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  1. there could be an easier idea rather than timing it though..and it could involve generosity...why not just give the ores to noobs...it'd probably reduce the begging...and it'd start some new players off on the right foot
  2. i have plenty of ideas for superheating/high alc in f2p....mith bars seem to be the common ones, same with steel depending if the market is busy.....other somewhat good ideas seem to be those mith items you get off the f2p giants/other creatures....one last item that also is quite good is those addy ores that you get off roaches...
  3. have a pure f2p account...and i think i have a rare type of pure f2p. just got my 1000th level last week, and early yesterday i hit the 90s in combat. total lvl is now continually on the rise, and i still think it's quite rare to see a f2p acc this good...
  4. i must be the only one who hates this guide a ton....this guide is purely p2p....us f2p rangers could use hints...also, your clearly expecting the person using this guide to have 75+ combat...otherwise they'll die in half the spots you mention
  5. meh....4.5/10 for the written....4.5/10 for the pictures...you pointed people to the exact same mining spots for each of the sections...could use more variety
  6. i agree with everyone here...for a while i had trouble with the minigame...wish i had this guide before i found out those tricks...lol....yeah...only one main flaw that i saw was that if your on the air altar lvl...it'd be easier to just stand in the middles of the sides of the altar and attract orbs from the opposite end, switching spots if necessary
  7. lol...this guide scares me so much with the amount of things that are wrong with it...i'd might as well list them 1)Mithril in mining guild- massive amounts of people know about it...your gonna have to face a ton of competition...would be easier just to mine coal there... 2)Runite respawn in 46 wildy- massive amounts of people pk there....you'd be literally going there, mining the runite ore, and either hopping to a world that's safe, hopping to a world that's dangerous, or dying in that world before you got the ore 3)easier ways to get to 60- if you have 40 crafting...which most people do...crafting guild's ores are quicker to mine, offer more xp, and are worth more than coal....so you may have to get some crafting lvls...as soon as you can access the guild...you can get to 60 much quicker and much more profitable-"er" than pure coal alone
  8. meh...for maging...there's some really good spots...moss giants in the varrock sewers are rarely crowded...and are easy if you have 60+ defence...also...for low lvl training..monkeys on karamja are quick to kill and offer bones that give a slight better xp rate than normal bones
  9. yeah...i think this may be a scam...the fact he's hosting it on monday will automatically eliminate anyone who has a job, or is going to school....also the fact that you need someone's p/w to add membership to their acc....this guy should be beaten with the most american thing i can think of....a "tea-bag" :lol: :lol: :lol: :D :D
  10. lol...if you haven't heard...march28th has passed...which kinda stinks because that thing sounds fun...lol....cah-bah-geee!!!
  11. sounds somewhat like fun...only problem is the fact that it seems that you want everyone to melee...and i don't think that some of the rangers/mages out there will like it....you should change it to say "bring combat equipment suitable for your lvl"
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