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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Jagex is a business. They are supposed to try and be as profitable as possible.
  3. This is a work in progress. For now I'm just going to list my tasks. 1. 183 Dust Devils
  4. How do you know runescape's inflation rate? I'm curious. It would be very interesting to know how you found that out.
  5. I got 6 kill with monkfish, piety, and protect from melee. I'm very pleased with these results.
  6. How many kills per trip should i be expecting with sharks and a terrorbird?
  7. I want to solo the King Black Dragon, but I'm not sure what the best armor to use is or what the best inventory to use is. I'm also not sure which prayers I should be using in order to take the least damage. I have 83 attack, 84 strength, 81 defense, 70 prayer and 58 summoning.
  8. Ok thank you all for the help. I'll try doing the 10 herb and 5 maples as suggested.
  9. Thank you very much for your help. The link you included in your post was extremely helpful.
  10. What is currently the best way to use your workers in Kingdom of Miscellania to earn the highest profit?
  11. So basically you have to find 3 people to 76k with now. Oh no, JaGex strikes again, finding another person would be impossible...
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