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  1. no problem was fun and that is the most importan thing, and about the rm np we will have it next month, and yes you guys gave a hell of a figth even when there was a bit of difference on the combat level. thanks for the war and look for the challenge for next month.
  2. gratz lh after all that happen in the past it was fun to figth you.
  3. gratz IQ and thanks for the war.
  4. I love figthing vs LTH great guys, well I did not make it to the war but looks like it was fun and i belive a RM is the best thing to do. thanks guys cya soon
  5. Ok. Im really sorry to see this kind of things happening on TWR first Kovajda is admitting that they did this intentionally to gave us what we deserve on their eyes so beside they did look pathetic there is the proof that they planed this (but what you did last time pissed us off quite a lot too, so we gave you what you deserved in our eyes..) so is not an auto win is just a trap. And this time about the points you guys can keep them if that make you happy, we already make you look pathetic (Yeah, what we did is quite pathetic) twice and yes we will take on your clan again if you want to do it again any ways you guys wont stand a chance against us, now something needs to be done to stop clans like this to act like this first they dont show to a war when time was clear on GTM but its ok and then come out with they little game, I really expect some one from TWR doing something about. Now that is the less important issue in this conversation I believe that is way more important the racist remark from Kovadja I am a Mexican my self and I am really proud of it but it does bothers me that some one uses that in an offensive tone, and assuming that all Latin people are Mexicans is really discriminative and I am not to sure about it but I guess the rules on this forum most be against that, no body likes any remarks about race, religion, country of birth or gender (among others), that single comment really rises my eyebrows specially coming from some one in a country where war and devastation made a huge scar due to racial issues during WWII, it is also very ignorant put so many rich and different cultures and traditions in a single big bulk, we latins see ours selves like brothers and we all proud of share the same language and borders all over the continent and even over seas (with Spain) but they way Kovajda has choose his words is clear that he was trying to be more than sarcastic, and we Hispanic people know how to stand together against this racist type of comments. I hope some action will be taken to stop this type of racial attitude, but I still want to know where I can place a formal complain.
  6. hola pavote!!! <3

  7. no that is not the case but there are rules on twr and one of them is if you dont show you lose the points (by the way if points are not importan in twr why to have them?) and yes we do wars for fun and dont worry we will have to face you soon and we will have some "fun" with you.
  8. yes I think a rm is necesary and we will have that soon, but ever since this wars was set for october 31 and LH was a no show we should get the points, there was a war months ago where we made the same mistake and the other clan was award with the points so... yes we will face LH soon and yes we are awiting for the points.
  9. AFSRGD is not on ak any more? what happend to TATO (AFSRGD) well im sorry to learn that he is out of our clan because he is a more than a member he is a friend but he should know better; and about the initials i love the idea lets do it november is around the corner and we can war again, I couldn't make it today but if this is gona be for the initials i sure will be there and i hope your full ml will be there to because this is way to importan to just skip it. I hope we meet asap cya. good luck and good nite. 8-)
  10. yes it would be nice to get the points for this war, could any mod take care of this?
  11. yes could any mod explain to us why we haven't get the points for this war yet. thank you
  12. OMG!!! belive when io say that we try, but really on a pull like that there is not much to do, its allways great to figth you guys. great figth and gratz.
  13. what a deal, what a deal, so "cuervo" cuz that is your name it doesn't matter that you are trying to sound a bit more let said fancy (and I really like cuervo better) you finally coming to TWR and if you do so there will be no excuse to face us, here we set rules, we play fair and at the end there is a winer and a looser with no excuse so welcome to TWR don't forget to register ur clan and be ready because this time you will not decline my declaration. good nite and good luck
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