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  1. Ah, my bad, I didn't look too much into it. I'm guessing he was referring to some methods that can be used in the wild that are pretty good, like combat brawlers and training dummies, book of Char firemaking, smithing on portable forges, divine locations like yew trees, etc. There's quite a bit.
  2. Each elf clan worker drops a different brawler related to what they do. Crwys, for example, give woodcutting and firemaking brawlers.
  3. Elf workers vs. Dwarf traders? I think workers are slightly less XP/hr but more GP/hr and you get brawler gloves from them, maybe balances it in their favor?
  4. They are doing a grade A job at pissing off the players and making it seem like their money/input is being put toward nothing. Jagex has to publically report their finances and their turnover has been the highest it's ever been. Ever. Keep in mind they are REQUIRED BY LAW to put these statements out. Last year was a pretty minor loss - but they claim that's largely due to a large one-time investment into the Transformers Universe game. Once again IVP has turned a company into purely profit driven. Im not saying they are losing money, im saying they are losing credibility and resources. Failing to implement HTML5 was the most eye opening incidence HTML5 didn't come out because browsers can't support the technology yet so they're building a native HTML5 game client. Probably where some of those real world trading profits are going, eh? Source.
  5. If you spent half the time you spend criticizing other players on making meaningful posts this topic wouldn't need to be moderated so heavily. OT: The forum ignore list that was talked about a few pages back, is that a real thing? How does one enable it?
  6. So is the new divine fishing spot more efficient than divine yews?
  7. You get 860 XP/feather at 99, from 99 to 200m that's like 217.5k feathers, or a little under 1.8b to buy 200m Agility at 8k per feather. This seems slightly OP.
  8. It's hard to accuse someone of botting when they stream all of their skilling...
  9. It's amazing how people take perfectly reasonable (and in this case, good) constructive criticism as an attack on their work and character. Makes me giggle every time.
  10. Let's look at the bright side: Jebrim can now train Agility for eternity on one account.
  11. Because it pertains to efficiency and the top players who aren't 200m WC yet and who better to ask than the people here instead of some guy with 2k total.
  12. Anyone know the XP/hr of Crystal/Elder trees?
  13. Would the enhanced Balmung be a viable alternative to drygores?
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