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  1. ADVERTISER: Various LANDING URL: http://a.tribalfusion.com/p.media/a3mOnI36QY4GQ9UcM9WGMhPAJNTHUSWrf52r6pUqYpTarbSTnKRGbJPF6vRHf7WV3W2FmvnHanXqeM4t3BQGMZd2AvHmtayUdQ7YrfdXrYh1qAOPbQEUFZbSWdYUnbQsQFboYEQy5qYg4ErYmTBC1r3gUd71nmrDmGMsmHfoi39uRt/2652756/pop.html TYPE: Popup SITE: Various MY LOCATION: UK REASON: Constantly popping up at EVERY single new page i load on Tip.it. Just one after the other. I've noticed that over the past few months they have just become worse and worse. Now they're near intolerable. I've used Tip.it for several years, but this is driving me to consider other help sites. Please tell me if something can be done about it. (OMG! I got a popup just previewing this post! Arghhh!)
  2. New location of level 4 clue, not shown in the treasure trails guide. "This scroll will work in the elven lands. Orb scan range: 38 paces." Exactly where to stand... Location on World Map: A Guthix Mage will attack you when you dig: Hope this helps =)
  3. I had a similar problem. I returned to the Seer after catching the first scorpion and he gave me the clues for the second and third scorpions at the same time during the same conversation. My Diary was updated as follows; "The second Kharid Scorpion was once in a village two canoe trips from Lumbridge. A shopkeeper there picked it up. The third Kharid Scorpion is in an upstairs room with brown clothing on the table. The clothing is adorned with a golden four-pointed star. You should start looking where monks reside" You have to speak to Peksa in the Barbarian Village to ascertain the location of the second scorpion, which is at the Barbarian Outpost, through the metal gates towards the Agility Training Area and then in to the building directly east of that. The third Scorpion is upstairs in the Monastery west of Edgeville / North-east of Falador. Update Update Update, for noobs like me that can't do a quest without a guide or 2 weeks off work :lol:
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