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  1. Miller7204


    I can't see how a truck would have better mpg than a jetta...
  2. Miller7204


    Exactly! :thumbup:
  3. Miller7204


    TDI? Nah just a 2.0L. Nothing special :mellow:
  4. I'm pretty sure there's 5 brothers though and since they each have 4 pieces to their set wouldn't the chance be 1/20? Just a thought :mellow:
  5. Miller7204


    I've seen a Coutach and a Gallardo and when I saw the yellow gallardo I was driving and almost j'ed in my p. I wanted to turn around and ask the owner if I could drive it so badly haha. :pray:
  6. That's what I'm talking about. Thank you Jagex :thumbup:
  7. i cant really make videos anymore since I'm a higher cb and people usually lure lower cbs. Ill try to get out there haha Haha ok. Sounds good
  8. I was only putting my experience with fishing out there. I don't think he would really mind tbh :roll:
  9. I personally did rocktails and made quite a lot of profit from them so if your looking for profit I would say fish them. If you just looking for the best xp I would fly fish in shilo or barbarian fish. Hope that helps! :thumbsup:
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