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  1. KT dropped from 399 wild options to 340, Id say they lost 25-30 ppl, which is not a 3rd of their force.... also the reason those ppl left were because KT was so easily lurred and would not fight charlies team together. Also, KT piled their own members so more left because of that. KT is more disorganized than anarchy, and DS would of won the war anyways.
  2. 1. Di 2. Zf 3. Td 4. Gladz 5. Bk 6. Anarchy 7. THE 8. Ds 9. Trwf 10. mk 11. RR 12. Kt 13. CoR 14. Jagz 15. Tmrd
  3. for the movie I was: ironic since i watched it last night <_< for the leader i was:
  4. 1] Damage Inc. 2] Gladiatorz 3] The Dynasty - dominates the wild more than zf 4] Zeonic Force 5] trwf - high levels high turnout 6] mystic knights- feel as though they lost some power 7] Dark slayers- would be higher but needs to fight some top 6 clans first 8]BK - everyone says theyve gotten stronger but i havent noticed 9]Anarchy- maaaaybe better than bk 10] 'THE' Clan 11] Rune Raiders 13] Legendary Crew 14] Corruption 15] Jaguars 16] Rr forsaken 17] Exer 18] Demonic Empire 19] Deathrow 20] trmd Community 1. Very very very low censorship :twisted: 2. DI 3. gladz- although theyre the type of clan you have to join from the start to fit in (thats what i felt when i was there at least) 4. Deathrow- I swear this clan has the highest morale ive ever seen 5. Rune Raiders
  5. Jagex is the supreme court of rs so what they say goes :P
  6. I believe it.....no zf lost food while killing him alone and afk...so how were they hurt? Corr didnt even complain when 5 DR came back.
  7. I believe us beating DI got us 1st spot? But you lost, the majority of RS says so :roll:
  8. .... Im sorry ZF but you lost...even if you did win youd still be 2nd to gladz :roll: Nice win DI :wink: p.s. ZF can whine all they like but the majority of RS says otherwise, and i dont mind going clan to clan to prove that the people believe DI won
  9. :shock: what do you think? (3d one) :arrow:if your interested in one pm me, prices varry :shock:
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