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  1. Legacy Kingdom v Divine Kings ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We warred with these rules : - 1 round, - Matched Opts, - Melee & Binds & Range, - Clan Wars Arena, Centre Bounds, - Corrupt Items ARE NOT allowed, - Dungeoneering Weapons ARE allowed, - Rings allowed? YES. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STARTINGS: Legacy Kingdom's Starting: 17 - Dropped to 16 Divine Kings' Starting: 16 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENDINGS Legacy Kingdom's Ending: 12 Divine Kings' Ending: 0 - Left Portal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRIEF REPORT: Our Leader, always wanting to fight DK, approached their warlord for a short prep Matched CWA fight as Divine Kings were already massed up from doing practice. We had an amazing turn out of 17. We would have pulled 20-23 though, but official Clans before Teams... The Rules were initially All Styles, but when we challenged ,they turned blasts off and started complaining about blasts. So we banked our blasts, :notevenmadyo: and got our Range / Bind Unit up. We began the fight, with some perfect piles. Towards the end, DK apperently lost their teamspeak due to a DdoS attack. They lead in game, it didn't make a difference as they didn't get scattered. They were complaining as we were K0ing Binder after Binder, while they squeezed off 2 piles, in which both tanked them off multiple times. Divine Kings eventually left portal when they dropped to 5 people and began to be Sore Loosers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~~~~~~ R A N D O M W A R P I C S ~~~~~~~ #Rs-Lk Oh and DK, in Regards to your flaming @ the end... And
  2. Ok, i heard EA was massing for a pk trip. The second i saw them massing, i called a 15 minute mass. In no time we had 25 on TS and were ready to roll. Great way to start the new years huh? We encountered EA @ gdz and cleared them to fish spot. GX was there hiting them too. EA was like "1v1 us nerds" So, being the meanie that i am, DoA stepped up and accepted. We Asked GX to AC it for us. DoA Starting : 57 Opts - 19 people - 25 on ts , ppl still getting here EA starting : 69-72 opts - 23-24 people We slapped them around in Greaterz, and with our perfect styles one banged almost all of them. In the end, EA bailed west toward's spiders and logged out. DoA Ending : 66-72 opts - 23-24 ppl ( LOL THEY ONLY KILLED 1 - 2 PEOPLE ) EA Ending : Logged out This has got to be tanked son kept logging in and out trying to annoy us, we one banged him on log in @ piper hill. IDIOT. Shutai's Kill Pics : After they logged out, UK was fighting LTH in cwa and EA hopped to their world and flamed. UK's leadership told me that they were going to fight EA, DoA said "Ye dude. We'll AC it for u" UK hopped. EA didn't. T4nk3d S0nn ( EA Warlord / Hacker ) kept logging in to annoy us. We one banged him on log in @ Piper hill. UK did it to them also. There was nothing else to do, as the only pking was @ Bh, and we don't like that so we ended LIKE I SAID, IF EA EVER TRIES TO PK. ITS NOT HAPPENING.
  3. INCOMPLETE TOPIC ALERT - WILL EDIT IN MORE INFO. Here's the Deal : We had a 2 Day prepp'd war vs the Elite Assassins. They have been talking -bleep- about us for ever. They even hacked one of our members, and dropped his 350m cash pile. This ENRAGED Us. We decided on the following terms: Full out Melee Bind Range Classic Starting Ended : 35-0 No Pic, Sorry Broz. Wait 4 Vid :D. about 2 more vids to go. After our war, we decided to do a non-mand. Fun PK Trip. Was our First :D. We AC'd DF vs Exo For a bit with Ascension :D. Apperently, Elite Assassins, came out to PVP in ADDY, expected lol. We quickly cleared them do BH, where they belong, honestly, you don't belong in the wild. Let alone to be playing Runescape you bunch of Hacker NO NAMERS! RAGE! AHHH! OMFG!! We then Ended our Trip by killing DavidDamage like 50 times for the hell of it. IT's funny to see him RAGE. We then ended.
  4. -VS- So, an LgZ trial warlord approached our warlord for a prepp'd fight. LGZ offered 2 rounds with the following rules: Round 1 - Full Out Melee Bind Range Cw Classic Rush on Sight Round 2 - Matched Melee Bind Range CW Classic Rush on Sight We started the first round with 48. Sadly, LGZ Pulled 14, it was boxing day, not their fault. I told LGZ to just take first round as tank testing. We quickly ended it 48-0, and carried on with Round 2, which we felt was more fair. Oh, and i finally heard Pete n00b's voice on TS...OMFG HE'S FOREIGN! UNEXPECTED. So Here's the Re-Cap of Round 2 : Starting : DoA - Dropped to 16 LgZ - 16 Our Styles were perfect. We had alot of KO power and perfect 2 step binds. SHOUT OUT TO PETE N00B FOR THE BINDS BROSEPHH! We Kept a Lead on them pretty much the whole fight. We ended up Winning, LGZ Has some great tanks ;). Pics of War : Our Ranger Circle of Death. This was the funniest final kill ever. Sir Dricula was tanking, and apperently he threw on Robes and tried to bind us off but he got one shotted the second he did. LOL Dricula ur a Boss XD! GF LGZ! <3 OMG! PETE N00BS A 4NR!
