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  1. That's up to you haha, that would be epic ;) I am still so sad you lost your hardcore ironman status, you should have known Oddish is weak to fire :( I wouldn't ever send Oddish against Charizard! Even more epic would be 200M all on Old school with Ultimate Ironman account lmao, I really wish someone did that. Would take forever but it could be lots of fun too, like a lifetime goal haha. Btw Finland ftw! I remember reading somewhere that Finland has the most RS players per capita, could be possible since only 5M people live here. Also I remember back in RSC I could see people talking Finnish everywhere haha. I have sometimes wondered why that might be the case and it could be because of the very cold winters so people stay inside a lot. Or maybe it's the Finnish Sisu rofl, who knows :P
  2. Waiting until those magical guthix butterflies are all over RS again, just won't feel the same without it. Gratz to Richard and soon to Roger Al too haha, will look epic when all top pagers have 200M all :P
  3. Don't worry I got this! No guthix butterflies this time. Still find it quite funny they happened to make update like that back then haha when I was just 1 XP away and they were all over RS. But yeah balance was restored and my life was saved. I would probably still be nolifing Old school RS to the max. Just waiting for a friend, it's no big deal anymore anyway but will be more fun to get it with with a friend. EDIT: Crazy to think it was over 1,5 years ago. Time goes by so fast, always surprises me. Even crazier to think that I have been playing this game since I was 11 haha, lots of great memories :)
  4. Good times man, I remember waiting to trade Whitemagem my rune bars so he could make me some r2hs. My main way to make money on rsc was to buy rune ores 10k each and then sell r2hs 50k each haha, surprisingly it worked very well. I guess because pkers needed so many of them.
  5. Well said Gemeos. I kind of have love and hate relationship with RS/Jagex but I am going to enjoy it as long as I can. No matter what you do it's going to end sooner or later so might as well enjoy the things you can as long as you can.
  6. Still very good, most people can't do that. I might share my secret someday.
  7. Well Zarfot made that thread telling everyone to boycott Jagex after SOF was released. I don't think his opinion has changed much since, at least not for the better. And thanks kr148 but still it isn't a valid record, I stopped caring for records after SOF was released anyway. Someone could just buy 200M Divination easily in a day if they wanted, I guess there is limit when buying with irl gp but didn't notice any limit with bonds. But I guess it's nice since not everyone has time to play 30 hours a day.
  8. We are having very intense battle for rank 6 with Jdelacroix
  9. I am not going to get 5,2B before Jdelacroix, 7 is my lucky number.
  10. Jebrim I love youu, you are still the #1 in Agility for me <333
  11. What you talking about? I have lasted for over 13 years now, of course I need breaks sometimes to recover. Everyone needs breaks sometimes, can't last forever.
  12. Thanks man, I aim to please.
  13. No I am copying the hodgetwins, all kindzzz of gainzzz!
  14. There just isn't enough words to describe that last promo, it was madness!
  15. Support! Nah but seriously I rarely even post here anymore, just been insane gainz lately. Not 100% sure what were you after with that post but my posts are way more on-topic than some others so I don't see any problem with my posts. But anyway there won't be that many gainz anymore in the near future so don't worry you won't be seeing too many posts from me :) Just wanted to gratz my old friend on some insane gainz and he also happens to be going for 200M all so I don't see it as off-topic. Seen millions of arguments on this thread so imo it doesn't hurt to gratz someone on some insane gainz sometimes, you rarely see anyone getting 40M slayer xp in a day lol. That's lots of monsters slayed, you got to respect that! Worth a mention for sure! EDIT: I would love the show though, got so many friends I would love to feature on it! Damn, if only you could create tv shows just like that.
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