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  1. Okay thx for the info. One last question.....(probably) Since you are obviously a ranging master=) and have obviously gone slaying b4, what tasks do you recconmend that I range. Idc about slower kills I more or less care about 70 range rather than 75 attack. I will also try mummies myself and do you get a milestone of 200m exp? Like those lil fireworks and thing in chat box?
  2. Okay I have a friend who suggested chining MUMMIES to save ALOT of money and lose little time.PLUS they DROP CHARMS(omfg! I no lol). Anyway, considering they drop ancient staffs and rune items(i.e.rune scimmy) they also save money. They are multicombat and located in chaos tunnels. They are slower but let's say u get like 2 GOOD drops an hour wich will save u a lot of money and again charms are a nice bonus if you slay for melee instead of killing waterfiends or giant rock craps. Tell me what you think. After qp cape ima start doing this through 99:)
  3. Okay still a question..... About chining: please tell me if there are any other monsters to chin on that DROP charms. I could care less about slower exp, it's better than wasting time killing things and still have a low Summ. Meleeing: aren't monkey guards better? They are a load more cheaper(theres an altar so u only need maybe 3 ppots jus in case they block ur path. I also believe trips last longer cause u aren't relying on ppots. Also Jagex released something awhile ago that protects u from suicide. Now u CANNOT kill urself by rock cake, fishing explosives etc. But can still hurt urself. Anyway at the guards ull never need to bank(until ur armour wears down. My suggested inventory(tell me if I'm missing something important. 1 extra set of full Dharoks(4slots) 3 Pray Pots(4) 2 Super Antipoisons(4)<------- there are poisonous spiders that can *surprise* poison u. 1 Rock Cake----to get low on hp 3 Summoning Familier Pouches----that should be enough but bring more if they don't last long 3 Summ Pots(4) 4 super Atks(4) 4 Super Strengths(4) Wearing: Full dharoks Fury or glory Skill cape(t) or god cape for prayer bonus Barrows gloves Zerker or wealth ring* Bandos or d boots *idk if teh drop stuff Idk noif they drop anything good or if they drop charms but I think thats all u need Also I don't not no how long the armour lasts torso bring more or less pots as needed. Prayer pots are for those just in case scenarios wen the guards don't move outta ur way. I'd start heading toward the altar around 15 p points so I kill any apes in ur way
  4. Nechrayls (sp?) You need 80 slayer. I don't have anywhere close to 80 slayer so anythin else(idk if I want to get 80 slayer, not sure)
  5. Yo great guide but wage another good chinnin places were u get charms? I really don't care about slower exp but really rather get charms on the way to 99 range. Thx and again great guide
  6. Thank you so much. Idc about slow exp it Is still probably fast compared to slow skills lol. To the rest of you: serum 207 and sanfew serums are 2 different things. Sanfews are tradable and they combine super restore wit antipoison and raclins balm(disease curer) in one potion.
  7. Basically do these sell on the ge(sanfew serums)? I really need to know. If ur wondering why I am asking then let me tell you; I am f2p this week and am planning which 99 to go for and this information will be of great use. I am just very impatient but I don't want to waste time doing something. If you really want to help I'd appreciate if you'd buy like 50 sanfew serum(3)(I know I'm asking a lot). Then sell then back. NOTE: there is a 4 hour wait period to sell these after you buy. Thx again guys------[bleep]e
  8. Very nice guide, kinda inspires me to get 99 magic lol and I like the stacking idea. If u can do that on meleers they might not even have time to think let alone eat. If jagex new about this they'd nerf it for sure(seems to me they hate magic.) 5/5 guide
  9. Recently Jagex released a new herb called Wergali which is used to make a crafting potion(3) or a fletch potion(3). These raise the respective skill by 3 levels. However, in both guides(crafting and fletching) you do not mention this and in the crafting guide it says "there is no way to boost crafting" under the skill boost section of the guide. I just wanted to inform you about this and hope you'll fix it, Thx for readin, [bleep]e
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