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  1. Ouchy: Just ask he rif she wants to go get coffee or see a movie together sometime. If she says yes, enjoy the date! Don't stress about it too much; just use it as an opportunity to see if you two can enjoy each others company. If she says no, also don't worry about it. Rejection happens, it is a part of everyday life. The most important part is just getting it off of your chest. Once you do it, you won't have to constantly worry about it. Hope that helped!
  2. This one is from earlier this year, after an interesting 2AM decision. Unfortunately, the color has faded out. Sorry I look a bit sleepy... You can go ahead and index this if you wish.
  3. Hello. I created this account years ago here, but never got active. I am an engineering student at a private school on the east coast of the US, but live in the midwest. I play mostly during school vacations, and have only bought membership over summer and winter breaks. I lurk in the chat in game a bit, but haven't otherwise been active in the community.
  4. THANK YOU everyone for your feedback. This was just an idea, and as I have realized, a flawed one. Thanks for taking the time to read this thread. :)
  5. I have come up with a simple solution to the problem of frustratingly priced partyhats. (and other rare items) Most people (as i see it) are annoyed either because A their partyhat wont sell B they cant affort one or C they are sick of hearing people rant about partyhats. my solution: 1 halve the grand exchange price of all rare items 2 replace every rare item with two of it In theory, this might allieviate (excuse my spelling) all the woes. think about it.
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