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  1. Leaving all that aside Silent Ember has been an amazing experience, the diverse and friendly group of people and the great officials make SE nothing more then a home away from home good job SE hope to experience another great year
  2. V.s A few days ago we approached LG for a CWRI with these rules 1 hour all styles Cor/DG off 5 man sniper cap Rush on Site Silent Ember Starting: 25 Legends of Glory: 26 The started well with both clans putting up one hell of a fight, but after a few minutes we gained momentum and with good tanking,binding, 2 styles and sniping from our members we took home the win. (shout to Drag Ahrimps for his awesome tanking) Silent Ember Ending: 143 Legends of Glory: 64 Thank you for a fun and clean fight hope to have many more in the future. Fight Pictures
  3. center][/center] v.s. So our new trial warlord David asked Envy for an 1hour and after some rule decisions we decided 1 hour cwri Dg and Cor off Sniping off Ml only Se starting: 24 Envy starting: 21 In the start Envy took a good control from many Se not tanking to full potential, but the moment a few of our good motivators I Rj I, Dennisbruv, and killah1333 and amazing tanking we took it back for the win. Thank you for the fight Envy hope to have many more in future (p.s sorry about snipers all of them have been warned.) Fight Pictures
  4. v.s So today we approached Pure Hatred with a 30 minute CWRI and after discussing the rules were decided: 30min CWRI Melle, Range, Binds Corrupt,Dg Off Starting's: Ending: EDIT: SE finished with 50 kills 1 kill after picture was taken The fight was even throughout the whole duration both clans with good tanks but in the end of the day Silent Ember took it home. Thank you for the fight PH hope to have more in the future. Fight Pictures
  5. v.s. So today a warlord from Gladz came in our IRC and asked us for a war. After some discussion over the rules they agreed on: 1 hour CWRI All styles Dg, Rings on Corrupt off Silent Ember Starting: 35 people Gladz Starting: 29 people From the start of the fight Silent Ember took quick control with a good calling from our fall-in leader: Thealth, and Rawr Ankit, and good 2 styling from all of our members we managed to keep our strong lead. Peaking a whopping 40 people .After 38 minutes Gladz decided to call it off. Silent Ember Ending Kills: 117 Gladz Ending Kills: 51 Fight Pictures Thank you once again for the fight Gladz was incredibly fun hope to have one again sometime. Join Silent Ember 108+ #2 CWA team on Runescape Silent Ember Memberlist Silent Ember Forums
  6. We joined TWR cause we get bored when no clans are out. So this is a new experience
  7. was alot of fun really close but we pulled through in the end gf asc hope to fight you in the future
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