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  1. lol on your sig it says thank andrew know one knows who that guy is anymore
  2. 120% runescape is doomed add gandolfdagry if u love runescape and play rs2 just to play something
  3. Ok first of all props i have been playin since alpha test name = ladykilljoy i was one of a s h l e y's friends she was amazin but i must say my fav pker i made was when i was in the r o e clan i had 40 att 54 str 1 def 64 range 36 hits at lvl 31 there were 2 others same stats and 1 pure ranger with 82 ish range and it was allways us v. ilvllr gowrs and they were same stats as us with range hitin 12 and r2h str potted hitting 15 trust me it was the best times i have ever had in runescape mad props to everyone that came from runescape the rs2 kids dont know wut they missed
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