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  1. Is it possible? Hell yeah. Though I doubt anyone in the world has the patience or time to get it within the next 5 years or so. But I could be wrong. Dungeoneering was mastered in what, 2 months? As time goes by skills are getting progressively easier. I would call it a plausible.

  2. So, this is just a bit random. But, I thought I'd tell the F2P because its one of few ways to effectively earn money.


    I can promise you this isn't a lie. If you don't believe me, go on world 30 and look for me in Falador. What you do is buy some odd amount of gold bars. Then, if you have at least 5 crafting, go and make them into gold rings. They sell instantly and effectively double your money. Try it. It's pretty sweet actually.

  3. Here is my unfinished map =P




    [hide=FR2 Code]-18 1i 18 1i,16 1g 23 1g 37 1g 4l 1i 5q 1j 6u 1k 7u 1k 8q 1l,-16 1i -25 1h -36 1h -46 1h -54 1g -64 1f -72 1e -80 1d -96 1e -ag 1g,-123 1c7 -136 1c8 -14d 1c8 -15u 1c7 -17c 1c5 -18p 1c3 -1a9 1c1 -1br 1c0 -1dc 1bv -1er 1bu -1g7 1bs -1hj 1br -1jd 1bu -1lb 1c6 -1n8 1cf -1p5 1cq -1r2 1d6 -1sv 1dk -1ut 1e0 -20s 1ec -22q 1em -24m 1et -26h 1f1 -28c 1f4 -2a6 1f6 -2bv 1f6 -2dn 1f5 -2fg 1f4 -2h9 1f3,-2km 1go -2l0 1go -2l0 1h2 -2la 1h2 -2la 1hc -2lk 1hc -2lk 1hm -2lu 1hm -2lu 1i0 -2m8 1i0 -2m8 1ia -2mi 1ia -2mi 1ik -2ms 1ik -2ms 1iu -2n6 1iu -2n6 1j8 -2ng 1j8 -2ng 1ji -2nq 1ji -2nq 1js -2o4 1js -2o4 1k6 -2oe 1k6 -2oe 1kg -2oo 1kg -2oo 1l4 -2pc 1l4 -2pc 1lo -2q0 1lo -2q0 1mc -2qk 1mc -2qk 1n0 -2r8 1n0 -2r8 1nk -2rs 1nk -2rs 1o8 -2sg 1o8 -2sg 1os -2t4 1os -2t4 1pg -2to 1pg -2to 1q4 -2uc 1q4,-2ha 1f3 -2jb 1f2,-2km 1go -2km 1ge -2kc 1ge -2kc 1g4 -2k2 1g4 -2k2 1fq -2jo 1fq -2jo 1fg -2je 1fg -2je 1f6,-2ki 1fk -2nq 1i9,-2ki 1fk -2kf 1fk,-2ke 1fk -2kb 1fh -2kg 1fe -2kk 1ff -2kq 1fg -2kt 1fk -2p3 1iv,-2p4 1iv -2pa 1j4 -2pa 1j9 -2p5 1jf -2p2 1jb -2p2 1j6,-2nq 1i8 -2p2 1j6,-2u9 1q6 -3cr 1qe,-31l 1q5 -31j 1p1 -30g 1p2 -30d 1on -356 1on -35a 1ot -343 1ov -345 1q0,-38o 1p6 -35l 1p6 -35i 1pe -36j 1pe -36j 1q5,-37r 1pj -37r 1q5,-36j 1pv -36i 1q7,-37r 1ph -38r 1pg -38m 1p4,-3bj 1ph -39f 1ph -39a 1q7,-3bi 1pj -3bq 1qa,-3iu 1ur -3rn 1ur,-3ma 1ur -3ng 1uq,-3pi 1uq -3pi 1s0 -3pi 1rm -3pi 1qe -3pi 1q4 -3pi 1pq -3pi 1pg,-3pi 1s0 -3nm 1uq,-3pi 1rm -3o0 1uq,-3pi 1sa -3nc 1uq,-3pi 1sk -3n2 1uq,-3pi 1su -3mo 1uq,-3pi 1t8 -3me 1uq,-3pi 1ti -3m4 1uq,-3pi 1ts -3lq 1uq,-3pi 1u6 -3lg 1uq,-3pi 1ug -3l6 1uq,-3cs 1qe -3eq 1rl,-3iu 1uq -2tt 1uq,-3oa 1uq -3pi 1rc,-3ok 1uq -3pi 1r2,-3ou 1uq -3pi 1qo,-3p8 1uq -3pi 1qe,-2p8 1jq -2pl 1kd -2q6 1kv -2qs 1lk -2rm 1m9,-2rm 1ma -2s6 1mq -2sj 1na -2t2 1np -2tn 1nt -2u9 1o0,-2pm 1jo -2q6 1k8 -2qm 1ko -2r5 1l8 -2rm 1lo -2s6 1m6 -2ss 1mr,-2st 1mr -2ti 1n3 -2u6 1n3 -2uo 1n1 -2uh 1n6 -2un 1nb -2ug 1ne -2ul 1nh -2uf 1nj -2uk 1np -2ue 1np -2uh 1nu -2ua 1ns -2ua 1o0,-3pi 1ph -3pe 1ot -3p7 1o8 -3ou 1nl -3of 1n3 -3np 1ma,-30c 1ol -2ug 1n1,-2u2 1uq -2t4 1uq -2t4 1vo -2s6 1vo -2s6 20m -2r8 20m -2r8 21k -2pm 21k -2mi 21k -2m8 21a -2lu 21k -2lk 21a -2la 21k -2l0 21a -2km 21k -2kc 21a -2k2 21k -2jo 21a -2je 21k -2j4 21a -2iq 21k -2ig 21a -2i6 21k -2hs 21a -2hi 21k -2h8 21a -2gu 21k -2gk 21a -2ga 21k -2g0 21a -2fm 21k -2fc 21a -2f2 21k -2eo 21a -2ee 21k -2e4 21a -2dq 21k -2dg 21a -2d6 21k -2cs 21a -2ci 21k -2c8 21a -2bu 21k -2mi 21k,-2bu 21k -2bk 21a -2ba 21k -2b0 21a -2am 21k -2bu 21k,-2am 21k -2ac 21a -2a2 21k -29o 21a -29e 21k -2am 21k,-29e 21k -24e 21k -23o 229 -236 22h,-235 22h -227 22h -218 22h -207 22i -1v5 22i -1u3 22i -1t0 22h -1rk 22j -1q5 22l -1or 22n -1ne 22q,-1uq 22l -1ug 22d -1u8 22p,-22m 22l -22d 22c -21m 22h,-21m 22g -21i 229 -21g 22g -21b 22d -216 22h,-217 22h -210 22e -20q 22g -208 22b -202 22r -1vt 225 -1v0 232,-1v0 233 -1v0 22c -1up 22l,-ak 1i -fa 1cc -12c 1cc,-1nf 22r -1mc 232 -1lb 23c -1k2 23r -1if 24j -1h4 257 -1fo 25u -1eb 26p -1ct 27m -1bg 28l -1a3 29n -18o 2as -17e 2c5 -165 2dg -14s 2et -13j 2gc -12a 2hr -111 2jd -vo 2kv -uf 2mi -t7 2o5 -s0 2po -qr 2rd -pm 2t1 -oi 2un -ng 30d -mf 323 -le 33q -kf 35g -jf 37a -ib 394 -hc 3af -gb 3bq -f9 3d4 -e6 3ed -d1 3fl -bq 3gr -ai 3i0 -9a 3j4 -82 3k7 -6d 3li -4o 3mu -31 3o7 -1a 3pe d 3ql 23 3rs 3p 3t2 5e 3u8 73 3vc 8o 40d ad 41b c5 41s dt 42a fl 42n hd 432 j5 43a kt 43f mm 43i of 43j q8 43j s1 43g tp 43c vi 437 11a 433 132 42v 14r 42r 16j 42o 18b 42l 1a2 42m 1bh 42t 1co 439 1e0 43p 1fb 44f 1gn 457 1i4 462 1jj 46v 1l3 47u 1mk 48u 1o6 49v 1po 4b1 1rb 4c5 1st 4da 1uf 4eg 201 4fl 21i 4gr 234 4i3 24l 4ja 268 4kh 27q 4lm 29e 4mq 2b4 4nr 2cr 4oq 2ek 4pn 2gd 4qi 2i5 4rb 2ju 4s4 2ln 4sp 2nf 4t9 2p8 4tm 2r0 4tu 2so 4u3 2ue 4u6 2vt 4u7 314 4u8 32d 4ua 33f 4ub,33f 4ua 34e 4ua 359 4u6 364 4tv 