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  1. Yeah, warbands. Experience rates are personal to me and I don't train construction, herblore or farming with them yet, maybe things will change in a couple of years. An accurate rate wasn't really an issue for me, any number which pushed those challenges to the bottom of the list was fine, though I suppose 2.4m is a bit ambitious. It's not taken me more than 12 minutes to gear up do all three camps, even when all three have been RDI, so I guess 1.8m would be a fair minimum. The average rate will lay somewhere between the two and 2.4m does the job just fine in this case for me :) Feel free to take my challenge numbers and make your own sheet if you'd like. I only really made this for personal reference so most of the numbers are off.
  2. Here's a picture of my spreadsheet which I use to pick which challenge to do: The experience rates are personal & I use a really primitive time system (white = task takes no time, grey = task takes too long) but the challenge reward numbers should be right at the very least (at 99/120) if you want to use it for reference. Dungeoneering is coloured out because it's a waste during September and Divination isn't included because it's a joke task for the time being.
  3. Runetracker suggests he had a load of effigies left over; 78 effigies would give him 3,746,262 slayer exp and 7,020,000 in assorted skills. Links to his real gains pretty well- slightless less in the assorted skills, either from blocking off RC/sum before opening or having a few banked which weren't at their first layer I guess. The gains in the skills not directly trained are almost all a perfect multiple of 15,000 plus DG/Con/Smith weren't trained at all.
  4. It's no longer possible to superheat while mining/smelting. 15-16-858-63218799
  5. Sorry don't pay much attention to names- meant Thai's calculator as opposed to Xen's, sorry! (I think) I personally find if you're combat level 120+ it's easy to find an alright BA team if you play during busy periods. For at least attacking and collecting it takes little practice to become a decent player so it shouldn't be too hard to hold a team for at least one round. Maybe not a perfect team, but still a decent team. I can't quite recall the exact maximum boost-less experience rate per hour for agility but I'll take it at 72,000- can't remember the last 3 digits. Shall also assume the horn holds 1.4m experience at level 99 agility. It would take 19.4 hours to get 1.4M agility experience without the horn, or 9.7 hours to get it once the horn is full. If you can fill the horn without the other 9.7 hours, the horn is definitely worth it. This is definitely achievable using just "alright" teams considering a good team for the whole 0-100% period takes about 4 hours as said above. Clearly it's most efficient to play only with the best teams but as you say, this would be an unrealistic assumption even if you were to train other skills during low-periods when the horn is empty and making the most of the opportunities. While I generally agree with what you are saying I would argue it's more logical to play Barbarian Assault even in times where the near-perfect teams aren't available if the only other option is training agility straight-ly because the rate needed for horn filling to become more efficient than straight training is remarkably low. Only in very very inexperienced teams should it take more than 9.7 hours to completely fill a horn from scratch. I agree it's unrealistic to use 101k as a long-term rate however the calculator is entirely hypothetical so doesn't really matter. Not bashing the rate, just pointing out that the penance horn is nearly always more efficient than just purely training agility.
  6. One thing I've not seen mentioned on this thread is using penguins to train slower skills slightly. It generally takes 10-15 minutes to find all 10 penguins + the polar bear. I'll use 20 minutes as a base to account for world hopping. exchanging points and the occasional nasty penguin should you choose to find it such as ones found in the elven quarry. At level 99, penguins give 39,600 exp per week. At 20 minutes a session, this equates to 118,800 exp per hour. Now although these experience gains are quite low, over a period of 5 years this is over 10M experience in your chosen skill. The experience rate generally used for agility appears to be 101k PH (taken from Xen's calculator). At 20 minutes a session in 5 years you gained approximately 10,296,000 experience in agility in 86 hours and 40 minutes. Had you trained agility the standard ways, this much experience would have taken almost 102 hours. So, penguins can save over 3 hours a year when it comes to training agility even when generous times given to find all the penguins are used. I choose agility because I get the impression people aiming to max all skills will train agility at the agility courses at some point so the experience rate is directly relevant. Also provides an alternate way of training for people who don't particularly enjoy skills which train at under 118,800 exp PH. May seem fairly negligible but hey, everyone here seems to enjoy ultimate efficiency so thought I'd throw it out there.
  7. As far as I understand it, the only time the calculator will incorporate skills such as fletching and magic is ONLY if the player in question is in a situation whereby the only option is to train the skill manually either all the way or at some point (i.e. by training fletching/magic with any skills not currently at 200m they will not be maxed until after 200m is obtained in the skill it's being combined with). Obviously, this isn't the most efficient thing to do however it is a possibility for some accounts. Maybe no current accounts as it stands, but it could happen. The calculator is designed so that regardless of how your experience is distributed and how much you actually have it can give you an estimate of how many hours you have left- assuming at the time you do start to work at maximum efficiency. The vast majority of the time the amount of hours it will take contributed by fletching and magic is zero. However, there are hypothetical cases where this would not be the case and the calculator has been designed well to incorporate such irregularities so anyone can use at the calculator at any point.
  8. Has it ever been tried wearing the firemaking gloves and lighting beacons? I don't have any gloves to test with, but wondered if it had been thought of.
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