  5. no JC. AV had a war vs DK around 6 pm EST. TG war was at 2 est. I was helping DK mass up. Derek wasnt on, and i was bored. I'm clan-friend in DK ^^ so to give AV some fun, massed up DK to fight em. Okay, thank you for explaining. Nice pull. :thumbup: anytime dude ^^
  6. no JC. AV had a war vs DK around 6 pm EST. TG war was at 2 est. I was helping DK mass up. Derek wasnt on, and i was bored. I'm clan-friend in DK ^^ so to give AV some fun, massed up DK to fight em.
  7. Angelz Vengeance vs Thunder Gods So, AV's leader approached TG for a 2 round fight. full out than matched. they rushed in CW lobby with a huge ass tower and our Caller said "OMFG THEY CAN SPAM AND TANK, WE'RE SCREWED!" Lets see How this works... Round 1 : Turrets - full out, melee bind ranged Round 2 : Classic - Matched , melee bind ranged Round 1 Av Starting:42-43 TG Starting:30 AV Ending: 31 TG Ending: 0 Pics of Da fight Round 2: Av Starting:32(+2 from 30) TG Starting:29(1 Dc'd =]) AV Ending: 22 TG Ending: 0 Pics from Round 2 Spams Before War:
  8. vs Legendz Rules: - Melle/Bind/Range - matched cwa - 2 snipe cape - Rings on - Ml only - Center bound Starting CK Starting - 21 Legendz - 23 ( Dropped to 22 ) We had a week prep war today against Lgz, our teamspeak got ddos'd, but we recovered and we still managed to keep together and win. We managed to pull high and kept binds tight mostly. It was tied at around 11-11 but our tank managed to tank for 2 kills where CK kept the lead to the end, GJ CK. Pictures during from war: Corrupted Knights Ending Picture: SHOUT OUT TO 908ROCKSTAR FOR HIS TANK :D. And Thanks to LegendZ for fighting us! Was very Intense!
  9. I'd Like to say this first. Violent Devestation = Cheaters. 3 Hours before our fight, VDC's memberlist had 40 people on it, and no FA list. When our War started, they TOOK DOWN THEIR MEMBERLIST. I LOST MY PIC BUT IT HAD 0 PEOPLE ON IT. AND THEY ALSO PUT A TOPIC ON RSC SAYING THE WON THE WHOLE WAR. POSTS WERE OFF, SO I POSTED MY OWN TOPIC Rules : Round 1 - Melee/Binds 5 Ranger Cap, Matched, Classic, NO DUNG/COR, 2 Sniper cap ( I FEASTED ) - NO POSTING ( YET THEY POSTED ON RSC, SO I POSTED TOO ) Round 2 - All Styles 30 min CWRI, Turrets, NO DUNG - NO POSTS ONCE AGAIN ( YET THEY POSTED ON RSC, SO I POSTED THE REAL TOPIC ) Round 1 Starting : CK - 19 VDC - 26 , Dropped to 19 Round 1 Ending : CK - 14 VDC - 0 Pics of the Fight : Round 2 Starting : CK - 19 - 0 kills VDC - 31 - 0 kills Round 2 Ending : CK - 18 ppl - 46 kills VDC - 32 ppl - 54 kills Ok, Before i go any further, VDC supposedly called randoms. They Peaked at 39-41. We started out getting some one hits, then they started piling our best fall-in over and over, he decided to not tank, so he can return faster. We lost our lead, they got a 10 man lead, but we started getting some solid piles off thanks to Nav. We eventually caught up and lost. By the way, one of their members had a Sighted Bow... no dung man...no dung... didn't take a pic tho. Pics of the Fight : [HERE ARE PICTURES OF RANDOMS IN THEIR PILE AFTER THE WAR (21:56:07) <@xSecretLead> .clan fantasymary (21:56:08) -[AU]RuneScript- *** [ CLAN ]: Fantasymary is in clan: Panama ( URL: (21:57:04) <@xSecretLead> .clan 0scarnal (21:57:05) -[AU]RuneScript- *** [ CLAN ]: 0scarnal was not found in the RSHSC. (21:57:28) <@xSecretLead> .clan rorho uc (21:57:29) -[AU]RuneScript- *** [ CLAN ]: Rorho Uc is in clan: TheFireFoxs Clan ( URL: (21:57:49) <@xSecretLead> .clan fightatlas (21:57:51) -[AU]RuneScript- *** [ CLAN ]: Fightatlas was not found in the RSHSC. must i continue? its annoying clanning 40 ppl not flaming, rules were that posts were off, we respected that, u didnt. u posted a topic on rsc, we saw it, i said "WTF? thats not fair, PM ME WAR PICS PLAWKS" and posted my own AND WHERE THE HELL DID U SEE 8 RANGERS LOL. WE ASSIGNED ONLY 6. AND OUR 6TH RANGER DIDNT EVEN RANGE TILL U KILLED ONE OF OURS. Joe: Removed censor evasion
  10. it has been an honor serving with SE, they're not like the rest of teams. my irl problems casued me to be ianctive, but they understood that and made it easy for me to come back
  11. Ugh... AK pulled 16. but they had a DC while we were dropping - cwa rules state : If the time limit's out, and u have a dc while the other clan's dropping. OH WELL 1 person doesnt always make a difference
