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  1. Aevalyx

    Se vs TT

    1st. FU Ankit :( I <3 you Joshie <3: Thanks for the fight, TT.
  2. True Ownage vs Critical Damage ________________________________________________________________________________ We warred Critical Damage with these rules: - 30 Min CWRI - All Styles - Turrets, - Dungeoneering Items ARE Allowed, - Corrupt Items ARE NOT Allowed, - No Sniping, - Rings are Allowed, ________________________________________________________________________________ True 0wnage Starting: 20(peaked at 26) Critical Damage Starting: 40 ________________________________________________________________________________ Too approached Cynthia for a day prep..well more like 12hour prep. We went in this war not knowing what to expect but a quite a high pull from them. Yours truly dced at the start which gave them a free kill..yes yes sorry stop telling me I have a crap net already guys =.=.. We took an early lead and never really looked back. Despite them having 15+ people on us nearly the whole cap, we managed to transition well with good leading from all the fall ins. We had very good styles despite a lack of binds and we tanked them well, keeping the fight in our half of the map - leading to us peaking at 26 just before the cap ended. Thanks for the fight CD :wub: ILY Too <3 Ending: ________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Thanks for the fight, Perception :)
  4. True Ownage -v- Dragonwood Red Fat1 approached me for a war last Monday & I accepted with these rules: 3 rounds; 1&2 M+B+R; 3 All Styles Matched Opts CWA Dungeoneering Items ARE Allowed & COR is OFF Sniper Cap of 2 in R1&R2 1st Round Startings: True Ownage Startings: 54 Options(dropped from 69 options) Dragonwood Startings: 54 Options We went in this war knowing Dragonwood was a tough opponent & know they'd give us a good fight. After we dropped from 23-18 we rushed in with good leading from Warria06 we capped off the first round with a nice smooth win. 1st Round Ending: 2nd Round Startings: True Ownage Startings: 57 Options(dropped from 69 options) Dragonwood Startings: 57 Options We decided to hop after first round to a different world because some people on both sides were lagging. Things got a bit shaky in the 2nd round but after I got piled Warria06 took over & pulled a nice comeback out of his [word here] as well as Nykimu. Then we prepared for the last round which was all styles. 2nd Round Ending: 3rd Round Startings: True Ownage Startings: 66 Options Dragonwood Startings: 66 Options Round 3, all styles, was a lot better, our styles were just about perfect & tanking was spot-on we ended swiftly and we ended on a man hunt to find their last member. Thanks for the fights Dragonwood, always a pleasure. <3 Lewisssss :) 3rd Round Ending:
  5. Thanks for the fight KO :thumbup:
  6. For the Mods ________________________________________________________________________________ True 0wnage Starting: 19 Alkaedalatin Starting: 22 - 1hr CWRI - Melee + Binds + Range - Turrets - Dungeoneering Items & Corr ARE NOT Allowed, - Sniper Cap of 2, - North Attacks ________________________________________________________________________________ We pulled okay, we expected a higher starting. We were looking forward to this war, we rushed in and piled one of their lower lvls while they piled Warria07 who tanked a 2-3 lead. We kept that lead throughout the war, but at one point we were in even kills. We pulled it together and got the lead back again. In the end we took it home and victory was ours. Good leading by Ash, Data & a bit of me! Our numbers stayed around the 18-20ish range and we had good tanks and styles. Thanks for the fight, Alkaedalatin. We enjoyed it very much and much respect to you <3 O and Happy Bday Sixxburgh! Ending: 59-54 kills Hi Rachie :wub:!
  7. Congrats, Ily Dan :wub: GF Jack, I only had 3-4 deaths :P Oh and about the map, tried changing it to turrets but Amateurnoob said no :(
  8. Good job to both :wub: Ryan suckss <333
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