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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQtKIsUvIl8&feature=g-u-u&context=G271f3e0FUAAAAAAABAA
  2. Can't wait to be able to boss again!
  3. I have been using this site for years and never even heard of that! Thanks for the info then!
  4. I was just thinking, perhaps there could be a way to use the directory of quests by entering your runescape display name, and then it automatically displays only the quests that you can do, and hides the ones that you can't do/have finished.
  5. You can't debate the definition of a word....it doesn't matter what you think of it as, the fact is that efficiency is efficiency is efficiency.
  6. Well I do not know what exactly fixed it but I took out the card and cleaned it and reattched it and that fixed the problem. My guess is in travel it was loose somehow because I had to transport it to and from uni. Thanks for the help!
  7. I'll check it when I get back to my dorm and see, never thought I did but it's possible thanks!
  8. Possible overheating issue? is there a good, working fan cooling off the GPU? Check temperatures of it under a stress test. I've found now it isn't even the case, it happens just on normal browsing like the text gets warped and images become skewed. It almost looks like there is two layers of graphics combined lol it looks like the white noise screen on a tv combined with the normal images. The page looks normal but there are large flashing spots of pixels that are whited out completely.
  9. I rolled them back continuously and the problem persisted no matter how far back in versions I went, so any other ideas?
  10. Okay I will get back to you guys on this thanks for the tip!
  11. So I have been having a lot of problems recently with my graphics on my computer in general. The problem happens only after I have installed the latest version of the nVidia graphics drivers. I have a GeForce GT 220 driver version 285.62, Windows 7 Pro, and it should not be having these problems. What happens is best described as random pixelation. The screen randomly has pixels missing and sometimes it distorts images beyond recognition. It almost looks like someone damaged the screen but I know for a fact that that isn't what happened because it only occurs on high graphics usage, like max detail rs or 720p youtube videos. Any ideas for help? My computer is spotless on the inside I clean in constantly.
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