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  1. wherever you are uffan babe Dragonwood or Blacknights
  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. You guys took us by surprise in round 1, grats for that We did well round 2 Hope we can fight again very soon!
  4. Any proof of this being a no post war?
  5. Credit to Abby for the write-up, Gf Tko
  6. Cows mad we beat Divine Forces today in the same style fight! =D>
  7. Dec topic: http://forum.tip.it/topic/254100-lnd-declares-on-cr/ They asked us for a matched opts fight, so we accepted. It happened on Tuesday the 29th. Both sides started with 30 people after CR cut down. The war went on at a slow pace as both sides performed well. Eventually CR gained a lead which progressively increased as time went on. At the end some Cr were messing around so we didnt end with what we could have, but we still had fun. Cr starting: 30 :::: Best pic^ Lnd start: 30 :::: We rushed, we won CR ending: 8 :::: He got striked for calling him a moron btw Anyone who wants to set up a fight with Cr just declare on us or pm me on #CR
  8. We'll pretty much war anyone on here :P
  9. Declaration: http://forum.tip.it/topic/251664-lethality-declares-on-cr/page__st__20 CR start: 23 (cut from 37) Lth start: 23 We fought for about 25minutes. Cr ending: 17, No picture but Lth can vouch for it Gf!
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