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  1. Banned because ranger is awfully close to ranga (red head)
  2. that was a minor spelling mistake, all fixed now! :D
  3. OK, so making low levels aggresive wasnt such a good idea(if fact i dont know what i was thinking...) but... what if the monsters that are already aggresive(flesh crawlers etc), that once they become unaggresive, then you could make them aggresive again, instead of having to walk around for a couple minutes... im sure you would all agree this would make training faster, and it wouldnt promote AFK training, as the monsters are already aggresive for a time. sure you could still make the spell expensive. but i see you point, making chickens aggressive would be just a waste of time and money
  4. I personally think that the HP Buffer should be raised above 99, the question is: by how much? Many, many people are complaining about Godswords being too powerful, that too many people can go around pking, killing people in 2-3 hits. A simple solution to this is to increase the HP limit. This directly deals with the problem of overpowered wepons. And common, everyone loves to hit high. the first post on the screenshots,videos and sounds thread was a guy showing off that he hit a 91(nice work btw). Raise the HP buffer, and all those people can marvel and have to manually close thier jaws when they see a 120 being hit, and the guy who hit it still lose the fight. Many people are also complaining(not taking into account the overpoweredness[new word ftw] of the godswords) that there is no new weapons to fill the gap between 75 and 99. Increase the HP threshold, and you can, without the worry of dying in 1 hit. All things considered, you raised the HP limit, and you can effectively expand the game. Heres how: Combat: New Weapons(possibly from a new metal?) Mining: Mining the new ore, for that new metal Smithing: Smelting/Smithing new ore/metal Fishing:Introduce more fish, to heal more of the increased HP Cooking: Cooking ^^^ said fish And many more that i cant think of right now....
  5. according to this the drop rate is 1/5,000 NOT 50,000. Drop rate for cornucopia is approx. 1/9000
  6. What is the rarest drop in runescape?? i would have to say the cornucopia atm. correct me if im wrong...
  7. Got an answer to HP? You have to use a cannon, which means you need to make a [cabbage] load of money for cannonballs. train all combat styles evenly and train mage by maging iron or steel dragons I was arguing about untrimmed Slayer being easier than Untrimmed HP... so was i (although i didnt make it clear (will edit))
  8. thank you guys for all your help. close topic now
  9. no one has got 200,000,000 (200 million) experience in hitpoints yet
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