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  1. Yet it wasn't just me being unfairly banned. Jagex has banned tons of accounts due the the recent refer a friend issue. So try to ignore my past history and stick to the current issue.
  2. I don't often post over on this site, but I just had to share this. I have been forum banned on the RSOF twice in the past week and had several threads locked. Not because I am a spammer or flamer, but because I was merely speaking my opinion regarding the recent refer a friend program and the resulting chaos that arose. Goes without saying that I have recently discontinued my membership of the past 5 years. Share any similar stories or comments you have. My RSOF forum name is the same as here so feel free to check out my locked threads while they last; and give your opinion as to whether I really deserved to be forum banned not once but twice.
  3. In regards to the first topic, I don't think we have to worry about RWTers becoming too powerful. Don't forget, that as a failsafe, Jagex could always just reinstate the trade limit. Thus making RWTer's efforts once again useless. personally, free trade is overrated, and I think more and more people are realizing what mistake they made by voting yes on the free trade reinstatement poll. At least that is what I've seen from the RSOF.
  4. You do know that if you do smoking kills you can start collecting slayer points to trade for death runes. 99 slayer will get you enough points for about 40m worth of death runes. This is aside from any drops you get along the way. Bottom line, don't waste points on canceling tasks.
  5. Guthans > prayer. Wear the plate and legs all the time. Keep the spear and helm in you inventory for healing while you use whip/slayer helm at high health.
  6. I commend the author of the first article for bringing up this important issue. I have a similar thread on "constructive critisism" in the RSOF entitled "Is Elitism Good?" that addresses the same issue of ever increasing content and how it is dividing the community. I'm glad someone else shares my views.
  7. 1.) Cool, makes me feel better. 2.) When I say without high herblore, I mean I have pretty much every other stat / item I could need. Is it better to use guthan's and heal up in the tunnels or just use food and bank more often? I almost never need to heal too much. I almost never use more than 3 pieces of food per run. I'm not sure of your defense but even at 80ish defense you should not need too much food. And if you have a karyll portal it is really quick to bank between chest loots so there is really no reason to try to do more than one run without banking.
  8. 1.) I too use the staff of light spec for my tunnel brother (either dharok or verek). Glad to see someone else who figured it out. 2.) You don't need herblore for barrows. Mage will always be the best way to do barrows quickly and potions are really not needed due to their low mage def. Perhaps bring a super defense potion but it's not required.
  9. ==================== Sell uncharged, buy charged. 0gp loss and if you buy like 50 at a time you won't have to "recharge" them often.
  10. Amulet of glory beats both of them. Virtually free as you can reuse them. Plus, it's debatable as to whether edgevill bank is closer than cw bank.
  11. I personally wear an enchanted water tiara to neutralize the desert effect. But you might not want to do this if you don't want to sacrifice the slayer helm. So some people also bring 2 waterskins and humidify runes to keep refilling them.
  12. Couldn't agree with the achievement vs fun article more. In fact I have a very similar thread on the RSOF concerning the overemphasis on grinding to 99s. Always nice to see someone who shares my views. Here it is "Is Elitism Good?" Quick find code: 16-17-508-61629707 (on the Runescape forums)
  13. Yea, serum 207s are a pain. Just let them accumulate in your bank and buy more vials from shops. They're cheap enough where it's not worth the pain of emptying and reusing.
  14. Level 120 cap would be a horrible idea and would only demean everyone's existing accomplishment that they spent their whole RS experience to attain Below is the thread I created on the RSOF in response to this topic Quick find code: 16-17-648-61331744
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