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  1. Sleep Management Now is the time where we talk about sleep management. Sleep management is where you watch when you sleep, where you sleep, the quality of your sleep, and how much sleep you get each night. First, it'd be a good thing if we started out with some facts. I have created a short list if facts for you to be impressed by. * The average teenager needs to get at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night, while 7.5 hours is satisfactory. ·The average adult needs at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night, while 6.5 hours is satisfactory. ·The average senior (Age 65 or older) needs at least 8-10 hours of sleep each night. There is no satisfactory amount for this age group. ·Studies have shown that teenagers who get the necessary amount of sleep each night (8-10 hours) will feel better the next couple days, and their academic performance in school is greatly improved. ·Studies have shown that adults who get the necessary amount of sleep each night (7-9 hours) will perform better at work, or with whatever activities they may be doing at the time, and will be full of energy the next day. ·Research and studies have also proven that everyone who gets their necessary amount of sleep each night, will have an overall better mood and attitude the next day, and will be more outgoing. In short, they will be overall a better social person the next day. -- As you can tell from the above statements, sleep is important! If you get your required amount of sleep each night, you are bound to wake up the next morning full and refreshed, and you shouldn't be tired at all. (Continued on Next Post)
  2. Gaming Addiction (Continued) "I have a serious gaming addiction." If you have a serious gaming addiction, chances are the list of small treatments I have mentioned to help out those with minor addiction probably won't work for someone like you. If this is the case, you'll have to use a bigger, and more dedicated approach. "I don't know what I can do to get rid of my addiction" Below I have listed a few great things you can do to help out with your addiction. ·First and foremost, if you have a serious gaming addiction, you'll know it. The first thing you have to do to help yourself out is to admit you have a problem. You can't fix a problem you don't believe you have. ·Talk to someone - The best people you could talk to if you have a serious gaming addiction are your parents. Chances are they more know about you than anyone else does, so they'll be able to help you the best. Other people you can talk to are another trusted adult, your physician, or counselors. ·If you feel comfortable, you may have a private chat with me in the game. I'll do my best to help you out, and nobody else will ever know we had a chat. Only do this if you feel comfortable though. ·In many communities, there will usually be some type of "Anonymous" organization that can help you with your addiction problems. Here you can talk with other people who have the same problems you do, and you can get help from counselors and other trusted citizens that are certified to help you out in situations like these. Addiction WILL be hard to overcome, but once you are committed to ending the addiction problem you may have, it will fall on you easily. Doing the steps I have mentioned can only help you on your step to your recovery back to normal daily life.
  3. Gaming Addiction "Addiction" - Excessive use of a computer, television, or video games, or anything else that will interfere with other activities in your life. In short, if you find yourself wanting to miss out on opportunities to be with your friends, go to the mall with your family, or go on a bike ride around your community, and there's no big reason why you can't, you are certainly addicted. It's okay to like a game very much. (I'm sure we all have a game that we like a lot!) However, if you let that game intervene with other activities such as schoolwork, homework, work, or recreational activities, then you are definitely getting carried away. "Am I Addicted?" Here are some situations addicts will find themselves in. ·Always thinking about gaming, or TV, or whatever you're addicted to. ·Deciding not to do your work for school, or your job. ·Finding yourself having a hard time doing activities other than gaming. ·Big attitude changes "Do I need to take a break?" Here are some things I have found out that will prove to you if you need a temporary break from gaming. *Eye Aches - Will occur when you are staring at a monitor for too long. ·Back Aches - Will occur when you don't get up and stretch your back or go outside for a walk every once in a while. ·Neck Aches - Will occur when you don't stretch out the muscles in your neck after a time of not moving your body while playing games. ·Mood Change - Will occur if you play a genre of gaming for too long. E.G. If you play a shooting game for too long, you may start to think it's a normal way of life, which it ISN'T. If you experience anything on the above lists, you are certainly addicted. The first thing you can do is just take a small break. This is probably the quickest ways to heal up minor addiction problems. Spend a few hours shopping with your friends, attending a sporting event with your family, or go swimming at the beach. (Continued on next post)
