. http://services.rune...oll--voice-chat Quick find code: 254-255-67-62489660
  17. Round 1 Melee/binds/range Starting for Poison: 27 dropped to 21 Starting for LG: 21 Ending for Poison: 17 Ending for LG: 0 Round 2 All styles Starting for Poison: 27 dropped to 24 Starting for LG: 24 Ending for Poison: 20 Ending for LG: 0 Random Picture: Thanks for the fight LG.
  18. We had a planned fight vs Perception today originally. However they had some interclan problems but still showed up to fight us. Poison Starting: 87 opts Perception Starting: 45 opts~ ? I was a bit disappointed at the other clan's pull, also disappointed that one of their officials called NI to crash us to gain an upper hand, but failed: [17:28] <bobicles2> supergamer wants us to turn up with 10 [17:28] <bobicles2> and get someone to crash you and im just not doing it `Supergamer05 is [email protected] * `Supergamer05 `Supergamer05 on @#saw #ni @#perception `Supergamer05 using *.SwiftIRC.net SwiftIRC network `Supergamer05 has identified for this nick `Supergamer05 has been idle 4mins 29secs, signed on Wed Feb 02 16:47:34 `Supergamer05 End of /WHOIS list. As soon as we cleared Perception, we expected NI to turn up and crash but we were prepared and cleared them through a transition city. NI Starting: 90+ opts After 10 mnutes, we chased NI stragglers south and reminded them clan wars was removed and made sure they headed towards Falador instead. Ending opts: 90 opts We figured downfall was massing up as soon as we hit one of their officials running up in the same world: Poison Starting: 90 opts Downfall Starting: 75~ opts (?) NI decided to show up again as we were fighting Downfall, we'd like to thank Collision for dropping in to AC NI (heard you 1 banged every one of them!) As the crashers were gone, we progressed in our fight again and in my opinion we did much stronger towards the first half, however we lost a ton of gmt towards the 2nd half along with supplies (mainly lack of binds) and Downfall gained control. We decided to end as we were only losing people. Thanks for the fight Downfall, not claiming a win here. Great job today Poison
  19. Can a moderator please remove "CD" from the topic description, my mistake, that wasn't supposed to be there. :smile:
  20. Today we had nothing planned, but around 1:30PM EST I saw Thunder Godz at bh bank with around 81 opts massing for a pk trip. I quickly told Venomous that TG was out and he called a 10 minute mass. We headed out with 45 opts and hit TG and they soon disappeared. P Starting - TG Starting - ~81 P End - ~51 TG End - left world Right after TG left the world LPT rushed us with around 60 opts. We brawled it out for a bit until most of our members ran out of supplies and we lost a lot of our KO power, therefore making us regroup for about 5mins. Once we reached 45 opts of stocked up members we hit LPT's pile and never looked back. At around 2pm est more and more of our EST members started getting on. LPT held their own but when PH + HA started fighting in our world LPT called it off. Poison end - 72 opts LPT end - Screenies of the fight After LPT ended we banked out l00t and headed out again. We aced for TRWF and Cor for a bit until BT started killing some of our members at gap. We clashed with them at RDG and about 10 minutes later they were at singles and re-massing at W61 bh bank. Ending - After that we just killed randoms at BH bank, gained loot, and ended. GJ today Poison we peaked at 28 on audio in GMT timezone.
  21. al13 from SA approached me and asked for a pkri, we gladly accepted and expected SA to have to be one of the few new clans to offer a clean fight. Poison Starting: 81 opts~ SA Starting: 81 opts~ The fight started out on even numbers, however right from the start we picked off ton of stragglers left behind for easy ko's while our first tank was still going. From then on, we lowered SA's opt and maintained a 60-75 opt pile for most of the cap. Eventually our supplies ran out while SA did a few regroups for a short period of time. At the same time our Teamspeak was being ddos'd (from the start of the cap) as well as randomers attempting to crash/randomers binding our fi leaders. However, that didn't stop us from the great performance we were having. Poison immediate Ending: 69 opts SA immediate ending: 48 opts Thanks for the fight SA, good luck in your future fights. Random Pictures:
  22. but dk is horrible so nobody cares about them. But... you're EoS... who's horrible again? still dk. Wg And your clan has achieved what in the past few years? Gained #1 f2p, reduced rot to 40 man pulls, slumped VR, slumped DF. And your clan? Slumped DF rofl. Nowai. Anyway, I might going to join Shadow Elves DF went from 80 man pulls to 30 man pulls during the crash war, I know it may seem high to you since your clan pulls like 10 people and fights in clan wars lol. Lal, dont know if you can read, but im clanless. And no lol, during the crash war I saw them pulling 60/70s. Back to your 2 weeks of fame in a year. Clan:LegendzDf had a peak of 35 people today lol. EoS pulled 35, why are you talking crap towards other clans? http://rs-df.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=30055
  23. Originally, we were supposed to fight CL for the full out CJ tournament fight but our ts got dropped lol. http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1460659-chivalry-legions-vs-poison-full-out/ So we just gave them the win seeing as they outnumbered us by 11+ however we went on our back up audio and gave them a matched fight. Poison Starting: 25 ( 2 dc's before the rush ) CL Starting: 25 (1 dc before rush) It was 23vs24 on the rush. Didn't appreciate the amount of flames you threw at us, but thanks for the motivation, hopefully next fight will be much cleaner without the mass sniping as well. Thanks for the fight. Poison Ending: 6 CL Ending: 0 Random pictures:
  24. Gangsta's speech for Poison vs Collision :lol: Collision's official came in asking for a 2 day prep, we agreed and said gl to each other. Last time we fought them, we lacked in a few things that made us lose, we were hoping today was going to be even opts again, but we were disappointed Collision was outnumbered by a few. Poison Starting: 81 opts Collision Starting: 60~ opts Poison Ending: 90 opts Collision Ending: called it off Thanks for the fight Collision, you did really well at the start, we had some unlucky tanks but we got people to wake up and be more aware, our tanking and KO improved after the first 15-20 minutes or so. Random Pictures:
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