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  1. Good job NK, expected you guys to win..
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. Rules were set up as following: 2x Matched Ops Fight 1st Round All Styles 2nd Round Melee/Binds Corrupt Off Ring On Dung on North Attacks Cwa Classic Arena Center Bounds World 11 2 Est Start Sunday 6 Feb Round1: Starting 26-26 Ending 15-0 THe fight started quite even, but our mix of styles was better and we had better tanks so we managed to bring the first win home. Round2: Starting 25-25 Ending We managed to get a one man lead at the start which we expanded during the fight.
  4. People should stop being so serious about a game :( I personally had a good laugh reading your topic ;) Gratz on your win BK & DF.
  5. Oh, we have been waiting for Lasko's reply since he was watching this forum since it was posted, but he didn't post anything.. Let's call it a day I guess, Good night everyone :) edit: fml, doublepost :o
  6. Don't flame so much guys, that can kill that guy! You see, he has spend his whole weekend screening memberlists of CSF and people who are in different clans, which shows us that he has no life outside runescape... Don't make him look at at the only thing he enjoys or he will kill himself, thank you.
  7. Spy caught lmao, good fight Dragon Hunters.
  8. For TWR Moderators: Rules were set up as following: - Full out - CWA Clasic bounds - Melle+binds and ranged only - No corrupts/dungeonering items - Rings allowed - North spawn attacks - 3 Sniper Cap Starting: CSF: 44 DH: 41 Maybe it was the fact, that we had a huge beef in the past, maybe it was something else, but we were really pumped for this fight and that's why we didn't give Dragon Hunters a chance at all. I'd like to tank our 8 tanks, whom really did win this fight for us, we also had great transitions from Martin and myself. :P And also, I'd like to thanks to those, who came to tanking after those 8, when DH tried to switch piles to get an k0,, and guess what, they didn't find a single unprepared CSF member. Ending: CSF: 36 DH: 0
  9. Thanks for the fight Eternity, hoping to meet you in a more balanced war in the future .)
  10. Good fight RKoF, shame on you for choosing me as first pile and not letting me to lead :P
  11. I heard that TWR rules have changed and now, it's allowed that one person can be in a clan and another country clan too.. CzechoSlovak Forces were forced to leave TWR when the rule of not allowing this came up because we didn't want our smaller country clans to be harmed, but since that rule isn't there anymore, we can rejoin and have fun fighting a lot of different clans rather then fighting someone every two months because there's noone else to challenge.. I'll keep this as short as possible, CSF is a national clan, which represents Czech Republic and Slovakia on clan scene, one of the requirements to join is that you speak Czech or Slovak language so you most likely won't be able to join anyways, so there's no point for me to make this introduction look like and attractive. :P CSF is more than 3 years old, we have gone through some great times, but some bad times too.. Now we are somewhere near the middle of it. :) We have a 60ish man memberlist, but I'm pretty sure that we'll have to say goodbye to some members after the holiday break we have, but we'll gain some new members too, so it's not a big deal.. :) I introduced myself to a clan few times, but I never had to introduce my clan to anyone, so I don't know what to put here, feel free to ask some questions if you have any.. :P Here's our webpage: http://csforces.eu/ There's our history and something like promo vid too.. :P
  12. I love you too :P Thanks for the fight, was fun :)
  13. Good fight, had some hard times sniping cause of your antisnipers :) However i managed to survive without food lol Thanks for the fight DF.
  14. Happy Birthday again!!

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