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  1. Typo, I swear!!!! Nah, Im pretty sure I can resist, but I might swing by a TET party from time to time. Out of interest, what made you start playing again, did you miss it?
  2. Yep, that was kind of me. It was called H1P, and was lead by Honest1, I was an administrator and posted most of the events we ran on Tip.It and many other forums. H1P ended however when we merged with TET, something to do with TET needing more team members because they were in decline,and our H1P website going down. Cheers Denull, it's nice to be remembered!! Certainly the graphics are the biggest thing to hit you straight away - no more squinting at a tiny box, they've done the proper job on it!! Stick that in your pipe, WoW'ers, always used to be b*tching that RS graphics were rubbish!! Good stuff about the forums though, was about time they recognised the input that experienced players on F2P could give! lalala7324, were you one of the Miniclip'ers too? Looking at that thread, thats exactly how I think of RS still being, so it's not so much nostalgia, because I really havent a clue what RS s like now!! Still, some good old ones that bring back memories. What's boss hunting? Sounds cool, fill me in. Argh, I can feel myself being drawn back in already!! No wonder it took me 3 years to kick the addiction, it really is a very good game!!
  3. 'Fraid not Den, far too busy these days. My degree is pretty much taking over my life, but it's nice to drop in, see how things are going. Might stick around for a lil bit, you never know ;-)
  4. Lol, yep, the first two because they were relatively easy (and fletching made some money), and the third because I just decided I wanted it!! Glad to hear someone remembers that event, from what I remember the actual even didn't work that well, but making the videos and the lead up to it was a lot of fun! Yeh I can imagine DeltaER, it does actually seem like updates and changes have slowed a bit since I left (they were churning out 1 a week), and looking at the map, I recognise the vast majority of it, so it hasn't changed perhaps quite as much as I'd have expected, but they way the game works and actually playing it, it looks like it's changed an awful lot. Do you find the new system better or not?
  5. My my my!! I was watching something on TV that reminded me of the days I used to play Runescape, when literally everyone was talking about it. I stopped playing and retired the best part of 3 years ago when I started Uni, and having just logged in again for old times sake....what a lot has changed!! I find that I no longer have a clue what is going on, trading definitely ain't what it used to be, and I can't find my way around! Still, the msic is better ;-) Not been on these forums for a long time either. I used to be part of the TET, I organised the 'Kidnapping of Honest1' event, if anyone remembers that? The forums have changed a lot too, congrats on the shiny new forum, developers!! So I guess the point of this post is, is there anyone else like me on these forums?! Relative old-schoolers (I say relative because I never played RS1 - they are the real old-schoolers), that remember how things used to be before the game got ruined somewhat by chinese gold-farmers? What kinds of things do you remember, can anyone recall when some guy had a house party, and found a way to go round killing everyone outside of the wilderness? Things like that. My RS Character is Calvernator by the way, if anyone feels compelled to look me up/remembers me.
  6. Ah right, which is presumably why it is better to use a server to resize the image? Also, any idea what kind of language is involved with creating applications for Facebook?
  7. He's generally talking smack. Pyhton isn't any faster, and ultimately the speed of the rendering of the end result comes down to the client pc viewing the page. Even when the dynamic bit is done on the server-side?
  8. Hey guys, I wasn't around for quite a while because I've just moved to Uni. I had a discussion with a friend who was going to Uni to do Computer Science. He put doubts in my mind over whether PHP was the best language to use for what I want to do. In summary, I want to dynamically load a few thousand images onto a single web page. According to him, PHP would be a very slow way to do this, and I should start learning how to use Python and integrate it into my page. Is it worth doing this, or is he talking rubbish?
  9. Absolutely spot on!! Perfect, thanks so much for that, it was buggin the hell outta me!!
  10. I saw a music video on the TV the other day, and was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what the song was, as I missed the beginning of it! The video was basically of people, dressed and painted like african animals (tigers, lions, etc.), frolicing in the african wilderness. I can't really say anymore than that, because thats all the video was, but I figure there can't be that many videos like it!! If anyone can tell me what it is, I would be axtremely grateful.
  11. I never got the hang of overclocking - I always knew it was to push your PC's performance over and above what it says on the box, but I thought it was mainly done by people who wanted to just find out what they could push their machine to do, to find out just how far they could take it. Do people actually do it to use permanently then, not just as a one off to find out? If so, I might have a shot...
  12. Try Wavepad. It's perfect for what you need, contains no spyware (that I'm aware of), and works nicely.
  13. Yep, I ran spybot on my sisters PC last weekend as she wasn't sorting her own security out. It kicked out 1950 hits, 1660 of which were from just one entry...
  14. I know how to set the permissions for each program, if thats what you mean - it aint that difficult!! Also, wouldn't Pro indicate non-free?
  15. For future reference: Computers all work in the same way, from binary. Binary is always expressed as factors of two, i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 etc. Every number can then be made up from those factors, for example, if you wanted to make 26, you would take, 2, 8 and 16. This would be expressed in binary terms as 01011. RAM memory is made up in binary form too, so you will get 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1024MB, 2048MB etc. For simplicity, we call 1024MB, 1 GB. Most people think of a gigabyte as 1000MB, or 1 Billion bytes, but this isn't the case. This is often where confusion arises when discussing /calculating file sizes. So, as zaquierming said, no, its not a problem.
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