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  1. Feels bad to log in this game after a loong break and all i see is empty friend list and gold sellers :(
  2. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  3. Is this game dieing all the time or is it just me?
  4. Bank was made lol (sharks becuz i saw him dieing last trip, was ready to run around)
  5. I'm pretty sure I saw you in 301 near the herb area this morning. Where'd you train strength? Trained it as 1 def pure at crabs lol
  6. ye from max to half, used racks on healers -> kicked till the end
  7. GF jad after 34mins of kicking his butt.. Had 10 racks left on jad spawn and used them on healers :D
  8. I kinda want this game back.. no wonder why i quit last summer
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