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  1. Bring back the same PKing system they used on RS1... There was nothing wrong with it. And you killed someone to get what they was using/wearing, end of discussion. That's how it should be... For instance, if you kill someone with Dragon Claws and you're EP's at like 2%, you're probably gonna get some 20k statue thing or something... It's pointless. The real issue is... Why the hell do I keep a combat bracelet over Dragon Boots?!?!!?!??!?!!?!?
  2. So, please correct me, and point me to the area of the KB that shows that snare does any damage at all? O.K., the guy keeps you from tele'ing, then what, annoys you to red bar by snaring you.....I'm not really getting it. No, it goes like... So... Teleblock - Snare - Fire wave (or whatever spell it is that does damage - Snare - Fire wave - Snare - Fire wave - Snare - Fire wave.. etc. etc..
  3. I tend to disagree, rangers can quite easily kill a warrior, I've seen it happen loads of times recently, however, I've seen mages quite easily disposing of level 95+ rangers. Fact of the matter is, Mages really have the upper hand in this game, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. And, also... The new PKing system is really whack. Bring back the old PKing system!!! Where you got everything they was wearing, if they was skulled, and you HAD to stay there for 3 rounds before eating or moving elsewhere, making 3 hits the most sought after way of PKing someone.
  4. The triangle to make it equal for anyone attacking anyone. Not warriors > rangers, rangers > magic, magic > warriors.
  5. So, you're telling me... Snaring someone and then teleblocking them, repeatedly, giving the melee absolutely ZERO chance of defending himself is fair, all because the mage is wearing a bedsheet? Pssh, please.
  6. Noob, newb and newbie are all exactly the same thing.... There is no difference. There never has been. Again, I never said I was better than anyone, I just said I'm not new to this game. Which is true, so, again? Whatttt?
  7. I didn't know I said I was better than anyone here... In fact, I think the whole point of this thread was that I was inadequate, not better. Seriously, are you lot that dumb? And I don't want the game to be 'easier', I prefer the harder challenge, all the time the game gets easier it makes it less appealing.
  8. No need to get sarcastic, sweetheart.
  9. Lol... I highly doubt it. You're an RS2 kid more than likely, you only started playing this game when it got real easy...
  10. Lol, you can't call me a noob when I was playing this game in from ealy-mid 2001... You're all noobs to me, in all honesty. And it's a true statement. :P
  11. Jagex made RS2, and with it, they made it so that Magic, Range & Melee were all equal, in every possible way. However, PKing has proven they are extremely FAR from even. Melee has got the raw deal here... Mage has got the best deal... Think about it, Mages can stop you from moving AND teleblock you, whilst sitting at a comfortable distance casting powerful spells on you, and topping up the spell that stops you from moving... Whatever it's called... If you're like me, a Melee, who doesn't fight like a sissy (mages...). This is extremely unfair, and extremely biased. Does anyone else have this same opinion too? And please, no people coming in here telling me to up my mage, because I don't do that, I fight with a sword, I fight for the challenge, not to sit behind an obstacle rendering people useless, that's not fun, nor is it a challenge, so to those people who are in it for a quick, unchallenged fight, don't even bother replying.
  12. That's probably because Jagex are lazy as hell when it comes to fixing peoples problems.
  13. Ah, sorry, my bad... Can a mod move this to the correct forum? And well, that sucks. :(
  14. Okay, so, I was playing RuneScape since before RS2, like back from 2001 onwards... However, I have a problem, which sort of renders me at a disadvantage to other, modern players. On RS1 you never got hitpoints experience for Magic or Range and Magic would level your overall combat, every 7 levels, much like prayer still does. So, on RS2, my magic wouldn't have affected my overall combat, but it still has, and I'm missing around 2 levels of Hitpoints from my range and mage experience... So I was wondering if there are any other RS1 players that have this problem? And is there a way to fix it?
  15. I Had Ur Mom Great name... Low level pker, like level 50's or so...
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