  12. Corrupted Knights Vs AK Latin Starting: Ck: 24 AK: 15 (We ended up dropping to 16 vs 15.) Ending: Ck: 12 AK: 0 Corrupted Knights Starting Picture: GREAT PULL GUYS!! THANKS TO RICHARD'S AND MONKEY'S IDEA WE PULL OVER 20 TODAY ^^!! The war went pretty well, except for the problem that Hernando's mic was sometimes too close to his mouth so it was a bunch of BLAH. But that didn't effect us. We evenutally got a rm cap of 20 all styles and we sure need work on all styles bind. Overall, it was fun and a great turn out! Thanks for everyone who dropped and for people who stay back for the rm ^^!! Pictures during from war: Corrupted Knights Ending Picture:
  13. No, DK's not reopened. that was just a fun pk trip ktv massed his FL for. and NO KTV ISNT OPENING DK. And YASSIN won't be a leader in it even if it DID reopen. he was never ranked in DK, there for, is a waste. my Source / Proof : Ex Dk Council/PK Leader/Warlord. NO REASON TO GET ALARMED! ( -COUGH- LOVELOST )
  14. Clans that fought Corrupted Knights vs Demiro's Clan Date: 10/23/2010 Terms of War (Rules, N/A if not applicable) Full Out 1 Hour Clan Wars Run-In ( Turrets ) No Dung/CoR Rush On Sight Statistics <Corrupted Knights> Starting: 13 <Demiro's Clan> Starting: 22 <Corrupted Knights> Ending: 13 People 43 Kills <Demiro's Clan> Ending: 19 People 42 Kills Iight, So We started with 14 People, they had 22, xSecretLead Lead us with some quick KO's and bought us into a 10man Lead. We managed to keep that 10 man lead up to about 30 kills. Demiro's started piling xSL, and the rest of our fall ins, and took it up again. But, xSL started tanking like a boss, and went hardcore, he managed to re-close the gap and keep us tied throughout the last 30 minutes of the war. In the last 2 minutes, we pulled through and got the LAST KILL AT THE VERY LAST SECOND. Pictures (Must have at least ONE picture): Was a Great Fight
  15. Um, I was not at this war so i Lack pictures. I will Edit them in as i get more from LK members. So what i heard from officials was : The Team Approached Legacy Kingdom for a Short prep Non-Returning PVP war.. I heard LK massed 18 to match The Team's opts. The Team also broke some rules. The Fight ended in 15 minutes, i belive because we were out lasting and gaining options some how. GJ LK ENDING: TT ENDING : 0 - Left the Battlefield They supposedly went out of bounds 4 times but i only got one pic Fight Pics : More Pics coming, i will edit the topic soon.
  16. Pretty sure SE+CA are both Cwa Teams. oh yea... well would be nice to see some more F2P Pking teams :(
  17. :D! just like downfall! nice job tempted killers! #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk #Rs-Lk
  18. deleted cuz im expecting some topic trollers to roll in : summary - LK massed its most so far. fought Envy won but envy out performed.
  19. dude.................. who the hell CARES its a game............ if i like the name i can take it. not like they had a copy right on it....
  20. YOU OWN gratz on your win tho i really doubt the name ''Legacy Kingdom'' is property of you considerring it was a dead clan from someone else i hate u. and i got Harnam's Permission on the Name.
  21. So. Knowing that Legacy Kingdom was open for 2 days. I felt like getting a little short prep. Curious on our pull during GMT timezone :D ( i came home from school early.... gave up on that ). This Post was taken from LK forums. the Screenshots suck. but its ok :D LK ML : http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=xsecretlead UK ML : http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=unknowns LK startin' - 23 ( NAISE!!!!! ) Dropped to 20 UK startin' - 20 LK Endin' - 19 UK Endin' - 0 I'd like to say this : We out level'd UK :| but the war was for fun :x The start of the war. Dropping to 20 v 20, because its matched. (massed 23 and whoever got dropped, we're sorry for the next war you'll not be dropped.) PANICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Another Man Down Fast Clicker in UK? wtf? Kiss the Floor BLEACH Ending Picture, 19 vs 1. Victory For Legacy Kingdom, Congratz on the beast tank nancy poopy. You tanked for 10kills. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0cOnzKCdQU yo if you're LK . post more pics :D
  22. That i know of : Rejuvination : #RJ http://rejuvenation.di-rs.com/ and Legacy Kingdom : #Rs-Lk - http://s1.zetaboards.com/Legacy_Kingdom/index/ - any more clans opening i shud noe about?
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