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  1. Update for Doolodes: I keep forgetting to update.
  2. Been awhile since I checked up on the F2p community. Glad to see we're working on another list. However we are suppose to be back on the regular highscores after Bot bay is released, but lets get this started anyway! Doolodes
  3. Seems like my time on Rs has drastically stopped. I'm only logging on every two weeks, and even then not even getting 1k exp. Already losing a lot of ranks, hopefully I don't fall off the list to soon!
  4. Animorph, you always seem to respond over and over leading off subject. Just try to keep it more to the f2p talk apposed to personal defense. That being said, I saw D Sweetheart crafting (As was I) for a few days, she did respond when people ask her questions directly. Even after I mined more ores and came back to crafting, she was still responding. So she wasn't botting (for the past two weeks at least).
  5. Finally broke 100! Now just to keep it....
  6. I found my old Game Boy and been playing Pokémon Red, lost 8 ranks since. Woot! Worth it!
  7. Ugh.. I got 99 hp, and some other level, and I dropped 2 ranks.. just rude!
  8. Are you saying people who get 87 mining are insane? People who get three levels in a day insane? Don't do that. That's mean. :evil: /sarcasm I get called insane all the time by my member friends. Also because I hate meleeing, I feel out of place since my melees are horrible for my level, and how everyone around me on the list has maxed melee stats.
  9. I hate mining rune, so slow of xp. I always make items out of my rune too, I don't do it for the money =D
  10. If you don't believe in yourself, why should we? =D
  11. Mauranius is going to fail maxing if he uses my home world. I won't let him get any xp! Except the fact he'll own me in anything...
  12. Updated when I was 2k from prayer level, every time I level, the list been updated an hour before!
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