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  1. That would be an amazing idea. Currently I make my extremes by spicing up and lobbying for as long as I need. That should save me a lot of money.
  2. And I can always get Bandos back and whatever and the herblore level is permanent unlike gear yeah. Now then, any recommendations on how to train and so on? I will obviously be using unfinished pots as otherwise it's a huge waste of time, but I am kinda bad at training Herb so I don't know the common methods on how to do it.
  3. I'm currently almost 84 herb. I can afford to spend 60 million on herb. Is this enough to reach overloads and is it worth selling my Bandos for? I would like to have something not too expensive, but not too slow either. The best herb training methods are kinda confusing. I heard that one method is to do extremes when you can do them and get like 1500 of all of them so you can start making ovls when you need them. But could I afford it since I couldn't sell the pots back so it would cost a lot more?
  4. I hate almost all of them. Especially now that I'm training cooking I'm getting them nearly hourly and it's pissing me off.
  5. I trained most of my time in RSC killing Men at Al-Kharid. I was so hyped when I got a Bronze Medium Helmet :o And I had been playing for over a year when I finally found Varrock. Man I was so hyped. I miss being a noob :(
  6. I just wish randoms were interesting again. Not just yay free 400-900 xp for slayer or something. I liked river trolls and such. It made fishing actually interesting and it made afking a little bit dangerous. They should have had better drops though, making the worth fighting. And all the randoms are ancient content that has been obsolete for years. At least add new ones to make people actually not hate them or just remove them. They do absolutely nothing but piss people off. but knowing Jagex they won't be doing anything about it ever.
  7. Out of interest and so I can build an analogy that suits you, what mmo aspects of rs do you enjoy? Because it's the best damn timekiller I know. And I generally enjoy getting random stats in games so RS is perfect for me that way.
  8. I'm glad that I don't care if someone else gets an advantage or something for real money. I see 20 times a day the message where someone becomes maxed, so why care anymore? And I play the game for my personal enjoyment so I don't care what people do. I know some people with a little more competitive mind cannot agree with me. I still want to burn the damn sof Goblin.
  9. It's anything but worthless. It greatly decreases the chance of them dying and acts as sort of a Juju Farm pot.
  10. Torstol atm is really bad. Snaps are the best.
  11. Maples are always terrible no matter what kind of magic you have.
  12. Yeah, but when doing the maze for the 100th time it's not so much of a distraction, just a bother.
  13. This. So. Much. This is one of the main reasons I actually made this thread. I have a mime random and got mad and started ranting :(
  14. I get this stuff every day, but I still can't even read their messages. It's just a huge mess with ---#¤#% 343 RS GOLD ----..-as.d-..343 cheap prices343&¤%¤%"------!"# kind of message that just confuse me. Not that I would read them anyways.
  15. Damn I logged in to this forum to flame how dumb this thing was and then I noticed I got trolled big time! :o You win this Jagex, well played.
  16. At this rate, we are gonna have trolls at grand exchange by summer. They have been moving south all the time.
  17. Honestly, random events were originally made to stop botting and macroing. It doesn't work anymore and they don't really have much purpose except some free rc exp. They can be a bit fun sometimes to break monotony, but after doing every possible random 100 times they get boring. Where are the river trolls, tree spirits, golems and everything? That was the time when randoms were interesting and mattered. What I would like to see is some new randoms or different ways to handles them. I would actually like it if they brought back the way it used to, certain randoms happen from certain things, like you had fishing randoms when you were fishing and so on. I would either like them removed or update the outdated content.
  18. Imo Dung Ring has a way too slow teleporting animation and isn't that close to a bank, unless you make money killing goblins, it's not worth your time. Games necklace truly is better, I guess I am just too used to good old duel rings.
  19. Why would you high alch while farming? Makes no sense.
  20. Why is glory better than duel ring? Duel ring takes no inv space and teleports right next to a one click bank.
  21. It also has risks if they make it wrong, they might make another skill like summon totally obsolete.
  22. I can't honestly think of any new skill that would actually make sense or isn't implemented already into another skill.
  23. Whatever it is, pleaaasee don't require the fire cape for the quest. The fire cape is something aimed to be awesome and not be something you are forced to do. And it would kinda lose it's meaning too =/ Not that I don't want to do it. Other than that, I love it.
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