  4. Playing RuneScape Responsibly (Continued) 5: Watch your sleep - Many gamers these days will play the games as much as they can, and they forget about other things that are necessary for staying healthy for them. Sleep is a major one. Although you may think it's insignificant. It's actually very important. Do not miss any necessary sleep at night to play on the computer. Staying up until 2AM or so the next day is just ridiculous. If you have no necessarily important things to do on the computer, I would recommend being off by 11PM at the very latest. You need sleep in order to feel good and full of energy in the days to come. 6: Watch Your Attitude - I understand things will happen in RuneScape that you don't necessarily want to happen. It's okay to get a little disappointed, but do not let the anger get to you. If something makes you mad, it may be wise just to take a short break and do something with a friend or with a family member until you have had enough time to calm yourself down. It is just a game, and there is no reason to get extremely mad over something with that level of significance. You'll need an established positive attitude for your life in the future. Learning how to keep your overall mood and attitude positive is essential for getting a job/being around other people in your future. 7: Remember What Friends are Which - Your friends in real life you can be with for a while, and you know them very greatly. A friend online is just basically someone with a username that you chat to on RuneScape. If your real life friend wants to do something outside with you, just tell your online friend that you'll be back later. I'm sure they'll understand. That concludes the portion on playing responsibly. If there was something I didn't cover, or something you want me to elaborate more on, please leave a reply telling me that, and I'll fix it. Thank you! I hope you learned something about gaming responsibly. I really appreciate being able to help you out.
  5. Playing RuneScape Responsibly One of the most important things regarding playing responsibly is that you arrange your online time around the rest of your life, and not the rest of your life around your online time. The earlier in life you can get that established, the better. Why is it important to play responsibly? Well, however you manage your online time WILL affect your health, how others see you as a person, and your level of interaction and overall attitude to friends and family members. I've gotten a few questions asking why it matters to have a good level of interaction and a good mood around other people, the answer is quite simple. I'm pretty sure not many of you have a full time job yet, so I'll explain. When you go out there into the field, employers will be looking for people that meet many qualifications. You have to remember that you want the employer to pick YOU out of many other people that also want the job. If you are the kind of person who can't handle your attitude because you spent too much time online, chances are you won't get the job that you have tried to sign up for. You may not think it happens, but believe me, it really could. Here are some tips on how you can play responsibly while maximizing your enjoyment: 1. I'm sure everyone will agree with me on this one. If you had the choice to spend time at a camp with your family, or go online, it's probably better to go to the camp for a day. You won't get very many chances to try out the camp in your life, but RuneScape will be here for a very long time. 2. Get your priorities straight - Even though Jagex has made RuneScape to be a great way to get some entertainment in your life, there are some things which may be more important for the time being, these things may include school work, assignments, meetings with others, and work. These types of things will give you a good standpoint in life, and it's best that they probably shouldn't be avoided. (Continued on next post)
  6. Below is the table of contents. Before we get to that I thought I would let you all know that staying healthy is a serious issue and I think that there should always be a way of contacting someone to discuss healthy living. If you ever would like to join my clan chat, it will always be open. There will always be a few people in there that will be happy to assist you if you have any questions. If you even want to, feel free to come in for a fun chat with some very nice new friends of yours! My private chat is always online too, so if you would ever like to add me in-game, feel free to send me a message. I'm very outgoing and I will take whatever steps is needed to answer your message as quickly and as happily as possible. Other than that, the table of contents of this thread are listed below. Table of Contents ------------------------- Page 1 1: Thread Introduction 2: How to contact in-game, and Table of Contents 3: Playing FunOrb Responsibly 4: Playing FunOrb Responsibly (Continued) 5: Playing FunOrb Responsibly (Continued) 6: Gaming Addiction 7: Gaming Addiction (Continued) 8: Sleep Management 9: Sleep Management (Continued) 10: Sleep Management (Continued) Page 2 1: Establishing Good Eating Habits 2: Establishing Good Eating Habits (Continued) 3: Establishing Good Eating Habits (Continued) 4: Maintaining Adequate Exercise 5: Maintaining Adequate Exercise (Continued) 6: Frequently Asked Questions 7: Player Submitted Tips 8: Quality Health Supporter's List 9: Quality Health Supporter's List (Continued 10: Final Notes and Epilogue
