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  1. Apologies if you guys think I should've been more.. Here over my local Spring Break,. burt I've been rather horribly ill from the day before it started up till now, when I'm feeling a bit better. So, yeah, apologies for being off and away, I s'pose.
  2. ... Same with this one, Mather. you can hybrid between classes and learn the skills in between. It's an easy quest, too. Well not all of them, some classes are alignment based, actually.
  3. So.. Alg, and Nex, and perhaps MAther, would you like to try Wizardry online or no.
  4. Seriously, Mather, if you don't want to play the game then give a more valid reason than just "There's not enough choice in characters". Is there anyone ELSE willing to try out the game?
  5. It's not, Mather. And the classes have 2-3 paths that you can take with them n terms of skills.. It's not a limited DnD.
  6. Would anyone be interested in an online game for the Tavern? S'an MMO with permadeath, called Wizardry online. We can pick classes and specializations if people want to join in. Edit: Sorry, forgot the name and the link to the site.. S'called Wizardry online. I believe it WAS available off of steam but isn't now for some reason? You can still get it off their site, which I linked. https://www.wizardrythegame.com
  7. I have to entirely agree with Nef here. I really just prefered Dungeoneering because it was bloody simpler and didn't try to make my head implode from confusion at times.
  8. I just gave up, because the pathfinder/DnD series is not my favourite game. Actually I dislike it intensely, as trying to read the effing manual as Nex would say is both a complicated endeavor and ussually isn't the same bloody manual you all appear to be using. It never is. And trying to run through a game you half know the rules of and keep having to stop and ask doesn't seem like fun to me because I'm merely holding you dudes back. And.. It's just not fun either.
  9. The alg is enough to make medic a difficult proposal, because if you lag too much you can't aim the healgun fast enough to make sure you or your team doesn't die.
  10. I'm bloody annoyed with Planetside. The game can't, apparently, run without major lag which means I'm dead weight in a battlefield, which isn't very fun for the game itself.
  11. So I have to remove the crystal character stuff from my guy?.. So.. Essentially.. Just use the one on the forum. Thaattttt''ssss simpleeeeeeeeee..
  12. I don't know. I've been mulling on it, Mather, and really I think he's just trying to learn about the enemy without getting too involved in whatever the enemy is dooing. He is neutral good, after all. ... I'm no good with stories like this.
  13. .... It's a reference, Mather, to a series I dearly love. Discworld, by Terry Pratchett? Half of the dwarves in the series are named Bjorn Stronginthearm.
  14. Reposting my character sheet so I can edit it. [hide] Bjorn Stronginthearm Male Dwarf Cleric 6 | Neutral Good Description Hit Points HP 60 Strength 18 (+4) Dexterity 10 (+0) Constitution 16 (+3) Intelligence 13 (+1) Wisdom 20 (+5) Charisma 8 (-1) Initiative +0 = 0 [Dex] Acrobatics* +0 = DEX 0+0+0 Appraise +1 = INT 1+0+0 Bluff -1 = CHA -1+0+0 Climb* +4 = STR 4+0+0 Craft +15 = INT 1+6+3+5 [MISC. MODIFIER] Craft +1 = INT 1+0+0 Craft +1 = INT 1+0+0 Diplomacy -1 = CHA -1+0+0 Disable Device*† +0 = DEX 0+0+0 Disguise -1 = CHA -1+0+0 Escape Artist* +0 = DEX 0+0+0 Fly* +0 = DEX 0+0+0 Handle Animal† -1 = CHA -1+0+0 Heal +5 = WIS 5+0+0 Intimidate -1 = CHA -1+0+0 K (Arcana)† +10 = INT 1+6+3 K (Dungeoneering)† +1 = INT 1+0+0 K (Engineering)† +1 = INT 1+0+0 K (Geography)† +1 = INT 1+0+0 K (History)† +1 = INT 1+0+0 K (Local)† +1 = INT 1+0+0 K (Nature)† +1 = INT 1+0+0 K (Nobility)† +1 = INT 1+0+0 K (Planes)† +1 = INT 1+0+0 K (Religion)† +1 = INT 1+0+0 Linguistics† +1 = INT 1+0+0 Perception +5 = WIS 5+0+0 Perform -1 = CHA -1+0+0 Perform -1 = CHA -1+0+0 Profession† +5 = WIS 5+0+0 Profession† +5 = WIS 5+0+0 Ride +0 = DEX 0+0+0 Sense Motive +5 = WIS 5+0+0 Sleight of Hand*† +0 = DEX 0+0+0 Spellcraft† +15 = INT 1+6+3+2 [MISC. MODIFIER] Stealth* +0 = DEX 0+0+0 Survival +5 = WIS 5+0+0 Swim* +4 = STR 4+0+0 Use Magic Device† -1 = CHA -1+0+0 Base Speed [ 20 (4 sq.) ] AC [27] = 10 + 11 [Full Plate + 2] + 6 [Towershield +2] Touch AC [10] Flat-Footed [27] Base Attack Bonus +4 Basic Melee Attack +8 Basic Ranged Attack +4 Fortitude Save +10 = 5 [base] +3 [Con] +2 [Cloak of Resistance] Reflex Save +4 = 2 [base] +0 [Dex] +2 [Cloak of Resistance] Will Save +12 = 5 [base] +5 [Wis] +2 [Cloak of Resistance] CMB +8 = 4 [bAB] +4 [str] +0 CMD +18 = 4 [bAB] +4 [str] +0 [Dex] +0 + 10 Feats Heavy Armor Proficiency Power Attack Craft Magic Arms and Armor Craft Wondrous Item Traits Armor Expert Iron Liver Carrying Capacity Light Load: 100lbs. Medium Load: 200lbs. Heavy Load: 300lbs. Lift Over Head: 300lbs. Lift Off Ground: 600lbs. Push or Drag: 1500lbs. Languages Common Dwarven 1 Bonus Language (Int) Cleric Spells Per Day Level 1 3 + 2 [Wis] + 1 [Domain] Level 2 3 + 1 [Wis] + 1 [Domain] Level 3 2 + 1 [Wis] + 1 [Domain] Special Abilities Dwarf Slow and Steady: Base speed of 20' is never modified by armor or encumbrance Darkvision 60 feet Defensive Training: +4 dodge bonus to AC vs. giants Greed: +2 Appraise (nonmagical metal/gemstone goods). Hatred: +1 to hit vs. orcs and goblinoids Hardy: +2 to saves vs. poison, spells, and spell-like abilities Stability: +4 CMB vs. bull rush or trip attempts while standing on solid ground Stonecunning: +2 Perception (stone). Free check within 10 feet of hidden doors or traps in stone. Weapon Familiarity: battleaxes, heavy picks, warhammers. Any weapon with 'dwarven' in its name is treated as a martial weapon. Bonus Languages: Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Terran, Undercommon Equipment: Headband of Charisma +2 Belt of Strength +2 Cloak of Resistance +2 +2 Full Plate +2 Tower Shield +2 Dwarven Waraxe Inventory: Smithing tools Coal Standard Attack Attack Roll: 1d20 + 8 Damage Roll: 1d10 + 10 Spells (can be changed from day to day, here’s a good recommended set) Abilities: Cast mending at will (heals 1d4 to an object less than 6 pounds) http://www.d20pfsrd....-lists---cleric Level 0: (Can cast these as many times as you want) Purify Food and Drink Resistance Virtue Guidance (Can only cast each of these spells once per day)(Can also cast a cure spell instead of one of these spells) Level 1: Obscuring Mist Sanctuary Shield of Faith Abadar’s Truthtelling Blessing of the Watch Animate Rope (Unchangeable) Level 2: Instant Armor Protection from Evil, communal Augury Consecrate Wood Shape (Unchangeable) Level 3: Channel Vigor Daylight Speak with Dead Stone Shape (Unchangeable) [/hide]
  15. Considering I've asked Retech to work on a dwarfy character who also likes building, you may have your builder there. I'm always a fan of building and constructing stuff in games.
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