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  1. oh btw platebeards ftw

  2. hurry up come back we miss you :'( we need to dg

  3. orite you're a paperboy. personally that seems like a lot to me (lazy american) but if you are then gl and come back soon :D and keep me/us posted somehow if you want to

  4. Summerwork as well as mah paperround. I'll probably do it :]

  5. another job as in 2 at once? or you lost an old one or what?

  6. So it turns out to get membs i haz to get another job.


  7. Lewisn11

    Bankpic help clean plox.

    Thanks for all the comments everyone (: Already taken steps into clearing it up based on these suggestions.
  8. So after many times not being able to dunge due to a full bank, a friend of my requested i post a bank pic so he can clear it up for me. So here is possibly the most crudely cropped bank pic ever seen.
  9. :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

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