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  1. Being disrespectful is so much fun! Don't you agree? I'm really sorry, but I don't think crashing is disrespectful. All it is is stepping on a bug. Honestly, that's the best way I can describe it. I was rather targetting at the way you adress me! For me it's just a principle, be empathic!
  2. Being disrespectful is so much fun! Don't you agree?
  3. Yeah, because your postcount gives you all the fame and glamour :rolleyes: I'm just saying, try to be nice irl and in RS =) Be positive
  4. Lrn2Metaphor. I'm not saying being crashed on RS is anywhere close to RL =.= Since when was I talking to you? Since everybody is free to post on forums =]
  5. Lrn2Metaphor. I'm not saying being crashed on RS is anywhere close to RL =.=
  6. This whole crashing theory seems to me like big corporations ruining local shops. Why do they do it? Because they are the strongest. They just destroy these hard-working shop owners. Because they're bigger and better. Not noticing that once too they were little companies. Just show some humanity, were not animals. Ask nicely. Try to find an empty world. Give them advice if they're using the wrong gear. But don't just crash somebody because you're already bathing in gold >_>
  7. Thanks, I already have Rune Defender though ^^ I've been thinking about Nomad... Should I do Kyatt?
  8. Okay so I sold Tassets, BSS and now have 29m. What Armour should I buy/Which skills levels should I get.
  9. You should get a dh plate and v skirt. Well, any melee top works really, but I think dh looks best xD The skirt has good def and a prayer bonus, so you cant replace it. You dont need a helmet or weapon, since you should be using a nietznot if not on slayer, a full slayer helm if on slayer, and a whip + defender all the time. This holds true unless you want to get a full dh set for killing monkeys or something with low hp. I barely use Prayer when slaying, wouldn't Torag Legs be more useful? (Correct me if I'm wrong :P)
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. You really got me thinking, Barrows might solve all of my problems, not needing to worry anymore about getting Bandos+DFS. Which sets do you suggest I get? (When I do Combat it's almost always slay, except for the odd boss or Cave Horrors trip). Also any ideas on prayer, should I wait untill D bones/ Frost bones crash? On a sidenote: I really don't see me getting Fire Cape, sorry =/ And apologies accepted ;)
  11. Okay thanks, I will watch out with deaths ;) Anyone maybe has tips for GWD?
  12. I never heard about the Mage Guild Death runes :o Thanks =) Oh and at Quyneax, I really love my Bandos Tassets, non degreadable ftw =D And I think there's no point of convincing me not to buy dfs and bcp ;)
  13. Okay so lately making money really feels like a pain =/ I get bored way too quickly and I am getting quite desperate for some cash. ATM I have 10M (2M+ in Miscellania). I'm looking into If I can find a fun way to make money, it doesn't have too make really much money - it just needs to be fun (or both! :P). I've tried TD's but I failed, I've tried GWD but I failed. The only things which really seem to last for a while are Slayer&Fish. I've also tried camping Cave Horrors but to no succes. My combat skills are: 81 Atk, 85 Str, 80 Def, 85 HP, 71 Prayer, 82 Ranged, 77 Magic, 70 Summoning Some other skills which may be of interest: 99 Woodcutting, 77 Fishing, 75 Slayer, 64 Hunt, 67 Craft, 64 Mining, 49 Dungeoneering,.... I have Bandos Tassets, Full Void(melee/ranged), fighter torso, whip, fury, Dragon boots, Skill Cape, Barrow Gloves, Dharok Plate, Blessed Spirit shield. Oh and I only need to do 5 more quests for quest cape (which includes nomad =/) I'm really clueless atm. I would like some people who can help me, even help me with learning me how to TD/GWD/... I just want BCP or DFS so badly =/ I hope you can help me, I would be delighted if you would give me some quick tips =D
  14. Meh, they should rollback asap... This is going to ruin the G.E. for months and even years... =/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJB_lQ-gIdk This is some footage of the riots, if you'd like to take a look.
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