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  1. Respect to the decision made. I wish Jagex should make such well-thought decisions.
  2. Goodluck in maxing out all skills Stones Boy and have fun in p2p!
  3. El Popo1 was 1st, Tezaki1 2nd, Kadour Ziani 3rd, me 4th, is Winh 5th? (I'm not sure), 3008Jasper 6th. Hopefully Skilz Pwnd U is 7th soon. May F2P live forever!
  4. Nice story Istha, have fun in the future :cool:
  5. It's 9 levels below max to max, not necessarily 40-49. Unless f2p doors are capped at 49 for some reason. it is NOT always btw... 210-255xp can be bonus too.
  6. No tracking doesnt mean accs are removed. I was on this list for some days ago...
  7. Is there anyone who can explain why my acc is removed from runehead?
  8. maybe it has been mentioned on the forum elsewhere, but the userstats weren't updated on last 'update' of 9th june
  9. I've got a total of 1332 now and wonder if it should be enough to take place on the TOP 250 F2P list. No matter what, I want to be on it :rolleyes: If it's not high enough now, I will raise my total so it will be high enough in the near future :mrgreen: Have fun!!! RS name: omke henk
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