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  1. Don't block Hellhounds, they are really quick xp and give great gold charms :D My currently blocked tasks: 1. Iron Dragons 2. Terrorbirds 3. Black Demons. 4. Skeletal Wyverns I just block the ones I hate :P At 75 Slayer and 110 combat it's good to go to Kuaradal, I've gained massive xp since I started using her (since she came out). I'd block the ones that you hate and see that you hate them, it's an opnion to do it :D
  2. LOL Well, why should I hurt you? Trimmed with Fishing man.... We decided that AGESSS AGO! (Ages means 5 months!)
  3. Welcome to my First FIP Blog, yet not my first Blog, I have another one on another site :) So, Yes, I Slay and train Defence with a friend of mine called Daxter76 (Real life Friend, unless he doesn't so) Well today I was Slaying (and still am :P) and I achieved a nice number of levels :) 1. 121 Combat 2. 91 Hitpoints 3. 81 Slayer And then I went to talk to a friend of mine and it leaves me wondering why I started the Journey to 99 Defence and not Finish with 99 Fishing first.... I must go and search for the reason :) See you in my next little blog! ~Gogl, your everyday RuneScapian Defender!
  4. I'd really cry for you now lol :cry: Since I beat him with BGS/Hand cannon setup, I'd tell you, we have close stats (EVEN THOUGH I STILL PWN YOU) You really don't need the known Void, I myself can't be bothered :o Also, I thought you were dead lol, 3 texts sent and none back in return SHAME ON YOU! Meh, other News <3: You should be on tomorrow for 98 Defence Picture :D :wub: Try harder please and sorry for this but TWSS (God I still love Scrubs) :twss:
  5. There is a bank there but it is a Deposit Box (worth for Banking Fish) If I am there I take 4-5 Pouches of Bunyip (If I am on a Task) IF I am there to Mine, I just get a Golem Pouch and around 5 of them ,1 pickaxe (Rune or Dragon) and allways use the Obeselisk. It's still worth it.
  6. Yumm... Mi Goreng Noodles (My favourite) In the USA standards you will be in year 9 xD. (N)
  7. goglmogl

    Agility and GTA.

    I don't understand why you can't say I give you the goals :D
  8. goglmogl

    The Nomad

    Dax, seeing as I have defeated him, why don't you check out Frier's guide? It helped seeing as he made the guide with my stats :D ~ Gogl <3
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