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  1. Thank you. That answers all my questions :lol:
  2. I recently got 70 Runecrafting, and I'm now doing some dungeoneering to get a Chaotic Rapier. Right now I have Magical Blastbox bound, but I want a Celestial Surgebox now that I can use it. So far though, I haven't had any luck getting one as a drop, despite killing every forgotten mage I come across in the dungeons. Any advice on getting one as a drop? Do only higher level mages drop them? Is there any range of floors where I will come across more mages?
  3. If I remember correctly, I made what I could, then boosted and finished the potion. I was in the same situation as you (same level even). Just make sure you remember to do it all inside the ranging guild :lol:
  4. Supposedly this just got nerfed to only give half the previous experience per fish (I was reading a post on RSOF). Correct me if I'm wrong, because I have not tried it since reading the post.
  5. Sorry to kind of hi-jack thread... but when would you guys consider using handcannon worth it at TDs? (I'm hoping not 99 FM) :blink:
  6. So considering I can't fight the boss yet that drops Primal Baxe (89 Dungeoneering required), should I put some effort into trying to get a Prom 2H, or will my Prom Baxe be good enough for a while?
  7. Am I correct in assuming I shouldn't be bothering with bonus rooms?
  8. If that's the case, then should I rush 1-29 on C1 and do 30+ on W117?
  9. I guess I'll start with the reasoning behind why I am soloing. I rarely have enough time to do more than a couple floors at a time (not to mention I rarely have the commitment). Essentially, I want to be able to log on whenever, not have to bother finding a team, and do one or two floors before getting off. I'm not in any hurry to get my dungeoneering up, but I would like to get it up as efficiently as I can with the little time I do put into it. So the question is, how should I be doing the floors? I will be soloing all of them. Do I rush some on complexity 1 and only do some higher ones on C6? Do I do smalls on all of the floors or do I do medium on higher ones? Or will it simply be most effective to do all floors C6 and small? Please don't suggest finding a group. I already know soloing is not the most effective way. EDIT: I have maxed melee and 95 Prayer if that matters.
  10. I'm not sure what your stats are, so this may not be feasible for you, but Abyssal Titan is a good way to get Pure Essence. He can teleport the essence you mine straight to your bank after you mine it, using his scroll ability. This would let you mine the essence much faster than running back and forth.
  11. Worth noting to unlock them you have to speak to the dwarf "child" (thats what news said but other than being smaller than other dwarfs the chat head etc appears to be an old man) in house northwest of the pub in east keldagrim to get a diary that you take to WOM to be taught trollheim tab chpping. oh and the dwarf is called Runvastr Very useful information =]
  12. Trollheim Teletabs seem like the best option. I'll just stick with those, especially since I've done Love Story already. Thank you all
  13. Thanks guys. I'm 1 magic level from spellbook swap lol. I'll try the teletab though. That seems like a good plan.
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