36v 4th 37m 4sv 38c 4sc 38u 4rk 39a 4qq 39k 4q1 39s 4pa 3a1 4op 3a3 4ps 3a3 4qq 3a7 4rq 3ag 4sl 3b2 4td 3c1 4u4 3cv 4ur 3e2 4vk 3f5 508 3g7 50m 3h4 50v 3i6 515 3jd 51e 3ks 51t 3m5 52b 3ng 52s 3os 53f 3qa 544 3ro 54q 3t8 55h 3uo 569 409 573,405 570 40u 57d 41t 57u 432 58i 444 591 45a 59c 46j 59p 485 5a9 49i 5ar 4b0 5bg 4cd 5c8 4dq 5d4 4f5 5e2 4gc 5f4 4hf 5gb 4i5 5hj 4im 5j6 4j3 5kp 4jh 5mh 4k5 5oc 4l6 5q6 4me 5ru 4nh 5t6 4om 5ud 4ps 5vi 4rg 60u 4t8 623 4v1 634 50p 643 52g 64s 548 65g 55v 65v 57k 667 591 667 5ah 661 5bn 65m 5cm 659 5dk 64l 5eb 63t 5eu 635 5fe 62d 5fo 61u 5fi 630 5fd 647 5fb 65d 5fs 66n 5gu 67t 5i0 68m 5j6 69d 5kg 6a3 5ls 6ao 5na 6bd 5oq 6c0 5qc 6ch 5s0 6d1 5tl 6de 5vb 6dr 611 6e7 62o 6ek 64g 6f0 669 6fc 682 6fn 69q 6g0 6bj 6g7 6d9 6gb 6ep 6gc 6g2 6gb 6hd 6g9 6ih 6g7 6jj 6g5 6kl 6g3 6lq 6g2 6mr 6g2 6nq 6g1,6nr 6g3 6ov 6g2 6q8 6fr 6rd 6fk 6sg 6fe 6tl 6f0 6ul 6ee,73k 6bv 74i 6b6 75c 6ac 764 69f 76r 68h,76p 68m 773 67v 778 672 77d 65v 77i 64r 77g 63p 77b 62j 771 61g 76h 60d 75v 5vf 755 5um 73v 5u2 72p 5tl 71h 5tb 708 5t2 6v1 5sr,6nd 65o 6o2 66s 6oo 67r 6ph 68p 6q9 69i 6r5 6ab 6rv 6b1 6so 6bk,73l 6bv 72d 6cq,6v2 5sq 6u6 5sr 6ta 5st 6se 5t6 6rg 5tl 6qm 5u4 6pv 5ul 6pa 5v7 6oo 5vt 6o7 60l 6nq 61d 6nk 623 6ng 62p 6nc 63i 6na 64c 6n9 655 6nd 65s,70q 6ef 72h 6f2 75k 6fr,770 6h5 7eh 6hr,7f5 6ip 7ok 6ip,7oo 6is 7p2 6j2,7p6 6j6 7pj 6ja,7pq 6jc 7qa 6je,7qh 6jg 7r2 6jg,7r9 6ji 7rv 6ji,7s8 6jj 7sq 6jj,7t4 6ji 7to 6ji,7u2 6ji 7um 6ji,7v0 6ji 7vk 6ji,7vu 6ji 80i 6ji,80s 6ji 81g 6ji,81q 6ji 82e 6ji,82o 6ji 83c 6ji,83m 6ji 84a 6ji,84k 6ji 858 6ji,85i 6ji 866 6ji,86g 6ji 874 6ji,87e 6ji 87o 6ji 882 6ji,88c 6ji 890 6ji,70q 6ef 70e 6e9,6uh 6ee 70e 6e9,898 6jj 89u 6je,8a5 6jb 8aj 6j0,8an 6ir 8b1 6ic,8b4 6i8 8bb 6hr 8bj 6hg,8bl 6hg 8c2 6h9 8cg 6ha,8cj 6hb 8cq 6hh,8ct 6hl 8d0 6hq,8d3 6hu 8d6 6i3,8d9 6i8 8dc 6ib,8df 6if 8ds 6im,8dv 6ip 8ed 6iq,8em 6ip 8ft 6it,8fs 6is 8gn 6iv 8hq 6je 8iq 6ju 8jo 6kf 8kh 6l0 8l7 6lf 8ls 6lt 8mn 6mc 8np 6mu 8os 6nj 8q6 6ob 8ra 6p1 8sh 6po 8tn 6qg 8uo 6r5 8vo 6rq,93p 6ue 94g 6um 95i 6v1 96f 6va 978 6vg 981 6vk 98p 6vm 99d 6vm,99d 6vk 98o 6vh 99d 6vf,99c 6vf 99c 6vc 98p 6vb 99b 6v6,99b 6v3 98t 6v0 999 6us 98v 6uq 999 6ul 98s 6uh 999 6ud 98u 6u8 99d 6u2 99e 6vk,8br 6ho 87m 6jm,99d 6u3 98s 6to,8vo 6rp 8sp 6u5,93o 6uf 90v 6v1,90v 6v0 8uv 6v7 8s6 709,8so 6u6 8q4 