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  1. Only problem is that it would be a lot slower; more stuff to load.
  2. Cloak

    Why Bandos?

    Looks like I spawned quite the discussion :blink: I think I will end up buying it, because I don't really care about the money. However, (most) of all your points make sense. Thanks for all the feedback :)
  3. I was comparing stats of things today, and looked at the almighty Bandos armor. Then I noticed...Guthan's offers a better defense bonus than Bandos does. Therefore, why do players opt to spend several mil more for Bandos? Is it purely for the strength bonus?
  4. Interesting. I've never used that one before. Is it similar to Blueprint?
  5. Hi there :) I was just wondering what everyone's favorite libraries are, and for which programming languages. For me, CodeIgniter for PHP, jQuery for Javascript, and I don't really use any Java libraries. Do tell :)
  6. Working on my fansite as of right now, along with a few other things in my spare time.
  7. Did you build the GUI from scratch or use a GUI builder? Also, pet peeve, condense your imports ;) Last comment: don't make your main method throw exceptions. Handle them in their respective methods.
  8. Very nice. I like :) How you planning on getting 80+ in everything?
  9. Be sure to tell us the outcome :)
  10. No, thanks. I don't think wealth should become any more a part of the game. Jagex thinks this as well, iirc, because that's why they said they didn't add a "bank value" spot on the new bank. I think they said that in one of the Q&A's.
  11. I don't know that this would really provide a new way to train, would it? Most people would make 1-2 sets for themselves and then stop if it used valuable resources. I would greatly be pleased with a Smithing revival, though. I, too, would like to see new untradeable armour, but hopefully from bosses that are difficult to kill and guarantee a reward (Jad, Nomad) rather than ones that are easier and have only a chance of dropping (TDs). I think it would make more people want to train Smithing. On topic, I agree completely. New armour would really add a new aspect to the game, especially if they were untradable.
  12. Cloak

    99 Mage (#10)

    Congratulations! How much does stringing amulets cost now a days?
  13. Excellent Job! Great first 99, beats mine (cooking).
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