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  1. I remember starting as a noob around Christmas 2001, because I had a party hat (blue, if I remember correctly) and sold it few months later. I've been playing since then (sometimes very actively, sometimes I wasn't logged in for months). I'll always remember learning how to do things from many helpful people out there (namely Daviso - if you're still somewhere out there, I salute you!) and then passing this knowledge on, even though I wasn't (and still I am not) a hardcore skiller. No maps, awful graphics, a bedroll in case you couldn't find a bed nearby... good old times :D
  2. OK, here are my pictures... it was fun, although I almost gave up in Catherby, where everyone had to kick the cabbage... [hide=Final kick][/hide] [hide=All hail Brassica Prime!][/hide] [hide=Me and Cabbage][/hide]
  3. Forum Name: Turnon RuneScape Name: Turnon Name to use on picture: Turnon URL:http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/8195/turnon2.png --- Well, I usually don't post, but I'll make an exception :D
  4. Since November or December 2001. I'm pretty sure I had a blue partyhat (well, I'm 100% sure I had one), and sold it few weeks later for 10 or 11k... Sleeping bags... and what about beds? I remember using one in Varrock that was close to the mines at that time quite often.
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