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  1. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  2. Yeah. I need 2k more crims for 99 summoning but I will switch to something else if I need to get crims fast. I know when I use vamp aura I didn't even need food almost at Gladius. I will try roarius and see how it goes. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  3. Ok maybe I will try Rorarius. Hedge-Well i mainly make money doing pvm. And I would rather range and actually get useful exp, then melee pvm and then later do range for good exp.
  4. I know they are good for charms but are they good for moneymaking?
  5. So I started by doing Frost Drags but sometimes I die not paying full attn with blue orbs. I have 89 range and maxed melee. I then started killing Gladius but it seems there drops have gotten way worse. Should I go back to killing Frost Drags or is there something better? I use full Armandyl, chaotic dual xbows, and royals bolts. I am looking for what is best monster for a balance between range exp and moneymaking.
  6. I was wondering what the fastest method for training hunter, thieving, and agility would be. I have 70 in each and would want to go to 75 or 80 in all of them.
  7. I would recommend trying out all of the p2p skills. When I first started I got all of my p2p stats too 30 so I could get a feel for how each of them worked and see which ones I liked. You could find quests that helped you with the skills, but you will still want to do some of the training yourself to learn how to do each skill. As for DG you would have to ask someone else about that.
  8. I have let people know where I was firemaking and others were cooking about your goal...good luck
  9. I would say joining a clan or finding a good group of friends on runescape is important. Being able to talk to people and share your big moments. Getting 99 skills or getting huge drops from monsters is not as fun if you have no one to share it with. I am just getting back into the game and it is nice to come back to see my old clan. I am by far not the best at this game and do not always train the most efficiently but I do things I like to do. I like to set goals like getting all my skills over 70 or getting over 2000 total lvl. That is usually what keeps me going in the game. When I set goals like that it makes it easier to push through training some of the skills I do not enjoy as much.
  10. oh I am unfamiliar with this and with have to look into that
  11. I am new back as well and have never played in the EOC. How come cannon is no longer useful?
  12. Ok thanks for the advice. Syndicore do you know if your friend had trouble buying those items in bulk?
  13. I am looking to train my skills a little bit before I start p2p again soon. I have 77 magic but i was wondering what I could hi alch in f2p.
  14. Yeah I searched my bank and did realize I had 1 thieving rock as well but only 1 farming rock
  15. Yeah I would assume that it is completely random. I do have one strange rock from farming, and I went and checked with Barnabus Hurma to makes it wasnt turned off. I would just have assumed I would have gotten a strange rock by now cause I am positive I have not gotten one from 70-80 at least and I do not remember getting the first one because it was before I quit my last time.
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