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    I'm trying to get some charms for summoning, and have bought 3k barrages. I currently own a sol and battle robes, and am wondering how much def xp I would get if I casted the mage/def thing.
  2. Ok, so I have about 38m in cash. I'm 94 attack, 99 str, 90 def, 92 herb (i have about 300 overloads), and 95 prayer. Important items that i have are whip, fury, and full veracs. My question is, should I solo garrador or tds, and if I choose either one, what items should I buy with my cash.
  3. overloads or extremes?
  4. Isn't the wolpertinger at level 92? At the moment I am only level 80, and my goal level is 88.
  5. Ok, so I'm trying to get 88 summoning and then go to tormented demons. I am currently using battle robes and staff of light to kill them. What I was wondering is if it is a good idea to bring extreme mage pots or not, and if I should barrage or burst. Now regarding tormented demons, should I use overloads or extremes, and should I use a whip or d hally?
  6. Toast has a good guide, and on the last page is a picture of an inventory with overloads and a yak with good gear.
  7. Ok, so i sold my bgs and bandos tassets to afford 92 herblore. i've made about 200 overloads, and have like 15m left over to spend. I've seen people's inventories but I don't know like what the ratio is of brews/restores and what gear I should wear. i was planning on using k top, v helm, v skirt, whip, sw cape, fury, but I'm not sure what shield to wear.
  8. Don't forget enchanted excalibur :thumbup:
  9. wtf

    Bandos Boss

    Ok ,so I've asked this question before, and after looking at a few guides I've been going after bandos with: Verac helm Karil top Bandos tassets Bandos godsword Sw cape Fury Inv is just pots and sharks with tortoise full of sharks. Ok, so I have 95 prayer and 90 herblore, so I use turmoil and extremes there, but after looking at some guides here, I was wondering if it would be more beneficial to: Keep doing it as I am. Sell bgs and buy a dfs and use a whip. Sell bgs and tassets, spend a good amount of cash to get to 92 herblore which would leave me with about 8-10m ( if I planned it right I would be able to make about 600-800 Overloads). Other suggestions are welcome.
  10. wtf

    Bandos boss

    tips for bandos solo?
  11. wtf

    Bandos boss

    I am teaming him.
  12. wtf

    Bandos boss

    Ok, so after getting all the good feedback on the overload question, I've decided to stay at bandos till I can make about 1k overloads. For now I am using a bgs with tassy and torso, but I am wondering if I should sell the tasset and buy d claws, then use void until I can buy an ags or something. I have 95 prayer and 90 herblore.
  13. I have 95 prayer and a fury.
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