  7. Hello! I welcome you to my thread discussing healthy gaming; my tips on how to balance your gaming with the rest of your life, and how to maximize your longevity and feeling throughout the day. We all know that the entire Jagex company support quality gaming for all of to enjoy, but something else they support equally well is quality health. Having fun in the game can be just as fun as spending a few hours outside exercising or at a special event with your friends or family. As you all should already know, keeping your time spent on the computer in-game in balance with the amount of time spent exercising or spending time socializing, or other activities with friends and family, plays a key role in developing, managing, and most importantly, keeping an overall healthy and active style of living. It seems that many players in the game seek tips on how to manage, develop, and keep a healthy lifestyle, so I have designed this one-of-a-kind thread to help you out with that, as staying healthy and active will be the leader for many enjoyable things going on in your life. In this thread, there will be a nice table of contents to navigate to certain areas of healthy living and RuneScape gaming, as well as tips on everything related to living the healthy and active lifestyle I'm sure everyone wants. There will also be an area for user-submitted tips, in case I forgot to point something out, as well as a FAQ area where I will post questions you have posted, with their respective answers. Other than that, feel free to post your questions, comments, and suggestions as a reply to this thread. I hope through this thread, you learn some thing or another in relation to staying healthy and active while gaming, and learn a few things while you're here. Other than that, enjoy yourselves, I strive to make everyone healthier, one step at a time.
  8. I just found a Jagex Mod post on a forum thread saying that the new advertisement will be just temporary! That means that Jagex already has plans of removing it soon. I'm still trying to figure out why they're putting it there though.
  9. Do you think this new advertisement has something to do with the recent poll Jagex had released to their players about movies? I noticed that they were selling something that would come out on a DVD/blu-ray disc. I think this ad may have something to do with that. I can't really think of what Jagex is onto right now. First they give us a poll that doesn't really fit in with the others, and now they put a strange ad on the side. Any ideas for what they are up to?
  10. Hi there, On this forum I have seen a few posts of players at Great Orb Project minigame with a massive number of tokens. I have seen two screenshots so far. One of the screenshots showed a person with 932,000 tokens, and another one I saw had a player with 639,000 tokens. How long would it take the average person to get that many tokens in their posession? Also for a discussion topic, when you are playing the Great Orb Project, about how many tokens do you receive before you leave the minigame and do something else for a while? The longest I have stayed there for was to get 6,300 tokens, and then I left for a while because I assumed I had enough money for that current time. I've seen players with almost a million tokens, and it's crazy! I will be glad to hear your responses.
  11. BeatleMusic


    Other equipment? Enlighten me on what else you wear? The typical road cyclist I see wears a aerodynamic helmet, and uber thing clothes. :P The only time I will be going 40MPH is if I am in some type of competition, such as a bike-a-thon, etc. If I'm just going out for a casual ride around my community, the only piece of safety equipment I usually wear is my helmet. When I'm going around my community though, I probably will not exceed 25MPH at any given time.
  12. He is over 40 if what he said in MM&T is true. May I ask what MM&T means? :?:
  13. I would be happy to see a FunOrb forum on here too. I was brought to RuneScape via FunOrb and I am very knowledgeable about that website. I am pretty sure it would get some good discussion. I have a few things I would like to discuss on a FunOrb forum as well.
  14. There is a merchanting clan merchanting this item. I know what the name of it is, but I cannot think of it at this time. I am sure that after they are done merchanting the item, the item will slowly go back down to its original price (A little over 100 coins each.) I think the price of iron is high myself too. I used to smelt steel bars to get a small amount of smithing experience but make a hefty amount of profit at the same time, but I guess now for a while I will not be able to buy the ore as the merchanters have their hand on it all.
  15. I remember watching the Beatles in Shea Stadium back in 1965, that was probably one of the most enjoyable days of my life! The crowd cheering was one of the most memorable moments that I will never be able to forget, especially when John, Paul, George, and Ringo were first running out to their spot from underneath the stadium. If I could repeat that adventure again, I would definitely go back, without a second thought!
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