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  1. Freshman = first year of college/university I'm not sure about American terms.
  2. Well there are a lot of arguments here and rules being broken that frankly nobody cares about. Mather just posted a referral link the page before, and while the argument about it was removed his actual referral link was never removed. I think that when I'm board moderator I'll be able to handle these things immediately and as soon as they happen rather than simply leaving them to the moderators - where it gets blown out of proportion and things just get ridiculous. While I agree that I may not be the ideal candidate, I am the only candidate that is available at the moment and the tavern sorely needs a board moderator. "I wholeheartedly support Resistance as leader. Throughout knowing him I have always known that he has cared about the tavern, always known that he is willing to put the work in and is definitely my prime candidate if I were tasked with choosing a moderator. While unorthodox due to his high number of warning points and past behaviour, I feel that this is a last hope for the tavern - something that is needed to help prevent it from sinking. It's not like he's going to cause much damage as a board moderator, and I see him being somebody who can really rise to the challenge."
  3. I think it would be for the best if the tavern had some sort of unbiased and home moderator to ensure that these sort of things don't happen any longer. While I'm not nominating myself, I feel that I would fit the position excellently as a fairly long-running member of the tavern, an upstanding player of many games who has helped mediate disputes in the past and also somebody who has managed two games of my own. Hopefully this is the sort of thing that would revitalise the tavern.
  4. Banned for making jokes about animal abuse. Not funny at all :/
  5. It's possibly over the whole year then, although I'm sure it's quite possible in a university city to do it over the first week. People have achieved much greater things in much shorter amounts of time.
  6. Banned for joining in 2005 and still being here, birds got to fly.
  7. I would disagree there, Constrictor. University is a life changing experience, and while the primary focus is around education - I would argue that it is important to your development into a mature person. Also, page 777 :)
  8. Oh, silly me. I thought freshman 15 was when you had sex with 15 girls during your freshman year or during freshers week. I'm definitely not doing the actual freshman 15.
  9. Women might be the ones who obsess over it more, but in my college "orientation" bullshit class they forced me to take, it was stressed to both groups equally. What do you mean by that? I thought it was like a culture thing that was passed from the sophomores onto the freshmen every year?
  10. Is anybody else doing the 'freshman 15' next year? Tips, advice, stories?
  11. Kaida, can you please add back whatever I said about the illuminati unrelated to the argument if it's not an issue. I don't remember what it was. Surely. :) Also, I don't really think anything I said should have been removed since I didn't break any rules. While Mather did by flaming. Issues with moderating decisions should be taken up privately; please don't do it here. I'll get back to you later (I'm at work and my lunch is almost over).
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