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  1. Transported back to the 1800's and forced to work as a wage slave in a factory until an unfortunate accident
  2. Warlords kill you just to prove something
  3. Slip on ice bashing your head off of a lego castle causing a massive head injury
  4. Playing IRL tetris and you end up being the bottom block
  5. Hit by an asteroid while on a space walk
  6. Free trip to space, without any equipment
  7. Nah, just memeing. Nothing personal taken You find an extremely addictive series on netflix and proceed to watch it for 48hrs straight before succumbing from dehydration.
  8. Damn, no personal attacks please. Swarmed by geese
  9. You get to drive a lamborghini, as a crash test dummy
  10. Embarrassment after Jimmy Kimmel mentions you live on TV
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