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  1. Don't blame me. You accepted the dare. GL sleeping tonight.

  2. Jennica's ring doesn't increase the chance of pvp items, it only increases the chance of revs dropping things like dragon scims and amulet of glorys. I'm not 100% about the row but it should affect pvp drops because they are unique to revs. Personally, I've gotten various low value ancient artifacts from rev goblins and 1 Vls from a rev dragon.
  3. Oh wow, o.o I've been neglecting buying bgs all these years because I thought i'd never be able to keep track of which stat i was decreasing. But it seems totally worth it now :thumbsup:
  4. Lets say you hit 300 with bgs when using spec, then ur opponents def would be lowered by 30. But if you wait 10 mins after that and ur spec is 100% again and you hit another 300, would ur opponents str decrease by 300 or would the def still decrease by 300? I know dying (like at clan wars) resets the count, but if it goes from def to str to other stats, then why do people use bgs at corp? Ty :)
  5. I know the RoW can increase the chance of getting a unique drop (like hilts at gwd) but doesn't it also increase the chance of "good" items like uncut gems therefore making it less likely to get the unique drop? So what I'm asking is would it be worth it to use a ring of wealth when soloing bosses (tds,bandos,dks,etc) as opposed to no ring at all if I'm only going for the unique drop? This isn't a RoW vs zerker ring question, just ring or no ring? Thx :)
  6. I always hear people say merchanting is such easy money and you can make millions in a day. I'm wondering if anyone can give me the basic tips of merchanting because it feels like i'm missing out. I understand what flipping and long term holding is but I don't know how much to buy and how much to sell for. I tried it myself a few times but ended up losing profit most of the time.
  7. stirling105

    Game Crash?

    I was fighting tds when i lost connection. So when I logged back in with the gravestone timer I thought "ok its fine I've got 10 mins to get back", but then the game dced again, and again, and again every time i logged in and took a few steps. I log back in one last time to see the gravestone message at 3 seconds left, and when my gravestone disappeared the lagging suddenly stopped altogether. Wtf. Back to pest control.
  8. stirling105

    Underground Fail

    Yeah, that quest drove me crazy too, took me 18 tries to finally jump each bridge successfully and every time i had to run up that long long hill, you'll get it eventually.
  9. Well you have to get ur summoning points down to 0 to recharge them to 1, and you can't summon anything without the quest so if theres a way to decrease summon lvs without summoning then that'll be how you do it
  10. I hear people say maul is best at tds, then others say cls, then others say rapier. So which is it?
  11. You don't have access to chaotics so a godsword is fine. You should use void instead of the black d hide and switch the ring to a ring of wealth (increases chance of claw drop) Edit: as above poster said whip+defender also works
  12. Whenever i go to tds i can usually get one to myself for a few seconds and then 2 more of them start piling. I run around to trap them around rocks but they surround me on every side and i can almost never pull off a tds trip where i am only fighting one demon all the time. Which spot is the best spot for fighting tds and how do people lure them?
  13. http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/7779/umbreond.jpg

    Here it is! And no, it's not Eevee. Eevee has a fur collar-ish thing around its neck.

  14. The zamorak godword spec does work IF it hits, but bandos godsword is much better for reducing defense in comparison to zamorak. For ranging, it depends on the range lv, but if you range you should use a crossbow not arrows, arrows will hardly (if any) hit him. For maging gradador has a strong magic defence but ice spells will freeze him but you'll be splashing 90% of the time. And this sounds like a very inexperienced bad team to put it straight. You'll be crashed by 138s with claws overloads and turmoil if you do manage to get kills.
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