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  1. well we have alot to look at this week i'll give my opinions honestly for once :lol: 1) very nice to read and i agree with it although.... isn't grammatically correct 8-) 2)I find jagex milks the DD because players scour it for info about the new update, not actually caring about the development. And wasn't there a thread a while ago with this same thing? only the writer missed BTS 3)nice article, shame there are a load of immature people around these days, pray they leave us when they reach high school :pray: 4) I never read fictionals, when there used to be one article a month i found them dull to be honest the DYK was a bit meh but i always expect too much after the first one i saw. all in all i'd give this week a 7/10 which trust me, is good coming from me
  2. To be perfectly honest , I have never really have pvped. I find the people there rude and unmerciful (no offence to any pkers in the building :P ) However I have heard of and seen this trick being performed... I was even asked to take prt in it once or twice, which I refused. Despite this I have never seen any harsh implications this has had on the non pvp realms. Combined with the fact jagex has few objections (or hasn't displayed any) leads me to the conclusion this is aperfectly acceptable method of acquiring money. And yes, I have just consumed a dictionary.
  3. While I liked the second article (and the first) i have to disagree. when i made merchant i was annoyed i had to use numbers, however now they are just who i am and when i play rs i just slip into 0125 mode. This is who I am and I dare anyone who disagrees to face down my infamous pirate hat. I know someone will :lol:
  4. Ok off to make my sig :lol: as for this being a short thread....not for long i hope ;)
  5. Yeah about that......uh....how can i do that!?!?!? :shock: :shock: Kinda new ;)
  6. I was just browsing the forums when I thought.....topics of a thread often change as people post within them so you can start on one thing and by the last page it's somthing else. What I want to know is how often do you read to the end? or do you just post after seeing the first post? just a thought : Merch so you admit you are infact, a cat?
  7. It's all in the balance really, but one thing to take into account is the fact most people at school only care about combat or money. No one even thinks for a minute you might have friends on there...... :cry: So you admit you are in fact, a cat?
  8. I for one think the 150th quest was more story based to mark the start of tieing up story lines...certainly makes those who pay no attention to lores sit up. A new free skill eh......well i dont really mind if its an existing skill or a new one ... just so long as i can do it with my free to play buds : ahh... thatll be the one i lobbed out the window yesterday
  9. xp normally, but if i've lost somthing or i'm after charms, it would be them So you admit you are in actual fact, a cat?
  10. the center of the compass seems to be draynor, where the spies are :ohnoes:
  11. :ohnoes: i was really fasinated by this, so i did some research, if you look at the world map, castle draken and the baxtorian falls are the east and west, the spirit dragonkin castle is the north, so if we assume this to be correct, the south may be menaphos, as ichtarin is a god of the mahjarrat and the mahjarrat and dragonkin seem to be very close, if we find the center of all these, it roughly comes out as.....dranor manor!!!! well thats all......
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