6ul,8sb 709 8oc 7qp,8q3 6uo 864 6sq,85v 6ss 7rk 7mf,7rm 7mk 8qe 7nc,83u 7ei 83n 7fl,83n 7ek 84d 7ek,83i 7fd 841 7fi,84i 7fn 84i 7ef 85b 7ef,84l 7es 856 7es,86o 7ed 872 7f3,87c 7ek 86h 7fs,87p 7fd 875 7fb 875 7fv 87k 7fq 87f 7fi,885 7fb 883 7g9 898 7g9 89b 7fb,835 7hh 83u 7fv 84b 7gg 84v 7g4 856 7hm,85v 7h7 85j 7h7 85g 7hj 862 7hj 862 7h7,862 7hh 86e 7hh,87a 7h9 86m 7hc 86m 7hr 87a 7ho 87a 7gl,87r 7hc 88k 7hc 88k 7h2 87m 7h2 87m 7i2 88k 7i2,8a9 7h9 8a9 7ho,8a9 7i2 8a9 7i5,8al 7g1 8al 7ht,8ae 7go 8b9 7gb,83d 7j5 83p 7ip,83s 7j3 83s 7hh,83s 7ia 84b 7ic 84g 7j3,84s 7ip 85e 7ih 84v 7i5 84s 7j8 85e 7j3,85l 7j3 85l 7ia 86c 7ic 86c 7im,86o 7ir 87p 7ip 870 7i2 86r 7jd 87p 7jd,89d 7j0 89q 7jk,8a4 7j5 896 7ks,8al 7jf 8a4 7ju 8at 7k1 8av 7jn 8ae 7ji,8b4 7jf 8bc 7k3 8c2 7k3 8c0 7ji,93l 6uf 9a5 6tf 9i2 6rt 118a 886,8p8 6nr 90d 6ql,8q9 6od 941 6qt,8qd 6or 945 6q9,8r0 6pe 95d 6q4,118a 885 123t 885 1238 87s 123s 87p 1238 87i 123s 87d 1233 873 123v 86u,123v 86t 1235 86k 1245 86f,1244 86e 1230 86b 1249 864 122p 860,122r 85v 124k 85t 122v 85q,1238 85n 124r 85l,124q 85l 1236 85h 124t 859 1237 85b 124r 852,126g 852 125h 855,125f 858 1276 85n,125m 85n 126p 85m,125d 864 126u 86f,125t 86b 127r 870,125n 86r 126o 879,125i 873 127f 87b,125j 879 127j 878,125d 85s 1271 863,126i 861 129j 85u,127u 85v 1283 85u,126g 86c 128n 861,126d 868 127n 85r,125r 85r 127h 85j,1272 85s 12am 872,126e 86d 128c 87f,1269 86v 129n 86s,126k 869 128i 85m,1263 86j 128g 86f,1262 86v 129j 86r,125v 874 1288 87v,126d 87r 128g 878,1260 87b 128b 87a,125r 87c 1291 86b,126l 86c 128g 868,1261 86g 128f 86h,125k 86l 127r 873,1255 87b 1285 87e,125n 881 1286 87h,125e 87a 125k 882,125v 87m 1282 87i,126b 870 128v 86l,1260 864 128q 85u,125t 85i 128m 85h,126a 85b 129i 859,12bh 857 12cc 857 12cc 85f 12bi 85f 12bh 857,12ca 858 12d8 858 12e6 858 12f4 858 12f4 85i 12f4 85s 12f4 866 12f4 86g 12f4 86q 12f4 87e,12d8 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bi l,-9l -16 -7i -16,-9l -d -7l -d,-9k -16 -9k -1u -ai -s -9n 8 -9l -c,-7j -16 -7i -d -7l -d,2l -p 2q -17 2s -v 31 -18 33 -q,3c -14 3d -o,37 -14 3q -12,3t -14 3t -l 41 -s,3u -o 49 -r 41 -v 48 -11 40 -16,-97 -10 -96 -l -8t -o -97 -r -8t -u -96 -10,-8q -o -8n -12 -8l -q -8f -10 -8f -l,-8a -t -81 -l,-84 -u -8a -n,-2km 1ge -2km 1fq,-2kp 1gn -2kp 1fs,-2nq 1ji -2nq 1ia,-2ng 1ji -2ng 1i0,-2sf 