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  1. Trying to find a signature

  2. RSN: Steve 9999 Requesting: Gilded Altar with 2 burners to raise prayer Timeframe: 1 hour How to Contact: pm in game Additional Info: Only got 43 bones 2 do!!!!:thumbsup:
  3. Can I use some1s house with decent construction its my birthday party today in real life
  4. I am soon going to get full void so can those of you who have a good house let me use it?
  5. I always get level 3 clues. Are they Worth it. TRhey are very long and I am not sure if it is worth it? I finished a lvl. 1 once. I got 200k off it! So please offer me some advice!
  6. I am having a little problem so help me! :ugeek:
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