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  1. Couple names that can be added I believe. Expert1212 Hardcoredef Les Bleus Also, you can put me down as Canadian nationality.
  2. 180m overall exp!! Look at all those wonderful bots. Lovin' my new Sombrero hat and Queen's guard shirt.
  3. I'm Canadian by the way, so you can add my nationality.
  4. Just a heads up. You can still train the skills after you have reached level 5 but you won't receive any exp for it. It caps off at 388 exp.
  5. The problem arises that after this it will be impossible to tell what accounts are genuinely F2P, or which are former members. There's been nonstop debates going on all day in the friends chat about this (and we've only known about it for a few hours after all), and everyone has a different opinion. If you get experience in skills that are Pay-To-Play, can you really be considered Pure F2p? One of the requirements for being Pure F2p is, and has always been "Has no experience in P2P skills or rankings in P2P Minigames." Quite a few of us older players are vehemently against this. And let us not forget the inummerable easier training methods that are going to come in force (even the possibility of using a former P2P friend's Gilded Altar to train prayer) and totally undermine what we have all achieved thus far. Even those who would try and avoid getting this P2P experience, accidents (such as is guaranteed to happen in Dungeoneering and other places) and the like would prevent us. Of course, the fact that you can train these in F2P now has also sparked the other side, "Since we can do it in F2P, isn't it F2P?" It really seems to me that Jagex is trying to put a final nail in the coffin that has become F2P, getting rid of the trial and turning the entire F2P game into a P2P Trial. I'm really unsure about the future of the 250 Lists, and the F2P game in general at the moment. I am going to discuss this thoroughly with the Purefreetoplay team before coming to a decision on whether or not we will continue the Lists if this update does indeed come to pass. I hope we can, but it seems to me to be an insurmountable task. As soon as we have come to a final decision, I will let everyone know via this forum thread, and of course, feel free to discuss this here as it affects all of us, and I would like to know everyone's opinion on it. I will, of course, continue to update the Lists in the meantime. -Lord Slayas. One of the requirements of being a pure F2P account is having no members skills. But, as the game changes the rules have to change. I'd say it should be completely allowed to get level 5 in all members skills because it doesn't have much effect on anything. It does not make it any easier to distinguish who is a member and who is not, because you could easily be a member and not have any P2P skills. Also, you can just look in the hiscores for them if they are P2P. I don't know what effects having Taverly and other areas open to us will have though, I haven't been on a p2p account in a couple years.
  6. Haven't logged on in almost 3 weeks, pretty proud of that. Keep up the levels everybody, :)
  7. My bet is that Isthatok will be maxed by Christmas.
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