1o7 -2sg 1n4,-2s2 1o6 -2s3 1mo,-2q6 1m9 -2q5 1ks,-2pt 1ln -2pt 1ko,-2vf 1pk -2vn 1pp -2vs 1q0 -2vn 1q3 -2vg 1q4 -2v9 1q3 -2uu 1pv -2v3 1ps -2v0 1po -2v8 1po -2v5 1pk -2vb 1pm -2vb 1ph -2ve 1pl,-3pi 1q4 -3pi 1pq,8dm 7kp 8ei 7i4 8gg 7jr 8e3 7jk 8es 7kp,8ih 7ks 8jk 7hv 8ks 7l3,8j5 7jr 8ks 7jr,8ll 7pk 8gg 7o5 89u 7r1,8a3 7r1 8bg 856 8kq 86t 8pq 85b 8pv 87a 8s0 870,8s2 870 8r7 80q 8ip 80l 8jk 82k 8pq 82k 8pn 846 8l9 84v 8dm 83s 8cc 7sr 8gj 7q1 8m4 7r9 8me 7pp 8l1 7pd#B 118u 86r 2q,B 1167 86l 2v,B 113j 86j 2s,B 110b 86j 2q,B 10t3 86h 2r,B 10pr 86h 2q,B 10mj 869 2s,B 10j9 869 2q,B 10fc 869 2r,B 10b9 85i 2s,B 107c 85e 2q,B 104o 853 33,B 101g 84t 2q,B vtj 84r 2r,B vq7 848 38,B vnk 846 2s,B vkc 846 2q,B vh4 842 2u,B vck 83h 32,B v6o 83d 2r,B v2j 83b 2r,B uvs 837 2t,B ut8 831 2u,B uq0 82v 2s,B um6 82c 31,B uit 828 2t,B uga 828 2q,B ud2 828 2q,B u9q 81f 3b,B u6i 81b 2r,B u3a 818 2q,B u02 818 2q,B tsp 818 2q,B tot 816 2r,B tk9 80k 2q,B thl 7vv 37,B ted 7vv 2q,B tbq 7vm 30,B t8i 7vg 2r,B t5v 7va 2s,B t2n 7vc 2p,B t03 7va 2s,B ssn 7v6 2q,B sq4 7v6 2q,B smq 7uj 34,B sk6 7uh 2q,B sgs 7uh 2q,B sdi 7uh 2q,B s9n 7uh 2q,B s64 7ub 2u,B s3s 7ub 2q,B s12 7ud 2o,B rtk 7uh 2q,B rqm 7ti 3f,B rmp 7t7 2q,B rk6 7t7 2q,B rhj 7t3 2s,B rev 7sj 30,B rcc 7s6 35,B rad 7s0 30,B r7q 7rq 2s,B r4k 7rj 2s,B r1c 7rj 2q,B qu2 7rj 2q,B qrp 7rf 2v,B qnu 7qu 38,B qi3 7qs 2q,B qe6 7qs 2q,B qbj 7qc 35,B q8a 7q1 31,B q5n 7pn 31,B q1q 7pj 2t,B pv7 7ph 2r,B pra 7pa 2r,B pnd 7ou 2t,B pkq 7oq 2u,B pi7 7od 32,B peu 7o7 2u,B pcb 7o7 2q,B p93 7o7 2q,B p5r 7o1 2r,B p2j 7nm 2u,B ovh 7ne 30,B osu 7ne 2q,B opm 7ne 2q,B on2 7ne 2q,B ojq 7ng 2p,B oda 7o1 2q,B oan 7mn 3s,B o8q 7mf 36,B o4v 7m0 31,B o2c 7lu 2r,B nvp 7ls 2s,B nt1 7lo 2t,B nqm 7lk 2q,B nnj 7l3 34,B nkv 7l3 2q,B nia 7l3 2q,B nfn 7l1 2u,B nce 7kv 2r,B n9r 7ki 30,B n6h 7ki 2q,B n39 7kc 2r,B n0k 7kc 2q,B mul 7ka 2s,B mrd 7k4 2t,B moq 7ju 2s,B mlf 7ju 2q,B miq 7jp 2t,B mg9 7jj 2u,B md1 7jb 2t,B mb2 7j9 2q,B m7s 7j7 2q,B m4q 7i3 3f,B m1n 7i3 2r,B lv3 7i1 2s,B lsg 7hv 2s,B lp8 7ht 2r,B lne 7ht 2q,B lk5 7hc 39,B lgt 7hc 2q,B le2 7hh 2n,B laq 7hh 2q,B l7h 7hh 2q,B l4u 7h0 35,B l2u 7gl 2v,B kvm 7gh 2t,B kt2 7gb 30,B kr4 7g5 30,B koh 7g3 2r,B kmi 7fi 39,B kja 7fi 2q,B kgn 7fg 2q,B ke3 7f1 34,B kbg 7ev 2q,B k88 7en 2u,B k50 7en 2q,B k2d 7el 2q,B jv4 7el 2q,B jsh 7e6 37,B jq0 7du 2s,B