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  1. Just found out that one of the actors in that video was one of my friends from University that I collaborated extensively with for a semester. Wow, crazy coincidence.
  2. So, has anyone figured out how to stop the minions from attacking you when you enter to get killcount?
  3. To all of those saying that Slayer took longer to get 200m in... let's not forget that RC came out a while before Slayer did.
  4. Gratz on being on the front page

  5. Still a bit confused. Let's say I have 25 prestige and I have done all floors. Let's say that 25 prestige gives 3000 exp (plus level bonus divided by 2). When I reset and go back to level 1, will I get 3000 + level 1 / 2, and then for level 2, 3000+ level 2/2 etc ?
  6. Sounds epic, but so does The Blood Pact when you hear it.
  7. Next week in #RuneScape: Daemonheim awaits... ~Ems(RSDev) Found on the Runescape twitter.
  8. Congrats, new skill is fish flinging.
  9. Smithing, Ranged, Herblore, Construction, Crafting, Farming, Slayer, Prayer 8 of em :P And yes, I decided to get my quest cape back after so I did the legendary Rune Mechanics quest :)
  10. Update: The party will still be at the same time and place. The 99s I will be getting are: Ranged Prayer Construction Herblore Crafting Slayer Smithing Farming I have no intention of moving the party as I had this date planned for atleast 6 months and before Jagex announced the skilling weekend. It is your choice to choose if you want to grind or take a break and have some fun, but once again, everyone is welcome :).
  11. Just go to the Varrock Museum and use them on the plinth.
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