jmo 7du 2q,B jk5 7du 2q,B jhh 7ds 2s,B je9 7ds 2q,B jbk 7ds 2q,B j91 7dq 2s,B j6d 7do 2r,B j3q 7d5 33,B j1s 7d3 2s,B ium 7ck 34,B is2 7cg 2s,B ipf 7cg 2q,B ims 7cg 2q,B ijk 7ca 2u,B ig9 7c0 30,B ic6 7ca 2l,B iat 7ca 2q,B i89 7bn 3b,B i67 7ak 43,B i40 7a9 2t,B i21 7ak 2q,B huj 7ag 2u,B hrb 7a9 2s,B ho7 7a7 2s,B hkv 7a7 2q,B hh2 79r 31,B hce 79e 2t,B h96 79c 2q,B h59 794 2s,B h21 792 2q,B gu4 78s 2u,B grh 78l 2u,B go9 78j 2r,B gln 789 30,B gj4 785 2u,B gfs 785 2q,B gce 77s 31,B g94 77q 2s,B g6k 77c 36,B g3a 775 2u,B g0l 773 2s,B ftd 771 2r,B fq5 771 2q,B fo4 76l 3a,B fk7 764 2u,B fhk 762 2q,B fee 75s 30,B fb8 759 37,B f8l 759 2q,B f6o 75b 2o,B etc 77a 2m,B eqp 75b 47,B enn 74g 30,B ekf 74g 2q,B ei0 74a 2u,B ee5 73t 30,B ebo 73p 2u,B e8g 73l 2t,B e5t 73l 2q,B e2l 73d 30,B dum 734 2q,B ds2 734 2q,B dpf 734 2q,B dm7 734 2q,B djf 72u 2v,B dg7 72g 35,B dcv 723 30,B dai 71t 2q,B d7a 71t 2q,B d42 71l 2u,B d1f 71l 2q,B cur 71a 33,B cst 71a 2q,B cqa 71a 2q,B cn2 71a 2q,B cke 718 2s,B ci1 70h 36,B cfe 70h 2q,B cc6 70h 2q,B ca5 6vs 3c,B c6t 6vo 2s,B c42 6vq 2o,B c25 6vq 2q,B but 6vm 2t,B brl 6vm 2q,B bo7 6v3 36,B bjr 6v1 2r,B bj4 6up 3l,B be8 6up 2q,B bab 6u4 36,C 8dq 6i8,O 70n 6f1,O 70c 6f1,O 707 6f1,O 6vq 6f0,O 6vd 6f5,O 6ur 6f3,C 6d2 6fc,C 3be 4t2,C -1i8 1bj,C -26u 21a[/hide]

  4. Sometimes, but I think the main point for me is that I'm not paying real money, therefore I couldn't care less what I use my fake money on. I'm giving something fake and worthless for something equally fake and worthless. If I get a kick out of it for 30 seconds, then it was worth it.




    I guess what I'm trying to say is, if I think it will be amusing I'll do it. To be honest I couldn't care less about my status, wealth, or "skill" in a computer game. I just want to mess around, do what I want, and, in turn, have fun.


    :thumbsup: ::' =D>

  5. These are my PERFECT updates:


    -Returning the Bone Yard (+ other killed areas) in the Wilderness, by shrinking BH and CW areas


    -Removing the RS censor


    -Giving skillcapes to F2P


    -Reducing the quitting time limit in GOP, to about 1 minute


    -Nerfing all scimitars




    Pretty much it.


    Sonic, you predicted the future. They are considering F2P skillcapes. How did you know? :o

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